Free humour Kindle books for 08 Aug 17

Finding Harmony: Cypress Corners Series Book 1

by JoMarie DeGioia

Bestselling author JoMarie DeGioia brings heat, heart and humor in her Cypress Corners series of Contemporary Romantic Comedies!

A country girl committed to nature.

A city guy with his eye on the bottom line.

A battle of willsâ?¦a battle for balance

And a love that can tip the scales

Rick Chapman is climbing to the top rung of his father’s corporate ladder. Fulfilling Chapman Financial’s contract at Cypress Corners, Florida will finally prove his value to the company. And to his father. But one endangered weed, and the pretty plant girl trying to save it, could really screw up his plans.

Harmony Brooks loves her job as a plant conservationist at Cypress Corners, and the money she earns allows her to make up for a former boyfriend’s betrayal. He not only stole her parents’ money, he stole her heart. And that’s something she won’t ever risk again. But opposites attract, not that she or Rick ever expected to fall in love.

Can Harmony prove to Rick that he’s worth so much more than his father’s approval?

Or is Rick so blind he can’t see that loving Harmony is worth losing what he’s wanted for so long?

Smashed Nuts: Prequel – Excess Baggage Series

by Andrene Low

Sixteen hundred kilos of German Engineering. Enough alcohol to preserve a dead wallaby. A crazy wife in possession of both. How is Brenda supposed to avoid running into all three?

It’s something she finds out first-hand while navigating the murky waters of dating a married man. But is Hilton really worth risking life and limb over? If he’s the only thing between her, a decent meal, and not living in her car, then that’s gotta be a â??hell, yes!’.

Set in Surfers Paradise, Australia in 1977, against a heady backdrop of the sexual revolution, gold bikinis, and lots of sunshine, when a bloke could be rich enough to be viewed as attractive even if you had to wear a bag over your own head in case theirs fell off.

Hilton isn’t the only thing stopping Brenda from being hungry and homeless, but then working as a Surfers Paradise Meter Maid to make ends meet hadn’t been high on her list of life goals, either. She’s fine with strutting around town in a gold lamé bikini, tiara, and sash, but doing so while wearing high heels has her feet crying for relief. If it wasn’t for the excellent opportunities it provided for spotting â??willing targets’, she’d have given it up long ago.

Smashed Nuts is a prequel novella to Andrene’s seventies-based Excess Baggage Series and is a no-holds-barred look at the less than salubrious parts of the Gold Coast.

What others are saying:

“I went into this book knowing it was only a short prequel. I knew that when I bought it. That doesn’t mean that I’m happy about it being so short! GIVE ME MORE! I want more stories about being a meter maid wearing a gold bikini. I want more close calls. I want more disastrous liaisons. Damn it, I wanted this to be a longer book. It’s too good to be so short. Funny, nostalgic, but too short… ;)”

“Lots of laughs from the Antics of a poor young woman who wants the good life and has a unique idea on how to get it without doing boring jobs. Life doesn’t go to plan though. A fast paced short read. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.”â??

A Woman’s Guide to Perfection

by Alix Nichols

A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO PERFECTION has been described by its celebrity authors, Ines de Treize and Katherine de Neuf, as a “fountain of wisdom”.

This shockingly cynical lifestyle primer breaks down its advice into 14 actionable Guidelines, including:

  • The Perfect Woman always wears silk lingerie…
  • The Perfect Woman knows how to manage her boss…
  • The Perfect Woman lives in Paris…
  • The Perfect Woman never tells her current lover about all the previous ones…
  • The Perfect Woman is strategic in the choice of her pet…

Red flags, bullet points, vaguely relevant illustrations and a bonus chapter from a romantic comedy by Alix Nichols, AMANDA’S GUIDE TO LOVE, complete this “how-to” parody.

Disclaimer: A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO PERFECTION may or may not make you perfect. But it will make you chuckle.

If you enjoy biting and relatable observations and don’t mind a morally questionable tip or three, then this little book is for you! 

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How to Play Mah Jongg: A Beginner’s Guide to American Mah Jongg: An Instruction Book to Learning the Rules, Sets, and Art of The Game

by Chad Bomberger

The Go-To Instruction Book To Learn The Rules, Sets, And Art Of The Game

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How to Play Mah Jongg: A Beginner’s Guide to American Mah Jongg offers first-time players an easy-to-follow guide to this complex game. Using simple easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams this comprehensive guide walks you through each step of the game, including how to play, how to build a hand, how to record scores, how to develop winning strategies and win like a Pro.

In a lively, readable, and practical tone, this expert guide presents tips and tricks that will sharpen your skills so that you can play the Game like a professional. It also provides a comprehensive yet concise tutorial on the history of Mah Jongg, the Symbolism in Mah Jongg, the evolution of the game, the rules, and the various forms in which it is played.

This book is just what you need if you want to learn everything about this complex game, improve your skills, knowledge of strategies and increase your winning ratio with impressive ease.

It’s time to win more games and have more fun!

