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Personality Disorders: Combo Book of 4 in 1 about Different Personality Disorders

by Albert Rogers

Four books in 1 bundle with facts and tips several disorders.

Book 1: Having talked to and interacted with many people who have borderline personality disorder, I could not leave the knowledge I gained to myself. So I wrote this book to help those who know little about the condition and know even less about how to handle the situation. In this book you’ll learn:

What to do when a borderliner lashes out against you.

More about borderline disorder and how to deal with those who have it.

Tips and tricks to keep your emotions under control and stay calm.

Some of the most common pitfalls, based on experience.

Book 2: You may know a narcissist, you may be one, or you may just be interested in what it really is: Narcissism. Suffice it to say that there are a lot of narcissists in society, and that some of us might have a few traits on either side of the spectrum. Therefore, it is essential to our understanding of such individuals to be informed correctly and know what to expect when interacting with them. This book contains information like:

The difference in several specific Narcissistic Personality Disorders.

Tips on dealing with a narcissist and what not to say and do.

Background, origin, nature and nurture, and other explanations as to where the disorder comes from.

Subtle signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how to recognize them.

Getting into the mindset of the boosted superego and the reasons behind it.

Ways to confront narcissists and how to use therapy to your advantage.

Book 3: You can transform your life by overcoming or stabilizing the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Fewer mood swings, a more balanced life, and happier days are ahead after reading this elaborate guide. Get your life in order and look at the information in this book that will blow your mind! You’ll learn, among others:

What to do when you experience depression or mood swings.

Recommended medicine and therapy for the wounded soul.

Create a stabilizing daily routine and deal with sleeping patterns, dieting, and other practices.

Finding a supportive network and how to interact with those involved.

The definition of Bipolar Disorder and how to discover if that’s what you are experiencing.

Strategies to avoid mania episodes and manage your emotions.

Book 4: Here you’ll find even more about the important topic of bipolar disorder! Have you been wondering what the best treatments for Bipolar Disorder are? Have you been left in the dark and are you confused about the options out there? Does your child have Bipolar Disorder, or is he/she just emotional? Find answers to these and other questions. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn, among others:

The relationship between Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder (and the differences).

Ways to test whether or not children have Bipolar Disorder.

Medications you can use.

Some words about Depakote, Trileptal and LAMICTAL to treat Bipolar Disorder.

How to handle someone in your circle of loved ones if he/she has Bipolar Disorder.

Tips on finding and using chatrooms as a psychological support system.

And much more!

PREPPING: The Survival Guide to Natural Calamities, Wars and Economic Turmoil

by Fhilcar Faunillan

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Natural Calamities, Wars and Economic Turmoil

In this book you will learn the basic prepping skills so that you and your family will be ready no matter what fortuitous events may come your way including the most dreaded event which is war.

Being too lax is not at all encouraged nor is being overly paranoid. Prepping is something that each of the family members should practice including children. Of course, it is given that you should at least learn how to swim in times of floods or have sturdy houses that can withstand harsh weather conditions. But more than that, you need other prepping skills in order to survive in the aftermath.

Much as we do not want these things to come, we need to be ready because calamities can strike us anytime.

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Diabetes: 15 Healthy Habits to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

by Alexa Parsons

Diabetes is a condition where the glucose levels in a person’s blood are too high. If left untreated, diabetes can progress over time, resulting in serious complications such as blindness, heart attacks, and strokes. Unfortunately, there is currently no medical cure for diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle is an essential part of managing diabetes as well as healing. This book offers proven strategies on how to lower blood sugar naturally and even reverse diabetes.

By reading this book, you will learn:
– How to avoid sugar and count your carb intake
– How to deal with stress, quit smoking, and limit alcohol consumption
– Diabetes diets and effective supplements that can be used to reduce your blood glucose levels
– How to prevent diabetic complications
and much more!

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be like walking on thin ice, waiting for the surface underneath you to crack. These healthy habits are effective, easy to implement, and side-effect free. They can help you manage your diabetes not only today, but for years to come.

Take back control over your health and start reading Diabetes: 15 Healthy Habits to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally today!

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