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The Death and Life of Tobias Stone

by Michael Lighten

Tobias killed many after the planet rocked with upheavals as in tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. To establish power in his region of what remained of New Jersey he and what was once called the gang of 6 terrorized the eastern seaboard for years until the gang separated and vowed to come together in the future for the sake of power…until Tobias died…
When he returned from the dead a changed man the gang of 6 thought he was playing a game, but in the end they found not only had he changed, but the world around them had changed…to their destruction.

Winning Hearts and Minds (1967): Short Story (Short Fiction)

by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

Written by Philippine-American writer, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, the story “Winning Hearts and Minds (1967)” is set during the height of the Vietnam War. An American Colonel stationed in Ubec, Philippines, reflects on US involvement in Asia and Asia’s poverty despite its great potential. His encounter with a Filipina bar-girl who years for a better life for her son allows him to see Asia and Asians in a deeper way. “Winning Hearts and Minds (1967)” is part of the novel, Magdalena (UST Publishing House), also available in Kindle form.

Iâ??m SEAL

by Pro Books Publishing

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– Her Savior
– Bodyguard of Love
– More Than Human:
– A SEAL’s Mate
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Her Cyborg Heroes

by Anna Lewis

Cyborg Menage Romance

Robyn is a woman of medicine with a heart seeking companionship. She had no idea she would find her love in two cyborg men who become much more than the heroes of her heart!

Meeting and dating two handsome and intelligent men changed Dr. Robyn Atkinson’s view of relationships. But waking up the next morning with two consorts wasn’t the only surprise that day. She would be thrust into the heat of an alien attack, one that would shape the future of humanityâ??and the future of their relationship. Would they be able to survive this invasion together, or would it ultimately destroy the very delicate foundation they were attempting to build?

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Kaffir: Una storia afgana (Italian Edition)

by Andrea Marrone

Ritorna in edizione digitale Kaffir, il romanzo dedicato ai militari in missione in Afghanistan, una storia di formazione per un giovane italiano che ha scelto di porsi al servizio della Nazione con uno spirito di idealità e che dovrà maturare e diventare pienamente uomo attraverso il suo coinvolgimento nel duro conflitto afgano.
Scritto nel 2010 il romanzo è ambientato nella zona di competenza italiana e riguarda un paracadutista inviato come rimpiazzo al domani di un attentato che ha causato vittime e appena arrivato deve per prima cosa familiarizzarsi con l’ambiente e con gli altri componenti della sua squadra e poi scoprire la complessa realtà dei rapporti con la popolazione afgana.
La sua capacità di interagire con alcuni afgani lo porteranno a dover compiere una missione per la quale non sarebbe ritenuto qualificato ma che cercherà di portare avanti nel migliore dei modi

chiiko to kakka: ai to yuuki soshite yasasisanimichiafureta otokotati (Japanese Edition)

by Arei Sehi


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