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Fierce Ruthless Warriors Who Shaped Ancient History Vol. II: Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Attila The Hun

by Andre T. Smith

In this second exclusive volume of ancient leaders, we take an in depth look at the lives, battles and accomplishments of three more of the most renowned warrior leaders and the military strategies that made them legendary.
Hannibal commanded and managed to sustain his army in the field for 16 years without a single mutiny, through massive military engagements with the Romans, and his would be the greatest army Rome would ever face.
He was driven by his life-long pledge to “never be on friendly terms with the Romans” for their history of attacking trade routes dominated by Phoenicia, and he spoke his oath to his father and before the god, Ba’al, his namesake. It drove him to the most exhaustive and daring trek ever attempted by a marching army, one that took him through Spain and France, across the Alps and down through the heartland of Rome with thousands of men, horses and elephants in a campaign that was unprecedented, unexpected by the Romans, and unmatched to this day.

Julius Caesar was a man of the people, a brilliant orator and statesman who managed to literally talk his way into the highest position in the Roman Senate. His military exploits have been admired by leaders and historians alike, but he was not always above board in his dealings. As with most leaders of his kind, he gained his reputation, at least in part, by conquering in the name of Rome, and he died by the same underhanded tactics he had dealt to others.

Attila ruled from 434 CE until his death in 453, but he began is rise by shedding the blood of his brother. Rome paid him tribute for his protection, but he nevertheless invaded Italy, simply sparing the city in his campaign. He allegedly declined to strike a bargain with the vision of the saints, Peter and Paul, who told him they would strike him dead if he did not make amends with Pope Leo I, and Attila died the following year, telling the world “There where I have passed the grass will never grow again.”

Concise, intelligently written, and easy to read, Fierce Ruthless Warriors Who Shaped Ancient History Volume II is a treasure of facts gathered together in one volume to bring you a look at the lives of three extraordinary men and the impression they left on the world. Their stories are filled with hostility and bravery, governments and mediation, revolutionary strategies and personal crises. And each of these men made a mark on history as someone who followed the beat of his own drummer, employing his vision and drive for control to achieve some of the most remarkable feats ever accomplished in military history.

Augustus: The Life And Times Of Rome’s Greatest Emperor

by Simon T. Bailey

Augustus, born Gaius Octavious Thurinus in 63 BCE, was the first emperor of Rome. From the moment his great uncle and adoptive father, Julius Caesar, died when he was eighteen, his life was one action-packed conflict after another. From the unexpected inheritance of a hefty fortune and a heap of responsibilities, to fighting off a foe who should be a friend, to seeking revenge on Caesar’s assassins, he had his work cut out for him. Throw in an affair with a beautiful woman who happened to be pregnant and married to an aristocrat, an unruly daughter, and roomful of Senators who just didn’t know how to get things done, and you’ve got one heck of a life.

Augustus succeeded at many things during his nearly forty-year run as the leader of the Roman world. He reinvented the skyline of Rome, had the sewer system cleaned out and made to function, conquered Egypt and routed their plentiful grain to a starving Roman Empire, and promoted traditional Roman family valuesâ??not to be confused with traditional modern American or Western European family valuesâ??by giving attractive benefits to those who got married and had multiple children.

Along with revitalizing the city, Augustus sought to promote great writers like Virgil and Horace and encourage a renewal of religious piety. Changing laws was easy enough, but changing hearts proved to be a rather difficult matter. In his book entitled Augustus: The Life And Times Of Rome’s Greatest Emperor author Simon T. Bailey brilliantly captures the true essence of Augustus as well as the time period in which he ruled in ancient Rome.

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