Free horror Kindle books for 08 Aug 17

Witch Trials (A Mackenzie Coven Mystery Book 5)

by Sonia Parin

A complaint has been lodged against Lexie and her feline companion, Luna and they are forced to attend a therapy session. The powers that be have laid down the law. Now, Lexie and Luna are on their way to Gainsborough Mansion to participate in a team-building program. In no time, they are both wishing someone would turn up deadâ?¦and in no time, their wish comes true. Someone has been compelled to commit murder. What if magic had something to do with it? In particular, the fabled Hensley magicâ?¦

They enlist the assistance of one of the O’Rourke detectives. To date, they’ve all been pleasant, but nowâ?¦ their luck has run out. Lexie has her work cut out for her. She must prove herself capable of unmasking the killer before any more guests turn up dead… and definitely before Luna takes a bite out of Gerard O’Rourke.

Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language but lots of fun, quirky dialogue & characters.

When Darkness Falls

by Lisa M. Lilly

A standalone novel of occult suspense from the author of The Awakening series.

Gothic Horror In Chicago’s South Loop

When Haley Black meets musician Devon Somers, he’s handing out flyers on a gray winter evening. His offbeat good looks and humor make her smile.

Still reeling from a bad break up, Haley is wary of a new romance. But Devon is a songwriter, like her. She feels compelled to seek him out again.

Fools Rush In

After a few weeks, Devon says he loves Haley. It feels fast, but their passion is strong, and Haley’s the happiest she’s ever been. She agrees to move in with Devon.

Everything seems wonderful until violent dreams start plaguing Devon. Withdrawn and moody, he grows afraid of the outdoors. Haley worries for him and for herself as she becomes more and more isolated.

The outside world is in turmoil, too. Someoneâ??or somethingâ??stalks Chicago’s streets after dark.

Listening To Fear

Convinced Devon is her soulmate, Haley vows to help him.

A striking woman from Devon’s past claims to have answers, but Haley suspects she has ulterior motives. And her explanation suggests the impossible. Supernatural creatures that prey on humans simply don’t exist. Or do they?

By attempting to save Devon, is Haley risking deathâ??or worse?

Read When Darkness Falls today.

Horizon 616: (A Space Horror Novella By T.S.Smith)

by T.S. Smith

Watch the OFFICIAL HORIZON 616 TRAILER on the author page. Just click T.S. Smith below the book name to view.

Horizon 616
A Novella by T.S.Smith

Roy Holland and the crew of the Poseidon were tasked with bringing home the scientists aboard the unresponsive research vessel Athena II. But as the Poseidon approached the ship resting near the event horizon of black hole V616, they discovered something truly terrible.

Everyone’s nails go black eventually.

Necropolis: Part Two: A Zombie Outbreak Saga

by Max Kielsmeier

The refugees during a plague are at each others throats as resources become more precious than ever. The ingenuity of survival takes on increasingly mutated forms.
One man considers himself the natural fit as overseer of the city during this time of calamity. Others are like Jadyn, a small-time refugee and mother-protector to a small group, who believe that that man’s body ought to be dangling from a rope somewhere.
Jadyn must cope with this while new threats emerge from the unseen vistas in part 2 of Necropolis.

Book Categories:
Adult Adventure
Science Fiction Adventure
Dark fantasy


by Orlando Fernandes

A boy dreamed of the appearance of a punished soul, who asked for his help to dig up his hidden treasure. But the boy will go through diificulties until he reaches his goal.

Image of the Beast (The Great Tribulation Book 2)

by David Chandler

In this second installment of the Great Tribulation series, Romulus restarts a three-thousand-year-old vampire war.

Cordyceps Rising

by JE Gurley

It killed the ancient Mayans and drove them from their cities. Now it’s loose in America. Ordicordyceps unilateralis, the zombie fungus, is turning people into mindless killing machines. Miami Special Investigations Squad Detective Kyle Bane has never seen anything like it. Cordyceps Rising forces him to lay aside his training as a cop to become a cold blooded killer to save himself and his friends. Can he save Miami? As he sees the great White Wall of Downtown skyrises in flames, he begins to doubt his abilities.

Agents of Shadow (The Keepers of White Book 1)

by Richard Crofton

Agents of Shadow is a 2017 SIBA Award Nominee! See what reviewers are saying about it:
– “A gripping tale of evil, masterfully woven into the pages of this book.”
– “Could not put it down! Looking at the next Stephen King here!”

They are the Agents of Shadow, a secret organization dedicated to accumulating vast wealth and power through their knowledge and use of the dark arts, and they have infiltrated every fabric of society, equipped with the means to influence and control the masses. Interested in self-gain, they prey on the weak for their own amusement. At the coming of a Dark Year, these agents of evil are given the opportunity to amass enough power to bend humanity to their will and rule over all.

Megan Panco, a young assistant manager, has started anew in Lancaster, PA after the untimely death of her mother. Strong in her faith and madly in love with the perfect man, she remains content with her simple life. Little does she know that within her lies the key to the Agents’ plans. Though innocent and unsuspecting, Megan must find a way to prevent the completion of the Dark Year by eluding their sinister clutches. If she fails, there will be no stopping them from bringing eternal darkness to the world.

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