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Relationship Rehab: Improve Your Emotional IQ To Finally Reach Relationship Nirvana

by K.C. Smith

Are you tired of admiring other couples when your relationship is on the brink of separation and divorce? Do you know that you are with the right person but want to find ways that you can enhance your relationship? And finally, are you sick of allowing your emotions to control you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place!

In this book I discuss how emotional intelligence is the foundation of a good relationship. As you are reading this you are probably asking yourself “what is emotional intelligence.” It is an interesting concept that has been ignored for many years but is now coming to the forefront in the all aspects of life from employment to relationships. This concept will be explained in depth in the book.

Relationship counseling is great, but during their therapeutic advice they have missed out on one simple ingredient and that is emotional intelligence. When emotional intelligence is combined with other strategies success is guaranteed in your relationship.

As with anything of substance you are going to have to work hard for a good relationship. Every long standing couple is going to tell you that they had to fight for what they have. If you think that the person you are with is worth fighting for then that is exactly what you should do! If you want to walk in the reality of the dream relationship that you have held in your mind for so long, you must read this book by author K.C. Smith entitled “Relationship Rehab: Improve Your Emotional IQ to Finally Reach Relationship Nirvana.”

My Poetic Memoir: Sifting Through Chaos

by K C

Passionate, inspired, and driven to succeed, this is about a girl who was simply born to the wrong address, searching for home.

INHERITED IRA RULES: Avoid Costly Mistakes and Minimize Inheritance Taxes with Stretch IRAs and Roth IRAs

by Lisa G. Hay CPA CFP

Do you have an individual retirement account (IRA) that you’re planning to leave to your heirs? Or do you expect to inherit an IRA from a parent, relative or friend at some point in the future? Since retirement accounts make up the majority of many people’s estates, you probably answered “yes” to one, or both, of these questions.

If so, NOW – not later — is the time to understand the IRA beneficiary rules and options.

Why? Because one wrong decision can lead to expensive consequences. Unfortunately, many owners of IRAs and their financial advisors are not aware of all of the various rules – and time limits – regarding inheriting an IRA.

However, not taking the time to understand these rules is crucial mistake that can have disastrous consequences. If you inherit an IRA, you’ll have some important decisions to make and strict deadlines for making them. Making the wrong choice or not making a choice by a deadline, could trigger an unnecessary tax bill and result in forfeiting the opportunity for future tax-advantaged growth. One wrong move and the entire IRA could be taxed – rather than tax-deferred.

Mistakes are painfully common when IRAs are passed to heirs. Even financial professionals don’t always know the rules. Since IRAs are a fairly new retirement vehicle, we are in the first generation of dealing with inherited IRAs. Many advisors are just not up to speed on the rules.

Don’t count on your account’s custodian to provide customized advice either. While some custodians are more versed in the maze of rules surrounding inherited IRAs than others, IRA custodians are not in the business of advising beneficiaries or their best moves. They are not tax experts or comprehensive financial planners.

The problem is that a mistake made on the part of the custodian, or bad advice, leaves beneficiaries holding the bag and footing the tax bill.

Author and Financial Planning expert, Lisa Hay, CPA, has written this user-friendly guide to help you navigate the labyrinth of rules regarding inherited IRAs, and ensure that your inheritance is not diminished by paying unnecessary taxes.

This book is organized into seven chapters: The first chapter provides general information on inherited IRAs, the second and third chapters provide additional details regarding applicable rules for Inherited Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs, respectively. The last four chapters are broken down into the following categories with specific options for each of the four categories:
-Traditional IRAs – Spouse
-Traditional IRAs – Non-spouse
-Roth IRAs – Spouse
-Roth IRAs – Non-spouse

Within each of the above four chapters, various options are discussed, with detailed discussions regarding the specifics of account type, when money will be available and other important considerations.

In addition, for Traditional IRAs, options which be broken down based on whether the account owner was under or over age 70½.

The appendix provides key dates you should keep in mind to make sure you meet the IRS deadlines that apply to the options you choose.

