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Bitcoin and the Blockchain – Two Entry-Level Guides: Understanding Bitcoin, and Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction

by Eric Morse

Now you can understand the basics of Bitcoin!

Get These Two Entry-Level Bitcoin Guides in One Book:
Understanding Bitcoin
Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction

Understanding Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin is your guide to the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. You’ll not only learn what Bitcoin is and what makes it such a game-changer, you’ll learn the basics of buying, spending, and transacting without falling into the traps that snare so many new Bitcoin users.

You will learn:

  • Where to find an exchange, and what to NEVER do when you use one.
  • How use bitcoin to buy items on Amazon without using gift cards.
  • The truth about Bitcoin mining that most other books won’t tell you.
  • What NOT to do if you want to keep your transactions as private as possible.
  • Whether YOU should invest in Bitcoin or avoid it at all costs.
  • â?¦and Much more!

Bitcoin: A Simple Introduction

Bitcoin is a revolutionary digital currency that is transforming money as we know it, but understanding it can be daunting for the average user.

Not anymore!

This book strips away the complexity and teaches the basics of Bitcoin in simple, easy to understand language. It is not a textbook. It is a non-technical primer that answers the most common and important questions new users have about Bitcoin. No jargon. No technobabble. No previous technical knowledge required.

Answers you will find in this book:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What makes it special?
  • What is the Blockchain?
  • What is mining?
  • Who controls Bitcoin?
  • Is Bitcoin secure?
  • Is Bitcoin anonymous?
  • How can I use Bitcoin safely?
  • Should I invest in Bitcoin?
  • …And More!

And You won’t feel like you’re learning another language or getting a degree in computer science!

Prerequisites: NONE! If you have ever bought anything online, you already have what it takes to understand this book and learn the basics of Bitcoin.

Excel Functions and Formulas Pocketbook

by Ali Akbar

Geared toward the intermediate to advanced Excel 2016 user, this pocketbook provides explanations and context for many powerful Excel 2016 spreadsheet formulas and functions. Step-by-step instructions for many formula/function-related features such as using range names, and Excel’s troubleshooting features. Focus on clarity, accuracy, and the user’s perspective, this guide will be a valuable resource to improve your proficiency in using Microsoft Excel 2016. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply an easy to use reference guide.

Topics include:

  1. Controlling Order of Precedence
  2. Conditionally Summing/Counting Data (SUMIF, COUNTIF)
  3. Being Precise (Rounding functions)
  4. Improving Clarity with Range Names: Creating Names, Limiting Scope, Defining a Constant or Formula for a Name, Managing Names, Indirectly Referring to a Named Range (INDIRECT)
  5. New Functions for Office 365, Mobile & Online (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, MAXIFS/MINIFS, SWITCH)
  7. Changing Results: IF, AND, OR, NOT
  9. Error Recovery (ISNA, ISERROR)
  10. Array Formulas (Single Cell & Multi-Cell Arrays)
  12. Using a Formula for Data Validation
  13. Troubleshooting: Types of Errors, Automatic Error Checking, Using the Error Checker, Showing/Hiding Formulas, Evaluating Nested Formulas, Selecting Related Cells, Displaying Cell Relationships, Removing Relationship Arrows. 


  • Summing Selected Data; Being Precise; Merging Text & Numbers; Table Lookups; Table Lookups with IF and ISERROR; Dates & Times; Single- and Multi-Cell Arrays.
  • Improving Clarity with Range Names: Creating Names, Limiting Scope, Defining a Constant or Formula for a Name, Managing Names, Indirectly Referring to a Named Range (INDIRECT) 
  • New Functions for Office 365, Mobile & Online (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, MAXIFS/MINIFS, SWITCH) 
  • Changing Results: IF, AND, OR, NOT 
  • Error Recovery (ISNA, ISERROR) 
  • Array Formulas (Single Cell & Multi-Cell Arrays) 
  • Using a Formula for Data Validation 
  • Troubleshooting: Types of Errors, Automatic Error Checking, Using the Error Checker, Showing/Hiding Formulas, Evaluating Nested Formulas, Selecting Related Cells, Displaying Cell Relationships, Removing Relationship Arrows. 

