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Life in Christ: Lessons from Our Lordâ??s Miracles and Parables

by Charles H. Spurgeon

Original title: Miracles and Parables of Our Lord.
Volume 1

A deep, inspiring, and often challenging study of the Lord Jesus Christ’s miracles and parables.

Men who were led by the hand or groped their way along the wall to reach Jesus were touched by his finger and went home without a guide, rejoicing that Jesus Christ had opened their eyes. Jesus is still able to perform such miracles. And, with the power of the Holy Spirit, his Word will be expounded and we’ll watch for the signs to follow, expecting to see them at once. Why shouldn’t those who read this be blessed with the light of heaven? This is my heart’s inmost desire.

I can’t put fine words together. I’ve never studied speech. In fact, my heart loathes the very thought of intentionally speaking with fine words when souls are in danger of eternal separation from God. No, I work to speak straight to your hearts and consciences, and if there is anyone with faith to receive, God will bless them with fresh revelation.

– Charles H. Spurgeon

In this first volume, Charles H. Spurgeon expounds on the following miracles:
-Jesus heals two blind men by touching their eyes (Matthew 9:27-30).
-Jesus uses spit to heal another blind man (Mark 8:22-25).
-Jesus passes through the midst of those who would kill him (Luke 4:28-30).
-Jesus brings a widow’s son back to life (Luke 7:11-17).
-Jesus releases a woman from a spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:10-13).
-Jesus heals ten lepers but only one thanks him (Luke 17:12-16).
-Jesus gently rebukes his mother then makes wine for the wedding (John 2:1-5).
-Jesus tests a nobleman’s faith and his son is healed (John 4:46-53).

About the Author
Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a British Baptist preacher. He started preaching at age 17, and quickly became famous. He is still known as the “Prince of Preachers,” and frequently had more than 10,000 people present to hear him preach at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. His sermons were printed in newspapers, translated into many languages, and published in many books.

Neuro Linguistic Attraction (NLA) : How To Use The Powers Of Your Mind To Attract What You Want Into Your Life – People Are Saying Good Things About This Book

by Michael Von Irvin MBA BSN RN

If you are going to make a real change for the better, it will not be easy at first. And know thisâ?¦..there are a lot of haters in this world. There are also people who just are looking out for “your best interest.” I had to break free of these people and live life to the fullest my way.

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A Brief Introduction To NLA
How To Attract New Riches is “The Little Guys Way To Riches”
* In most cases below you can substitute the word money for any other riches that you desire including muscle.

A Word From The Author
The Real Meaning of Riches
Your Mind, Not Your Body Is the Real Way To Riches
Breaking Free Of The Constraints That Are Blocking Your Path To Riches and Success
How to Attract Riches Through The Use of Neuro Linguistic Attraction
A Brief Description of NLA
The Reprogramming of your Mind for Riches
Self-Talk Language Barriers
Visualizing Your Future of Success and Riches
How To Attract Riches Through Action
How Many of These Common Mental Pitfalls Have You Fallen Into Accepted?
Your Mind Can Be Your Biggest Ally or Biggest Foe To Real Riches
How To Make Yourself Into A Perpetual Success Generator
How To Separate Yourself From The Herd
How To Create a Your Personal Successful U.S.P.
How To Use What You Already Know To Achieve Multi-Million Dollar Success
How to Generate Ideas That Lead To Riches
Your Motivation is More Important Than Your How.
The Secret To Creating Self-Empowering Motivation
How To Choose A Money Making Idea
How To Prepare Your Mind To Make Money
Secrets of a Using Your Passion To Make Money
Secrets for Perpetual Success
Secrets of Using Kaizen Which Can Double Success
Ways to Start a Business Practically for FREE
How To Launch a Your New Product Or Idea
Understanding How Two-Step Marketing to Greatly Increase Your Odds of Success
How To Use The Power Of Back-End Sales That Can More Than Double Your Sales
How To Profit From What Others Are Selling
Secrets of Becoming An Expert At Anything
So You Want To Be A Consultant and/or Coach
Secrets of Selling Your Services
How to Increase Your Wealth By Working With Partners
Making The Most Out Everything
Is Self-Worth More Important Than Money or Not?
How Lucky Powers Can Help You Further
Send Me Your Success Story
Other Useful Info
A Word from The Author
Money is only one aspect of being rich.
There is more to being rich than simply having money.
However, money is very important.
Money can buy the things that only money can buy.
In my experience money opens doors that might otherwise be closed.
Money gets you into places you may not be able to get into without it.
Money makes it easier to make more money.
Money makes it easier to make more deals.
Money makes it easier to help others in your life.
Some people think that you have to work hard for money.
Others say make your money work hard for you.
I say, don’t focus on the hard work.
Focus on what you want. Focus on the money. Focus on the other riches too.
Use you’re your thoughts, words, and actions
to attract money.

