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Russian Roulette. A Lisa Becker Short Mystery

by Falko Rademacher

Lisa Becker and Fabian Zonk are dealing with a young man from Marzahn who evidently has shot himself. Both forensic medicine and CSI agree. But Lisa suspects that the boy is actually the victim of a malicious trick.

A shorty mystery from Berlin with Lisa Becker and an almost perfect murder.

This book is DRM-free!

Murder in Moab

by Lori A. Wagner

Sabrina Campbell, tall, blonde and outdoorsy, has just taken a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative in the red rock tourist town of Moab, in southern Utah. Her job is to hawk the new wonder-drug, Cytostatin-4, to doctors in the area. Cytostatin-4 is a cure-all for a panacea of inflammatory diseases, including arthritis and asthma. However, sales for the new drug suddenly plummet when Sabrina arrives in Moab and a co-worker mysteriously disappears. Smooth talking, handsome Dr. Evans lures Sabrina into his bed after a sales call one evening. Chagrined that she has almost slept with her client, she sneaks out of his room while he is sleeping, snoops a little and learns that he is being sued for malpractice by a patient who claims the drug has given him cancer. Next, a professor at the University of Utah who has done research on the drug is murdered and Sabrina and her rugged rock climbing partner, Cal, are shot at halfway up a rock climb in a deserted canyon. The final chase scene and culmination of the novel takes place while climbing on a lonely desert tower, South Six Shooter, which is located near Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Murder in Moab tackles the contemporary moral issue of heavy marketing to physicians by pharmaceutical companies, but the story is light due to Sabrina’s personality; her rock climbing, mountain biking and sexual escapades.

The Little Virgin Whore: The story of a Zaza girl, who rises from nothingness to greatness… (Zaza Zilda Book Book 1)

by Ka Sefika

The Little Virgin Whore

The story of a Zaza girl who rises from nothingness to greatness despite the worst adversities…

Excited and anxious Seren is about to graduate from college and finally face real life, which did not treat her right in the past. She returns home since she cannot get a job in Smyrna after graduation due to financial recession in the country. Her father throws Seren out upon her arrival. She leaves his house with little money and follows the footsteps of her rebellious hopes.

They take her to Uncle Alp, seventy-five-years old man whom she met in a nursing home while training to become a psychiatric nurse. She knocks on his door in search of a father she has never had. Uncle Alp decides to end 40 years of his loneliness and accommodates her in his old abandoned flat in Smyrna. However much he tries to approach Seren in a fatherly manner, he falls in love with her. Men in neighborhood want to take advantage of Seren’s vulnerability while stigmatising her as a whore for living in Uncle Alp’s house. One night the grocery guy Mohammed breaks into Seren’s flat and rapes her. I
Six months later, Mohammed loses his kidneys and becomes an emergency patient of Seren in the hospital where she works. Will Mohammed be able to look at Seren’s face? Will Seren take revenge?

The Little Virgin Whore is the story of a Zaza Girl, who rises from nothingness to greatness despite the worst adversities.

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