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Fragged (Fragged (A LitRPG Short Story Series) Book 1)

by Zachariah Dracoulis

A LitRPG short story with crafting, nudity, gratuitous violence, dinosaurs, and profanity. What more could you want?

Zoey has just been screwed over by someone in her clan, a screwing over that resulted with her getting hit with a permadeath and having to restart from scratch in the dystopian game world of Thren, a land of dinosaurs, rabid humans, and more than a few other deadly threats.

After what happened, Zoey doesn’t know if she can trust anyone in the game again, let alone any of her clan members, and makes the decision that she’s going to go it alone for the foreseeable future.

Carry On Quack: The Hilarious Adventures Of Dr Quack

by Christopher Wood

Lower Malden – a village typical of contemporary rural England – is Chris Wood’s traditional setting for his wickedly funny, debut comic novel, CARRY ON QUACK.

Country doctor Edward Thomas, has flaws that beat even Mr Bean’s well-documented eccentricities and the wild improbability of hotelier, Basil Fawlty. Chauvinistic, egotistic, Edward, is married to long-suffering Elizabeth, who has so far tolerated her husband’s complicated OCD issues dominating their family life. But Elizabeth reaches breaking point when she discovers her husband dressed in her underwear – and her Manolo Blahniks – if only he get them on!

Edward is characteristically unrepentant and Elizabeth moves back to Mother, leaving her husband to supervise their two odd-ball and opportunistic teenage children, Neville and Jessica. In Elizabeth’s absence, 14-year-old Neville soon indulges his puerile fantasies and nineteen-year-old Jessica drops college to become a model.
As the three abandoned Quacks struggle to come to terms with separation and looming divorce, charismatic, handsome hypnotist Guy Westlake steps in to seduce Elizabeth. Edward hits the bottle and whilst under the influence, is framed by his vengeful secretary, Mrs Willoughby, who lands her boss with a voluptuous, man-eating blonde.

Having been deprived of meat for umpteen years by veggie Elizabeth, Edward puts up only a token struggle. Meanwhile, into this cocktail of romps and regrets, strides the long arm of the law, smoothly outwitted by a vicious goat and left to the mercy of canine predator, Lucifer.

Other topics thrown into this heady concoction are alternative therapies, the occult, and Freudian slips that have nothing whatsoever to do with underwear. Or perhaps they have everything to do with underwear…a conundrum resolved by the ubiquitous Adolphus Hunt, private-eye-extraordinaire, whose efforts at extortion and knack for grasping the wrong end of the stick, makes him the perfect foil to the plot of Chris Wilt’s surprisingly insightful and endearingly humorous, comedy of errors.

How to Play Chess for Children: A Beginner’s Guide for Kids To Learn the Chess Pieces, Board, Rules, & Strategy

by Tim Ander

How to Play Chess for Beginners – for Kids of All Ages!

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When you read How to Play Chess for Children, you’ll discover a wonderful world of challenge and adventure! This easy-to-follow guide provides a complete overview of the game of chess. It’s a perfect introduction to the game.

Kids can enjoy every step of learning chess:

  • Discovering the timeless 8×8 chessboard
  • Learning the unique movements of the individual chess pieces
  • Mastering the art and timing of the popular “castling” move
  • Understanding the ins and outs of pawn moves, attacks, and advancement

and so much more!

With How to Play Chess for Children, little ones can easily develop their long-term thinking skills. They’ll learn how to start out smart and strong by learning the best chess openings. Then, they’ll adopt savvy and flexible strategies for the chess midgame. Kids can finish strong by mastering the endgame, in which weak pieces can become very strong, and complete their game with decisive checkmates!

This book even describes techniques for avoiding a draw (tie) game when kids are winning a game – and trying for a draw when their opponent has the upper hand. This practical strategy teaches maturity, adaptation, and smart success for children of all ages!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get kids involved in this classic and inspiring game. Get your copy of How to Play Chess for Children right away!

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A Special Interest

by David Belisle

To leap-frog the polls, a Canadian grass roots political party does the unthinkable. At the grand opening of Canada’s 100th All-Mart store in the quiet Ottawa suburb of Orleans, the Galvanized Anew Party kidnaps Prime Minister Kruster-LeClune and U.S. President Rushmore. It’s political activism at its most active. GAP policy advisor Ronald Greenwood has some explaining to do.

A quick read, Belisle wrote this political satire as part of Anvil Press’ 3-Day Novel competition. He maxed out at 33 pages per day.

Mind Reading and Magic For Grandparents: Really easy but astonishing magic to keep your Grandchildren happy, excited, amused and entertained.

by Steve Piers

The inspiration for this booklet came to me after a long, long evening of babysitting. The kids had forgotten to bring their toy bag and so it was left to me to be extra entertaining until their Mum came to collect them! As a magic dealer and performer, the kids love rummaging through my collection of tricks and magical apparatus and they’re always asking me to show them a trick and really helps make the time fly by!
This is a short and simple guide that gives you everything you need to know to perform a selection of impressive tricks. Each has been chosen by me to give the biggest effect from the easiest method. There are no props to buy, everything can be done with items you have around the house. These are tricks you can do spontaneously with no complex magical secrets to study. The kids will love it, and you’ll quickly become their Amazing Magical Granddad, Superhero Grandma, Magic Uncle or Fabulous Auntie!

