Free reference Kindle books for 08 Aug 17


by Todd Sekt

Follow these simple but effective tips to become a better leader not just at work but also in your social life!

If you have ever wanted to be the person people turn to for decisions and ideas or just for worldly advice. This is the book for you. I will guide you on how to become the leader you always wanted to be. Be the version of yourself that inspires others and instills dedication and loyalty from others. You will learn what inspires people and how to gain the confidence of your peers so that they trust you

Below is a brief run down of the techniques you will be learning to harness your inner pack leader

  • Learn how to communicate properly
  • Learn how to motivate others
  • Learn when and how to delegate tasks
  • Always question assumptions
  • Re-frame negative thoughts
  • Believe that execution trumps ideas
  • Know that ultimate failure only occurs when you quit
  • Believe in your own strengths
  • Know how to harness the benefits of connections!

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Don’t just think about how good of a leader you could be, become the leader you know is hidden inside yourself!

Texting Dictionary: 2017 Edition: Definitions Of The Most Common Text Abbreviations

by Erich Schmidtz

Ever wonder what those LOL and OMG’s mean? Look no further! This book defines the most common abbreviations when text messaging, so you don’t have to scratch your head in wonder!

101 English Expressions with â??DOâ?? and â??MAKEâ??

by Stephen Harrison

101 English Expressions with â??DO’ and â??MAKE’

Master the English Verbs â??DO’ and â??MAKE’ Like a Native Speaker!

Do you want to use the English verbs â??DO’ and â??MAKE’ like a native speaker? Do you want to improve your English vocabulary?

Then this eBook is for you!

â??101 English Expressions with â??DO’ and â??MAKE’ includes:

� 101 Expressions with DO and MAKE from everyday English.

â? Phrasal verbs with â??DO’ and â??MAKE AND how to use the four types of phrasal verb correctly.

� Exercises with answers.

� Example sentences to learn the expressions in context.

English teacher and author Stephen Harrison will help you improve your English vocabulary. With this eBook, you will use English verbs â??DO and â??MAKE’ more easily and more correctly.

If you want to improve your English grammar AND vocabulary, download this eBook today!

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