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The Ghosts Left Behind: A Poetry Memoir

by Meaghan Rhymer

This Memoir is an all encompassing book of poetry of book that describes what it’s like to live as a teenager into your twenties in modern day society. There are struggles and hardship, but ultimately there is hope. If you are looking for an in depth book of poetry that is saturated in emotion and experience, this memoir is for you.

Swipe Right: A Millennial Love Story

by Danica Barnett

Dating as a Millennial isn’t easy. There are a variety of phone apps promising you can swipe right on your soul mate or a potential hookup, but none of them seem to offer a manual for how to meet your next catch.
A candid, witty poetry memoir told in 101 haiku about one girl’s struggle with dating in a world centered on finding love online and hookup culture.

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My Life is My Message I: A Poetic Guided Journey

by Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima

As we search for meaning and purpose in our lives, it is often incumbent upon us to reflect and think about those who have come before, those who will come after, those who have nurtured us and those we are nurturing. For, as we reflect on how these various individuals and relationships have shaped our lives, we begin to get a sense of our life’s purpose, our raison d’etre, so to speak, that has helped shape who we are and who we are becoming. Our reflections also guide us on our journey as we live the ideals and principles that allow us to find that eternal happiness, peace of mind, and sense of well being we are all searching for.

In the following poetic guided journey, My Life is My Message: A Poetic Guided Journey, there is the implication that just by being who we are, just by the way we live our lives, we have been enlightened to become who we are supposed to be. We exude a confidence that says, “I know how to pursue happiness; I know the journey to self-fulfillment and self-actualization, my life is my message, there is very little else for me to say. I do not have to convince you of the way to be, I influence by my example.”

At the end of the day, our words will never win over our critics — only our actions will. The admiration and respect and approvals that we seek lay down the road of what we do — not the road of what we talk about doing.

The message I have for others on living a life that is one with the purpose of the soul, and the intention of the spirit, is to live a life united. As we strive to live the life we are meant to live, it becomes acutely apparent that we live by our deeds and our examples, and not by our words. For, we will eventually be judged, not by the truth of our words, but by the strength of our deeds and actions

This guided poetic journal leads to a journey of discovery using a series of poetic prompts from Zulmara Maria’s My Life is My Message poetry collection. It is designed for you to respond to in writing or on your computer. Additionally, the prompts can easily be shared with others, placed on a blog, or posted in a bulletin board. This will enable easy sharing of prompts, responses, and journaling tips and ideas. All I ask is that proper credit be given and that my name and copyright appear on all posted poems and prompts.

Enjoy the journeyâ?¦as you celebrate your life!!!

For every day I loved you

by Danica Barnett

For every day I loved you is a collection of poetry that explores the excitement of a fast and hard relationship, the chains that can exist within a short-term relationship, and what it’s like to love someone that makes you feel like you are never enough.

Kill the poet

by b byron

Melodies and songs and poetry.

We fight against the conformity of this robotic ballet. These are the stories of the poet of bastards, strange love, robotic virtues, hymns of the lost and the ghost, we dance with the absurd in the illusions of this cultural wasteland.
We shall all drown in the absurdity of the human condition.

This is more of a satirical horror story of a man’s journey into the nest of the culture boxes we live inside. Full of vampires, robots with fading eyes, computer gods, broken timelines, nihilist androids who worship pumpkins and spice, a conformist world set to the melodies of broken dreams.
Part satire, part poetry, all beautiful, all terrible.
These are the musings of conformity and love and imagination and general shenanigans.
This is the search for existence in a meaningless universe.

The Honey Badger Anthem: The Way of The Honey Badger Album #1

by Emma M Vardaman

Brooke Delilah Gillespie, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and “Cheezi D”; formerly known by her past pen names of Jennifer Gisselbrecht, and Mwezi Desoto, is a female African wild dog (choosing to reincarnate into an Asiatic Lioness) and an American author/rapper/lyricist.
She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series
book since the tender cub age of five; with his most famous hits apparently
being “Lone Wolves” and her most recently self published, all anti-villain
main cast crime drama saga, “Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals”. So far, her
current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her
own physical emotions into his works, but also those maybe of other animal
beings around her in the world as well.

Twitter: @CCheetah

Mother’s Wish

by Judy Kathleen Thompson

Mother And Child . . . . . For You ~ A Loving, Poetic Tribute,
Inspired By And Dedicated To,
All Those Tenderhearted Mother And Child Harmonies
Whose Everlasting Love,
Unwavering Devotion,
And Inspirational Sweetness,
Has So Eloquently Caressed My Soul,
Elevated My Spirit,
And Softly Soothed My Acquiescent Heart

Mother’s Sweet Bestowal

by Judy Kathleen Thompson

My wish for you, fair Mother, dear reader,

as we begin this exquisite journey,

is that your heart will be lovingly escorted,

by expressions, sincere and true;

hope, abundant, virtuous;

Love, glorious and eternal,

and that these sensational sentiments will wondrously

capture and faithfully instill,

within your willing spirit,

the joy of the most exquisite, coalesced splendor

which the soul has ever celebrated,

L o v e,

Love between Mother and Child.

УпÑ?ажнения в Ñ?иÑ?ме: Ð?оэзия России (Russian Edition)

by ТаÑ?анова Надежда

УпÑ?ажнения в Ñ?иÑ?ме â?? эÑ?о сÑ?иÑ?и для деÑ?ей и взÑ?ослÑ?Ñ?. ЭÑ?о способ заглянÑ?Ñ?Ñ? в свое «Я», Ñ?бедиÑ?Ñ?ся в кÑ?асоÑ?е звÑ?Ñ?ания каждой бÑ?квÑ? Ñ?Ñ?сского алÑ?авиÑ?а. ЭÑ?о возможносÑ?Ñ? пÑ?игоÑ?овиÑ?Ñ? « свежий Ñ?Ñ?еÑ?» из новÑ?Ñ? звÑ?ков и вибÑ?аÑ?ий Ñ?адосÑ?и. УпÑ?ажнения в Ñ?иÑ?ме â?? эÑ?о Ñ?ождение новÑ?Ñ? позиÑ?ивнÑ?Ñ? мÑ?слей. Смело Ñ?пÑ?ажняйÑ?есÑ? в РÐ?ТÐ?Ð?! Ð?Ñ?дÑ?Ñ?е в РÐ?ТÐ?Ð?!

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