O vampiro nerd (Portuguese Edition)

by Reginaldo Costa

Drácula? Nosferatu? Lestat? Esqueça…
Miguel não é um vampiro como os outros. Ele é gordinho, estrábico, e cada uma de suas presas tem um tamanho diferente.
Não bastasse tudo isso, ele não sabe direito como usar seu poderes. Mas sabe tudo sobre videogames, quadrinhos e outras coisas do universo nerd.
Quando os sobre se tornam ameaçados de extinção, Miguel tem um novo desafio: escolher um humano para transformar em um vampiro como ele.
Acompanhe as trapalhadas e loucuras deste personagem peculiar em sua jornada para encontrar sua nova “cria” e talvez a si mesmo no caminho.

Mercury Swings (Mercury Series)

by Robert Kroese

The most amazing short story prelude to Mercury Rises you’ll ever read!

In Mercury Falls, Jaded religion reporter Christine Temetri and Mercury, a renegade angel, thwarted two diabolical plots to destroy the world. In Mercury Rises, they team up once again to battle Horace Finch, a crazed billionaire who plans to uncover the deepest secrets of the Universe — and likely annihilate it in the process.

But how did Mercury get mixed up with all this stuff in the first place?

Travel back in time to ancient Mesopotamia, where Mercury is on one of his very first assignments for the Apocalypse Bureau. His mission: to prevent the the jazz age from arriving 3800 years too early. Aided or impeded by such colorful characters as a funk weed-smoking bouncer; Enoch, the precocious sax player; and a goat named Taco; Mercury must make it out of an anachronistic watering hole unscathed. Will Mercury manage to extract Enoch via an interplanar portal and beat it back to Babylon before humankind evolves Bronze Age flappers? And will he ever get the hang of transmogrification? Find out in Mercury Swings!

Double Lives (Johnny Wagner, Godlike PI Book One)

by Matt Cowper

A bomb, thrown by a supervillain, kills one of Z City’s superheroes. There’s footage of the death, and plenty of witnesses. It’s an open and shut case for the Division of Superhuman Crime. The supervillain is going to prison, never to breathe free air again.

But the superhero’s widow, of all people, believes the villain was set up, and she’s hired Johnny Wagner, the self-proclaimed Godlike PI, to investigate the murder. Equipped with a God Arm, Johnny is a determined, resourceful, and powerful private eye – except when the god on his arm is acting ornery, or when the women in his life drive him to distraction, or when he worries about paying off his many debts.

As Johnny struggles with his questionable decisions and the arrogant bellowing of his god, he finds both the villains and the heroes of Z City have him in their crosshairs. Everyone, it seems, wants the truth of the murder to remain buried – and they’re willing to ruin or kill anyone who digs too deeply.

Can Johnny solve this case without getting vaporized or – even worse – going deeper into debt?

Featuring high-octane action, forbidden romance, scheming government officials, and a villain who dresses up in a squirrel costume, Matt Cowper’s latest novel takes superhero fiction to astounding new heights. Welcome to Z City, a place you’ll never want to leave, even when someone’s firing a lambda beam at you!

Living Next Door to Rembrandt: Collection of Short, Funny Fiction

by John Martin

Find out how Rembrandt’s old colleague made a name for himself on the streets of Amsterdam, discover how a security guard came to carve his initials in his boss’s blackwood desk, get ready for a steaming plate of gnocchi gorgonzola that has disastrous consequences before an expensive night at the ballet in Milan, and laugh your way through 13 quick funny reads.

. Living next door to Rembrandt
. Someone always pays
. Romeo and Julie
. Curse of the Unhandyman
. Moose on the Loose
. Letter on Noah: we want our Tasmanian tigers back
. Falling off the end of the newspaper world
. One small step for man, one giant leap backwards for photo processing
. Santa’s resignation letter
. Santa Claus contemplates his navel
. Poles apart for holidaying Santa
. The rise and fall of editor Jack Liver
. Memo to the boss from one of the dickheads
. Message from the sharp end
. When the boss gets a sore head
. How to gainfully employ your security guard

Its My Wedding!: Best Coloring Books (Wedding Coloring and Art Book Series)

by Jupiter Kids

IMPORTANT – EBOOK edition of this book is an ART BOOK and not used for coloring on the device. The eBook is a preview providing useful content on the benefits of coloring for both children and adults, also showing the brilliant designs available in the physical copy of the book. A BONUS link in the book lets you download books with high quality coloring book PDF pages with dozens of illustrations that readers can PRINT. The download is optional, it is not the main function or purpose of this ebook – PRINT REPLICA. Do you hear the bells ringing for my wedding? This coloring book will help shape your child’s dream wedding, or maybe first get an inkling as how weddings happen. It’s a cool coloring book that’s loaded with images of happy couples and momentous celebrations. Go ahead and secure a copy of this coloring book today!

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