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Never Standing Still (The Never Series Book 4)

by Anie Michaels

While this is the fourth book in the Never series, readers can enjoy this book without reading the previous installments.

Kalli Rivers was a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Tragic loss and unfortunate circumstance left her with more responsibility than she was ever prepared for, but she managed to build a good life and keep her eyes focused on her top priority – even if it meant she was putting herself last.

Riot Bentley was the hot new actor trying to work hard and make it big in the country’s toughest industry. He showed up for his first high-profile job and was captivated by a woman. But it wasn’t the leading lady who caught his eye, it was the beautiful yet reserved costume designer. Luckily for him, persistence was one of his best qualities.

Kalli kept people at a distance for a reason. Not because she didn’t want love, but because she loved too much already. Riot saw her for who she really was and he wasn’t willing to be brushed aside. He wanted to give her the love she didn’t think she deserved. Would Riot’s persistence break through Kalli’s walls, or would she stand strong trying to protect the one thing she held dear?

This is a full-length novel and is intended for adult readers due to mature themes.

The Never Series
#1 – Never Close Enough – Ella and Porter
#2 – Never Far Away – Ella and Porter
#3 – Never Giving Up – Ella and Porter
#4 – Never Standing Still – Kalli and Riot
#5 – Never Tied Down – Kalli and Riot
#6 – Never With You – Talia and Briggs
Books 1,2, and 3 need to be read in order, but 4 can be read without reading the previous books.

**Author’s note – this book was previously listed as Book 1 in the Never Duet.

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