I start all of my books off with Bonus Excerpts from How To Attract Riches – “The Little Guys Way To Riches.” Read this before starting on the core material because without the right mindset, all the knowledge in the world will not help you to get rich, be happy, or do anything else worthwhile.

But you may ask, what is the difference between attracting riches and attracting new riches? I mean, in my book, “How To Attract Riches” I write about basically the same thing. That is, I talk about attracting riches.

Summer of Sweetness

by Julie Joseph

Twenty-something Laura Martin has always wanted to travel. She never thought she’d spend her first vacation outside of the Midwest on a little-known Florida resort island as someone’s nanny. With two rambunctious twins in tow, she has to deal with her snippy and emotionally distant rich employers the DeVilliers while trying to make the most of spending her every waking moment as the only responsible adult on the trip.

But when she meets Josh Philips, the handsome activities director at their luxury resort, the little time she gets to spend with him makes it all worthwhile. He shows her what life on the island can be like, and they talk about their shared dream of running a bed and breakfast one day.

There’s a storm brewing though, as she realizes the trip will only last so long. With a real tropical storm on the horizon, how will they make their summer romance last and become something more?

Past Suspicion (Christian Romantic Suspense)

by Therese Heckenkamp

“Don’t trust anyone…” So whispers Robin’s mother just moments before she dies.
Uprooted from all she’s ever known, Robin Finley is on the verge of turning 18 when she is forced to her mother’s old hometown to live with an uncle she’s never met. The town is small, but it shelters big secrets. Robin encounters two mysterious young men, a tragic mansion, and disturbing questions about the past. While unraveling the threads of her mother’s shrouded life, Robin meets more confusion. Her soul longs for peace and her heart yearns for love–yet she’s consumed by suspicion and fear. Why did her mother flee this town so many years ago and never return? Robin’s determination to discover the truth ensnares her in a tangled web that spans the years and threatens to destroy her future.

An Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama 2016

“Past Suspicion is a page-turner, and Heckenkamp is an author to be reckoned with.”
–Nancy Mehl, bestselling Christian author

“A riveting mystery that will keep readers turning pages.”
–Regina Doman, author of the Fairy Tale Novels

Awards: Past Suspicion has been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.

Clean Inspirational Romantic Suspense for ages 13 and up

Set in a Wisconsin small town, this intriguing spring romance is particularly ideal for spring or summer reading. From young adult to new adult and beyond, this Christian romantic suspense novel is an inspirational read for all fans of sweet romance and wholesome clean suspense and mystery fiction.

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Pam: inspirational women’s fiction (The Women of Valley View Book 3)

by Sharon Srock

She was blindsided onceâ?¦

Four years ago, Pam’s divorce devastated her. The cruelty of her ex-husband crushed her spirit. After battling personal demons, she’s finally made a life for herself. Now remarried, raising her kids, working at a job she loves, the scars of her ex-husband’s emotional abuse are beginning to fade. But her newfound happiness turns to bitterness when Alan returns to Garfield.

He doesn’t have much time leftâ?¦

Alan Archer has returned to Garfield with a new wife, a fresh commitment to God, and a terminal heart condition. His mission? To leave a Christian legacy for his children and to gain Pam’s forgiveness for the sins of his past.

Two hearts hang in the balance waiting for the delicate touch of God’s healing hands.

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Pam is Book 3 in the Women of Valley View series:
Callie – Book 1
Terri – Book 2
Samantha – Book 4
Kate – Book 5
Karla – Book 6

Also available in audiobook.

