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Dieting And Weight Loss: Staying Motivated (The science of dieting Book 1)

by Oswin Dacosta

If you want a lean and toned body, it’s important to follow a fitness regimen that allows you to build muscle and burn fat. Whether you want to build muscle, lose the fat or do both so you can keep the weight off, the fact remains: Proper diet, regular exercise and rest are its three cornerstones. How best to achieve these is what this article is about. Losing weight is a constant battle of choosing the right kinds of foods versus those that are convenient and delicious. To burn fat, ingesting the correct kinds of foods in the proper amounts at appropriate times is crucial. A diet complete with lean protein from meat, poultry, fish, egg and beans; fats from fish and vegetable oils; fruits and vegetables; whole grains and water is indispensable to your weight loss program. As you eat the right kinds of food and spread out your consumption every three hours, you must also do your best to quit on junkfood and soda. Cut on your calorie intake but never starve yourself. Because your fat serves as emergency storage in case your body runs out of energy, starving yourself will be counterproductive to what you want to accomplish since it will use the protein in your muscles before using up the fat reserves. As a result, you’ll waste muscle, not build it up. Building muscle and burning fat also requires following a sensible workout regimen. Doing strength training exercises three times a week will build muscle- the metabolic furnace which allows you to lose more calories, hence, burn more fat. A routine that focuses on your entire body with such exercises as squats, deadlifts, lunges, chest presses and rows will accomplish this. A thirty minute cardio exercise like brisk walking or aerobics after your strength training exercises will also go a long way towards burning those calories. These cardio exercises boost your metabolism so that it keeps on burning fat during and even after the exercise routine. After doing all your muscle-building exercises, you have to give your body time to repair itself so it can build muscle. Thus, your workouts, especially weight training exercises, must always be done on alternating days and not more than 45 minutes for any one session. At first glance, building muscle while losing fat at the same time seem impossible. After all, they work on principles that run counter to each other. Bulking up requires more energy and thus more food which results to weight gain. Losing fat, meanwhile, requires one to eat less calories than what one normally consumes. However, once you learn that to build muscle means to aid in fat loss, then it becomes easy to accept that these two processes can and do work together. By eating right, following a correct workout regimen and giving the body sufficient time to renew itself, losing fat while building muscle can give lasting and beneficial fitness results. This is just a feel for what you will get in this book. Pick up your copy today!



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