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Best Natural Scrubs and Herbal Remedies For Your Health and Beauty : (Body Scrubs, Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils) (Body and Face Scrubs, Herbal Medicine)

by Eva Warren

Best Natural Scrubs and Herbal Remedies For Your Health and Beauty

Book 1

Body Scrubs:

35 Natural DIY Scrubs for Body and Face for Radiant and Youthful Skin

You have seen many scrubs in the store for your body and face. You have seen the results of using them, but the problem you would like to save money by making your own. You’ve looked all over the internet to find information on how to make scrubs on your own, but the flood of information is difficult to parse and find just what you are looking for in order to get started. In this book, I use my over twenty years of natural health experience to walk you through everything you will need to get started and eventually make your own. I will teach you the basics and leave you feeling like you can start making your own recipes and using them.
By purchasing this book, you are ready to get started on a new way to take care of your skin and your body. This book will walk you through the steps and show you:

  • What scrubs are and the different types
  • What essential oils are and how to use them
  • The best ways to combine the essential oils
  • Recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to make and store the scrubs

I will present the information in a fashion that is easy to understand without leaving you with more questions. I will walk you through every step of the process.

Book 2

Herbal Medicine:

30 Herbal Remedies to Heal Common Ailments

Buy downloading this eBook, you are ready to start down the road of taking care of yourself through natural means. This book is an introduction to natural health. I will walk you through:

  • A short history of herbalism.
  • Possible side effects and drug interactions
  • How to listen to your body
  • How to make herbal preparations and their shelf life
  • Tools you need to make the preparations
  • Each of the body systems
  • Descriptions of the most common ailments of each system
  • Recipes for herbal remedies to help treat the ailments

This book is written for you to be ready to make your remedies and experiment with your own combinations of remedies.

Woodworking: Top 20 DIY Projects for Your Backyard with Step-by-Step Instructions: (Home Woodworking, DIY Hacks, Outdoor, Indoor) (Woodworking, Woodworking projects)

by Adam Jackson


Top 20 DIY Projects for Your Backyard with Step-by-Step Instructions

Woodworking is an excellent way to relieve stress and a fulfilling and enriching pastime to have. And if the idea of working with your hands (and especially with wood) appeals to you, then you should really get this guide! This book contains years of practical experience condensed and refined down to just a few pages. This book gives you a detailed description of just what kind of wood you should use, how you should use it, and the kind of tools that work best.
Learn how you can shape basic blocks of wood into brilliant centerpieces for your home in just matter of minutes. Learn how you can take old wooden shipping pallets and craft them into beautiful pieces of furniture for your living room. It doesn’t matter what your personal experience level is now, when you are done reading this book you will be going at it like a real professional. This book only offers professional grade tips and advice; there is no fill and fluff here! Just the facts and what you need to know!
In this book you will discover:

  • How to use woodworking equipment
  • What kinds of wood work best for various kinds of projects
  • How to convert old used wood into exciting crafts
  • And more!

Get A Grip: Sounds Like Your Business Is Rolling On The Ice

by Staff of Entrepreneurist

Starting a business is a daunting task. If you feel like your business may be rolling on the ice, then I want you to know that it is normal. However, what you do and what happens afterward can spell a big difference: Generally, there is one of two possible outcomes: Either you make money and succeed in your business, or you suffer more losses, including your whole business. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to take action and make your business work.

But, how do you start up your business from scratch? And, granting that you have started it, what can you do next to make it better? These things are just some of the challenges faced by every entrepreneur. In order to meet these challenges and overcome all obstacles along the way, you need to have the right mindset as an entrepreneur. After all, if your mind is not ready for these challenges, then it would be difficult, if not impossible, for you to establish a successful business. It is the purpose of this book to serve as your guiding light to success

Within You is the Power – The Complete Edition

by Henry Thomas Hamblin

There is a power lying hidden in man, by the use of which he can rise to higher and better things.

There is in man a greater Self, that transcends the finite self of the sense-man, even as the mountain towers above the plain.

