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Far From the Madding Crowd (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Thomas Hardy

In rural Victorian England, the willful Bathsheba Everdene is courted by three men: her repressed neighbor, a devoted shepherd, and a thriftless soldier. They cross and clash again and again in tragedy, grief, betrayal, misguided affections, and the follies of romantic love. Though far from the fury of the city, the drama they engender is equal to the whole of the universe in madness and passion.

Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd, his first literary success, is one of the great love stories of English literature.

AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literature’s most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds.

Revised edition: Previously published as Far From the Madding Crowd, this edition of Far From the Madding Crowd (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Come Back (Rock Savage Book 1)

by Candy J Starr

Ash Savage, you’ve probably heard of him. He was in that boy band until they broke up then he went totally off the rails. He wouldn’t even be on my radar except my editor offered me the ultimate bribe, working with the rock star of my dreams, if I spend a week photographing Savage’s come back. I’ll take the job but it’ll be pure hell until I get my reward. Savage’s charms will never work on me.
Women dream of me. Hell, they name their vibrators after me! I’d never met a woman who hadn’t fallen at my feet, until I got stuck with this hardass photographer. Alice Cain, she thinks she’s way too good for me, and God knows, she’s probably right. But I need her on side for my come back to be a success and I need her in my bed if I want to keep my ego intact. She will be mine.

Warning: this book ended with a happy for now ending and a slight cliffhanger. The second and final book in the Rock Savage will be available soon.

All I Have Is What God Would Give

by Corey Adams

Earth was never meant to be humanity’s permanent home. In this novel of bravery, optimism and perseverance of the soul, six unlikely heroes will find themselves knocking on the door of humanity’s fate.
Nathan has everything, but nothing he wants. Dorothy just found out she has lung cancer. Jon attempts to dodge the life of a drug dealer and thief, but it is all he knows. Regina has fallen deep in depression for she does not know how to accept herself. Brianna’s ex-husband, the man who abused her for years, has resurfaced in her life. Gerald has crippling anxiety, restricting him to a grounded life.
They all have been chosen. It is only once they have begun to understand each other and themselves and gain perspective that they can complete their task.
While battling their inner conflicts, and struggling with the external conflicts of a broken world, the chosen will move closer to their task of putting into place a way for humanity to be saved and taken to its new home.
This is for the soul.

LINTHER’S RESCUE (Guardians of Lunar Wasteland Book 2)

by Dalia Wright


Linther’s Rescue

She keeps a secret in her cellar. A deadly one. But it may hold the answers to what the werewolves seekâ?¦

Raine is a witch, who runs an inn on the borders of the Lunar Wastes. She likes her life and what she’s established here. However, the Lunehill werewolves need witches. One is sent to try and recruit Raine, by any means necessary. Linther is handsome, if a little growly.

Even if she was tempted by his request, she can’t go. There’s a secret she’s been holding onto. A deadly one.
One that might require the services of a werewolf to escapeâ?¦

Victorian 4 Book Box Set

by Love Obsession Books

Get 4 books of hot VICTORIAN romance adventures in this exciting new collection

This 17 book collection contains aristocrats, pregnancies, mail order brides, victorian romance, bad boys, shifters, vampires, billionaires, highlanders, cowboys, and many more.

In this collection you will find:

Once Upon a Mail Order Bride
A Vampire Love In Time
To Love a Wounded Soldier
Abducted by the Alpha Alien

Once Upon a Mail Order Bride

Harriet Milestone is young and beautiful, but is miserable from a broken heart. She has just lost her uncle, Victor, the only kin she’s ever known. Victor has left her everything he owns, and she is confident that her future will remain bright, despite this mournful time in her life.

Her misery has led her to finding a letter in her uncle’s room. A letter that started out well, but in the end, turned out to be her worst nightmare. Victor has set her up to go to Oregon to marry the son of a wealthy merchant. And as if things could not get any worse, she receives news that Victor had owed a fortune to one of the richest men in Baltimore, that has not been paid off.

This man has made a deal with her. Marry him and keep the property, or leave. Harriet is caught between two difficult decisions. Will she stay and marry a man who is thrice her age, or will she run off to the West to marry a boy she’s never met before?


“He was perfect. Dreadfully handsome like I always pictured he would be. I knew by his soft dark curls, his greenish-blue eyes, and that timeless face; He was the man from my dreams. The one I could never get to.”

After being shot in the head by a deranged teenager, Lucy Teagan gained the power to time travel. As she got older she began to have strange nightmares about a mysterious man. Then one day he pulls her to Victoria, London. Her adventure there will changed her life forever. Just when she thinks the worst is over, she meets him for the first time. Instantly, she knows he is the man from her dreams.

Harcourt Winfell is a vampire who knows all too well how dangerous time travel can be. He is the only one who can save her before her entire existence is completely erased. But every second she is near him, only makes him want to love her. Can he train her and get her back to her own time period before it’s too late? Or will his love and attraction to her seal her fate?

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot romance reads!

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

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