Visual Basic.NET All Versions

by Ali Akbar

Visual Basic .NET is a radically new version of Microsoft Visual Basic, the world’s most widely used rapid application development (RAD) package. Whether you are just beginning application development with Visual Basic .NET or are already deep in code, you will appreciate just how easy and valuable the VB.NET Language Pocket Reference is.VB.NET Language Pocket Reference contains a concise description of all language elements by category. These include language elements implemented by the Visual Basic compiler, as well as all procedures and functions implemented in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace. Use it anytime you want to look up those pesky details of Visual Basic syntax or usage. With concise detail and no fluff, you’ll want to take this book everywhere.

Information Products For Beginners: How To Create and Market Online Courses, Ebooks, and Other Digital Content Online

by Argena Olivis

It’s Time To Make Money Online With Information Products

You’re about to discover how to create and market your first information product.

Physical products are great, but with millions of people now buying online, it’s now the information age. People are buying products left and right so they can learn how to do something or even for entertainment.

Customers love to spend money with people and brands they know will deliver high-quality content. So why can’t you be one of those people? The good news is you can.

You most likely have the knowledge already inside you but you’re afraid to take action. You don’t have to be afraid because at the end of each chapter are actions steps you can take so you know you’re going in the right direction.

Online, there is a ton of information pulling you left and right and you may not know how to get started.

We go into the various types of information products you can create. You have plenty of options when it comes to the type of product you will create. This book will guide you on how to select an audience, create a product that’s best for them, and how to sell the product.

This book is not only for those who never created a product, but it’ll also be beneficial to anyone that has a product but doesn’t know how to market it or deal with customer service.

Selling can be a great thing. It helps people to take action and get started.

Start learning how to create your product now using this step-by-step method.

There are customers out there right now waiting for your product.

Now is a better time than ever to start creating financial freedom.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • what product to create
  • how to set up the product
  • how to get sales
  • upselling
  • how to do returns and customer service
  • how to take action
  • best payment options
  • platforms to sell your products
  • Much, much more!

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“Making money online is not a new concept. I have been trying to master this system for years and find the right way to go about it. Do I sell digital products? Do I sell physical products? What is really selling out there in the market right now? There were so many questions that I had and so many projects I began but never finished or weren’t successful. I needed direction!

Information Products 101 is truly the simplest guide to making money online and start generating residual income. Ms. Olivis developed basic steps that help you design a process for what can seem like a very complex system of making money. I have read many long and boring books about these same topics, including creating an informational product and using PayPal for customer payments, but they never made much sense until now.

Her overview of Marketing Products, one of the most important parts of making money online, is precise and detailed while it still kept my attention and made complete sense. It overviewed the big advertising methods that everyone talks about including Clickbank, Facebook, and email lists.

I have been focusing so much on knowing how to make a product and advertise it that I never thought about other key parts of making the most of selling my product and making more money. Ms. Olivis teaches you how to do that by giving you instruction on ways to upsell your customer through enticements and bonuses and create repeat business.

A true gem among a world of conflicting and confusing books about making money online.

Highly Recommend!”

Download your copy of Information Products today!

Take action today and download Information Products for a limited time discount!

Tags: information product, information marketing, content marketing, make money online, passive income, internet marketing

Digital Addiction: Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Internet, TV and Social Media

by Lora Ziebro

Digital addiction is a very real threat.

Find freedom today and get addiction treatment for video game addiction, technology addiction, cell phone addiction, internet addiction, and social media addiction with this powerful book!

Do you find yourself struggling to break free from TV, video game addiction or social media? Do you wish you didn’t waste so much time online? Does your family suffer because of time that you are “away” from them, even if you are in the same room? Do you need help managing your family time? Do you need addiction treatment to break free from Internet addiction, addicting games, cell phone addiction or social media addiction? “Digital Addiction: Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Internet, TV and Social Media” will educate you, inspire you and release you from this technology bondage.