The object of this little book is to help men and women to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with universal law; to build up character, and to find within themselves that wondrous Self, which is their real self, and which, when found, reveals to them that they are literally and truly sons of God and daughters of the Most High. There is no way whereby the discipline of life can be avoided. There is no means by which fate can be “tricked,” nor cunning device by which the great cosmic plan can be evaded. Each life must meet its own troubles and difficulties: each soul must pass through its deep waters, every heart must encounter sorrow and grief. But none need be overwhelmed in the great conflicts of life, for one who has learned the great secret of his identity with the Universal life and Power, dwells in an impregnable city, built upon and into the Rock of Truth, against which the storms of life beat in vain. While this little work does not offer any vain promises of an easy lifeâ??for, if this were possible, it would be the greatest of all disastersâ??but rather endeavours to show how to become so strong that life looks almost easy by comparison (the life or fate does not change or become easier, but the individual alters and becomes stronger), yet, it does show the reader how to avoid making his life more difficult than it need be. Most people’s lives would be less filled with trouble and suffering if they took life in the right spirit and acted in harmony with Universal Law.



Chapter I. Infinite Life And Power

Chapter II. The Overcoming Of Life’s Difficulties

Chapter III. Fate Or Free-will?

Chapter IV. Cause and Effect

Chapter V. Success

Chapter VI. Health

Chapter VII. The Secret of Abundant Supply

Chapter VIII. The Powers and Limitations of the Sub-conscious Mind

Chapter IX. The Use of the Spiritual or Super-conscious Mind

Chapter X. Character Building and the Overcoming of Habit

Chapter XI. Happiness and Joy

Chapter XII. The Use and Mis-use of Mental and Spiritual Powers

Chapter XIII. Overcoming Limitations and Awakening Inward Powers

Household Cleaning: Discover And Learn These Amazing Cleaning And Organizing Techniques And Tips In DIY Guides

by Sonia Cherry

DISCOVER:: Discover And Learn These Amazing Cleaning And Organizing Techniques And Tips In DIY Guides



The act of cleaning is not just to get rid of all kinds of dirt.
More and more cleaning products are now available in the market containing harmful chemicals which are bad for you, your family’s health, and the environment. This presents a dilemma of sorts as people still want to keep their homes clean but the majority of available options are potentially unsafe.
In this book, you will learn to use natural alternatives for your cleaning needs such as white vinegar and baking soda.


Going home after a day’s work is what all of us crave for, not for any other reason but simply because it is home, and that means we can rest to our heart’s content. But what if you go home and see that everything is a mess and that a lot of things lay scattered on the floor? Would you still be able to rest? Of course you wouldn’t. It will definitely irritate you and it will be the start of a stressful situation.


Have you ever entered a house and thought, “Wow, how ANYONE can live in a place like this? It’s an absolute mess, there is so much stuff!” And then you realize that it’s your own home and you have no idea how it got this cluttered? Well, relax. Don’t get overwhelmed. Here you have the solution for how to de-clutter your home in 7 days. Put aside an hour or 2 per day and really focus and you can get it done. Picture the home from the magazines, the movies or the home of your most organized friend. You can make that happen for your home in just a few hours per day for 7 days.


Nothing is more important to this planet than finding alternatives to chemicals and practices that are harming it. Sometimes it is helpful to think of the earth as a living cell, one that we are living on. Once the cell dies, what do you think will happen to the other things inhabiting it? Not a pretty picture.


The living room is basically the part of the house where you’ll be able to say hello to your guestsâ??which means that it’s the first thing they’ll see, where they’ll be talking to you, and where they’ll be spending a lot of time in. This is also where they could probably judge the kind of house that you are living in. This is the main reason why you have to make sure that it is easy on the eyes. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your living room.


The key is you must make a commitment that you will never let the clutter take over your home again. Part of the commitment, must be making sure every item in your home has a place and you and your family members put it in the right place. Doing this, will greatly reduce the clutter possibility in your home or office. For example, make a deal with yourself that no matter what- your kitchen counters will never become the generalized storage area for your home.

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