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by William S. Kerr

Cities never shed their pasts. They are marked by their histories. You do not walk through them and remain wholly in the present.

In 1966, as the war in Vietnam escalates, twelve-year-old Holzli Lloyd’s family moves to Switzerland where his father is a cultural attaché with the American consulate, a job that seems to have hidden dimensions.

Transferred from a village public school to an international school in Zürich, the boy meets Mark, who claims to have visions of the sixteenth century, the time of the Swiss Reformation. Mark tells of meetings with a girl named Regula, whose Anabaptist family is being persecuted by the authorities.

Holzli is intrigued with the Anabaptists’ refusal to resist evil and becomes obsessed with finding out whether the stories are true. When the visions take a dangerous turn, though, he is led to interveneâ??and sees the cost of intervention.

Though Regula deals with political and religious themes, it is more concerned with exploring the limitations of interpretation and judgment.

William S. Kerr’s novel The Shield that Fell from Heaven was named to Kirkus ReviewsBest of 2011.

Lucia Zarate

by Cecilia Velástegui M.S. Ed.

Lucia Zárate is based on the poignant, real-life odyssey of the world’s smallest woman. Pretty and gregarious, Lucia Zárate was just twenty inches tall. A celebrity after her ‘display’ at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial International Exhibition, Lucia’s extraordinary, heartbreaking story is one of exploitation by greedy sideshow hucksters and a fishbowl existence on the road, from New York to Victorian London. We follow the adventures of diminutive Lucia Zárate and her devoted governess as they grapple with life and death, finding joy and adventure in their bumpy sideshow journey of more than fourteen years. This is an artfully balanced novel that is a mesmerizing tale of survival, resilience, and the uplifting force of friendship.

The Shinobi Conspiracy at Izu Harbor

by Chad Huskins

A legendary samurai warrior. A powerful warlord. A skilled assassin. A woman of deceitful power. Their stories collide in this epic tale of ancient Japan, during the bloodiest feudal era in history. Thousands of dead are heaped high at Osaka Castle. The Tokugawa shogunate has control over the Emperor, and thus the whole Empire. And now, war has come to Izu Province.

Lord Ishimoto has returned home to Izu , but all is not as it once was. Earthquakes and tsunamis have wreaked havoc on the land, the peasants are losing faith in their lords, and old enemies crowd around him. All while a shadowy figure enters his harbor home.

Omi is a shinobi. A ninja. Trained since childhood to penetrate the thickest walls, to kill with his hands, and to melt into shadow. Midori is a kunoichi, a female shinobi, well versed in poisons and deception, and is posing as a humble servant in Lord Ishimoto’s home. And now comes the greatest sword duelist who ever lived–Miyamoto Musashi–to test his skills at the end of his life. All of them will have a part to play in this, Japan’s greatest war.

Swords sing and the arrows fly as war comes to Izu Province…and the shadows are always moving.

Hope: An Inspirational SHORT, 5000-word Story

by Ryn Shell

This eBook is a biographical account of the life-changing experience of HOPE that was gifted to the author, as a child, in 1953. This contains dysfunctional family themes.
In this 5000-word short story, you will meet the real-life girl who inspired the fictional character Emily in the acclaimed series, The Stolen Years.

Painting by Numbers

by Sally Patricia Gardner

The novel covers considerable ground, and was described by one critic on its initial release as ‘amazingly ambitious’, covering as it does, not only the sexual prohibitions of the time but also the implications of unknowing incest. The story is concerned with how ordinary people cope with grief and loss as much as unexpected happiness.

Two friends, he is gay, she is unmarried and pregnant. The year is 1958, both are about to become social outcasts. Their solution is to try and live a lie which will overshadow their lives, and those of others, for generations. This acclaimed novel also examines pre war attitudes to social class and gender bias in a daring and unusual chronological way. It is told by four different voices, and as so often with this author’s work, reflects how some people can be marooned by the changing views , expectations and moods of society.

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Los secretos de los asesinos del emperador (Spanish Edition)

by Santiago Posteguillo

¿Cuál fue el papel que desempeñó la esposa de Domiciano en la conjura contra su marido?

¿A quién se contrató para intentar asesinar al mismísimo emperador?

¿Por qué Roma decide elegir como emperador a Trajano, un hispano no nacido en Roma?

¿Existieron las gladiadoras?

¿Por qué Domiciano se volvió tan paranoico?


Santiago Posteguillo nos desvela en estas páginas todos los secretos de Los asesinos del emperador, su nueva novela.


¿Qué es ficción y qué realidad?

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