Millions of people are caught in the web of digital addiction, whether it is a phone, tablet, TV, gaming device or social media. It is changing everything about people’s social interaction and it has largely been ignored. In this very powerful read, Lora Ziebro unpacks how digital distractions have robbed all of us of precious time. She shows how much time we have sacrificed and what we can do to regain it for ourselves and for those we love.

She wrote this book after going to dinner one night and noticing that almost everyone around her was on their cell phones. There was a shocking lack of real family time. The parents were captivated by their Facebook feeds and the children were hooked on addicting games. She saw that no one seemed to be having real interaction with each other and she realized that this same problem was present, at times, in her own life. She understood the need for a  book that didn’t just inform, but also helped families get stronger. That was the birth of “Digital Addiction: Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Internet, TV and Social Media”.

This book will change the way you think about the Internet and digital addictionâ?¦it will call you to a place of freedom where you can experience true, deep and lasting relationships with those who matter the most. Whether you or someone you love struggles with video game addiction, cell phone addiction, Internet addiction, social media addiction or just technology addiction, this book offers real help and hope.

Python Programming: 2 Books in 1- The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learn Python Programming Effectively & Tips and Tricks to learn Python Programming( Learn Coding Fast, Python Programming)

by Daniel Jones

2 Informative Books in 1 Bundle!

The Most Comprehensive Python Programming Beginners Guide!

So you want to learn Python? There are a lot of reasons that you may want to. Python can be used for everything from video games to server side web applications to fully fledged desktop applications. It’s a great first language to learn because it has a write once, run anywhere philosophy behind it, and it’s really simple for people to parse.
There are a lot of different places where you could learn Python. Let me make my case really quickly for why this will most definitely by the one that you want to go with.
Other books will hold your hand with Python programming. They’ll be so busy telling you exactly what to do and what buttons to press and what code to type that they don’t let you actually learn what the buttons you’re pressing and the code you’re typing are doing. Not me. Nuh-uh. My goal is to teach you to program, not just program in Python. You’re going to understand the reason behind everything that you’re doing, so that you can reproduce it as you need to, and not just in pretty little code snippets that are borrowed straight out of this or that programming book.
There are a great many places where you could learn Python. But I guarantee you that if you take the initiative and time to work through this book, you’ll get a better education from this book and from me than you would from anywhere else. Python for Beginners is the absolute best book for everything that you’re wanting to accomplish in the sphere of Python. We’re going to cover a great many beginner topics, such as the nature of variables and values, the many uses of methods, as well as the logic behind control loops.
You’re going to learn a lot from this book. I guarantee you that much.

Python Tips and Tricks: Learn the Best Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Python Now! is the best book on the market for learning how to get past your plateau in Python, full stop. But maybe you’re not hitting a plateau, and you’re just here to become the best programmer that you can be. Maybe you’re looking for little tidbits that you might have missed in the hectic process of learning a programming language. Regardless of your intent, I’m here to make sure that I help you to become the best programmer that you can possibly be.

Throughout the course of this book, we’re going to touch on a lot of topics, such as easily missable concepts within the realm of lists and strings, as well as broader tips to help you get the most out of the effort that you put into Python, such as becoming active within your local Python communities (and online Python communities) that you can join in order to become a better Python programmer than you are right now.

I wrote this book with one goal in mind: helping you, the reader, to progress. And I’ve worked hard on this in order to assure that that is exactly what happens. When you read this book, you aren’t just going to be getting copy-pasted tips from Google or carelessly written pop tech articles. You’re getting actual ideas and actual tips from another Python programmer who’s been around the block more than once.

There are a lot of books concerning being a better Python programmer on the market, but Python Tips and Tricks: Learn the Best Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Python Now! is the absolute best one out there because I’m getting on your level and helping you find real solutions to being a better Python programmer. I can guarantee that you won’t be able to find a book that gets you more bang for your buck.

Grab this set of 2 powerful books today and learn Python Programming.

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