Hoe om ‘n goeie kind groot te maak (Afrikaans Edition)

by Starbuck O’Dwyer

Die boek is benoem vir ‘n Indie Leser Ontdekkings Toekennings finalis (ouerskap) en ‘n Voorwoord Resensies Boek van die Jaar-finalis (beide humor en in opstel kategorieë), Hoe om ‘n goeie kind groot te maak is nie ‘n konvensionele hoe-om boek nie, maar eerder ‘n versameling van 23 humoristiese en opregte stories oor die uitdagings en vreugdes van kinders groot maak vir beide ouers en kinders se genot. Deur onderwerpe soos eerlikheid, lojaliteit, moed, harde werk, deursettingsvermoë en liefde te ondersoek, is Hoe om ‘n goeie kind groot te maak gewaarborg om jou te laat lag met stories wat outentiek, universeël in tema is en geskik om gesprekke oor die belangrikheid van karakter bou en integriteit te begin. Hoe om ‘n goeie kind groot te maak is hoogs vermaaklik en betekenisvol, en een van die beste boeke oor ouerskap en grootword wat jy ooit sal vind.

Relationships 101: Your Guide to Dealing with Relationships Between Love and Pain, Marital Problems, and Jealousy in Relationships

by Ali Salim

Have you ever felt like you have relationships between love and pain? Or maybe you’re tired from jealousy in relationships? Are you exhausted from marital problems, and finally wish to have relationships that work?

You are not alone!

For some people, problems in relationships or husband-wife relationship are easy to solve. But if you are the same as me or many other people are ready to take responsibility for stress-free living and happy relationships, then the Relationship 101 will be your best guide for marital issues, relationships problems, and solutions.

What if your relationships supposed to be one of those love stories you heard about where couple celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and still are crazy in love?!

What if there are ways different than separations?

In Relationships 101, the Amazon bestseller author Ali Salim opens secrets of relationships that will make your relationships develop a better scenario.

It’s time to forget what are relationships between love and pain and start to have stress-free living!

Get Your Ex Back: Learn to Get Your Ex Back Fast with These 2 Insights

by Hillary Dunn

2 Books in 1 that will help you get your ex back quickly.

Book 1: People don’t even realize what they are doing until it is too late. Did you come across as needy or desperate, or just arrogant and cold? Sometimes we think that we are pulling our partner towards us, but when hormones and brain chemicals get in the way, we hardly notice that we are pushing them away from us. In this book, you’ll find out why. Learn, among others:

How men and women are different, and what pulls together or drives us apart.

The difference between hard to get and hard to want.
A healthy balance between contacting and keeping your distance.

Ways to regain your confidence and become even more attractive to your ex than before.

The hidden secrets so many men and women overlook when it comes to attracting the other sex.

Tips on phone calls, dates, pretending to be busy, and conversation techniques.

And much, much more!

Book 2: In this guide, the most useful resources of how to get your ex back have been combined. Tips on how to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife back are specifically mentioned, as well as other helpful advice:

Learn what you can do to get your girlfriend back.

Read about what helps your husband cross the line and get back into your territory.
Get educated about surprising her, or talking through your problems.

Know what to avoid when you talk to your ex or show certain behavior.

Contemplate the reasons why you want your ex back.

Discover which signs are hints that your ex wants you back as well.

Consider the best motives and whether or not you are compatible or not.

Do you want to know about all the other valuable information you’ll receive in this book, and the things that really help? Then click the “Buy with 1 click” or “Add to cart” button and get it for a low price now!

TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN GOOD MANNERS: Discover How To Easily Teach Your Children The Essential 7 Good Manners Rules That Assure Success And Good Relationships … Future (The Easy Parenting Series Book 5)

by Cynthia Tyler


The Easy Parenting Series: 5

Uncovered are embarresingly simple
ways to get even the most uncooperative
child learn good manners and ensure successful
relationships and healthy interactions in
the future.

Revealed are the easy and
stress-free way to get your
child or any child to understand
the value of the essential seven
good manners traits and how to have
them engage in good manner habits regularly
without forcing them.

Also revealed are some of the most
common mistakes that actually cause
a child to resist the process and actually
develop destructive habits in the future, and
how to avoid them.

Dangerously simple strategies that
ensure no more pain or struggle while
they do chores, develop character and
have fun.

Learn the hard way, or use the easy
to implement strategies inside!

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