America in the Bible Code

by Jason Alan Hogue

In 2015 Jason Hogue wrote his own program to analyze the letters of the Hebrew Bible to search for a Bible Code. On a momentary inspiration, he did a search from references to “Trump.” The result was “Donald Trump in the Bible Code,” which many readers note that, to their surprise and to Jason Hogue’s surprise, too, includes predictions that turned out to be true.
Now Jason Hogue has written a similarly brief book from his searches of the Bible Code on the term “America.” For several weeks of the computer run, the program only produced references to Scripture. Then it produced two shocking dates that may mark the fall of the wall defending America and the premature glee of its enemies. In a bonus section added to this second edition of the book, the same methodology is applied to the text of @realDonaldTrump, with some shocking statements about possibilities for America in the very near future.
Although predictions are factual or non-factual for everyone, this book is written for a Christian audience. The importance of any book of this sort is never its predictions but whether it helps its readers stay closer to God. While predictions are included, devotion is the desire behind the writing of this book.

Survive to Thrive – Five Survival Tips Inspired By the Book of Ruth

by J. Sadie Gray

Ruth suffered great loss and was left with no visible means of support. She made a decision, and that decision was to stay with her mother-in-law, Naomi. This decision led to her deliverance. Ruth declared to Naomi, “thy people shall be my people and thy God my God” (Ruth 1:16 KJV).

Learn how Ruth came to her deliverance; then you too can survive to thrive.

Unlocking the Immense Power within YOU: Hidden Laws of the Universe

by michael dos

In ‘Unlocking the Immense Power within YOU’, Michael begins by discussing the nature of the universe in relation to the individual. This book explores the nature of reality, time, as well as concepts of quantum mechanics. The thrilling Journey will take you along a path that leads to self-realization and happiness. The reader is reminded that they are responsible for creating their own reality; the author also explorers the interconnected nature between everything in the universe. This is a practical guide to accessing the immense Power within YOU in order to manifest YOUR innermost desires, and attain self- fulfillment and happiness.

With Faith

by Tamara Anderson

With Faith is an extraordinary look into the subtle complexities that work together to form faith. Have you ever put faith in something or someone only to be left disappointed? This is a true indication that your faith is misdirected and poorly understood. We know this to be true because we know that The Lord Jesus Christ will never disappoint us.
How do we recover? How do we truly participate in the faith that Jesus has made available to us? With Faith provides powerful guidance. Tamara Anderson examines what the word faith means and what the Lord says faith is, then leads us to an understanding of how it differs from belief. The fruit and the gift of faith are compared in a way that clearly shows the reader how they differ, and what their different purposes are. Scripture is always at the center, working to persuade our hearts. It is a comfort to read and understand this uncomplicated book. As you move through the chapters, you can feel the foundation of faith being laid in your heart, and the untangling of thoughts in your mind.
This clarity of heart and mind is needful because as doubt, unbelief and fear strike against us, with faith, we can combat all the attacks of the enemy. What a profound point Tamara Anderson makes when she points out that the shield of faith is moveable – you can use it anywhere it’s needed. There is no area of your life that faith will not cover. True faith, faith that reflects the word of God accurately, will never leave you vulnerable.
Finally, faith that isn’t working in people’s lives is like an unopened book on a shelf. It’s there, but it’s not benefitting anyone. Tamara Anderson opens that book and shares with us heartfelt personal testimonies, heartbreaking at times, funny at times, but always real and reassuring. Each testimony gives God the glory, as does the entirety of With Faith.

The Art of Forgiveness: How to Get Past It Without Letting Anyone Off the Hook

by Reverend Stephanie Wild

A step-by-step guide to getting past childhood abuse without letting anyone off the hook.

Every spiritual teacher agrees that forgiveness is essential and beneficial, but few explain exactly how to go about it. Reverend Wild does. In The Art of Forgiveness, Reverend Stephanie Wild teaches you:

  • Why you haven’t been able to “just let it go”
  • How to answer the question, “Why did this happen to me?”
  • Why you don’t have pardon anyone or excuse anyone’s actions
  • How to connect with a spiritual force to comfort and support you
  • A 3-step tool to use when memories or triggers come up

Reverend Wild is a survivor of childhood abuse herself, and it is clear she understands the subtleties and specifics of this kind of trauma. But the system she teaches could be used by anyone wanting to forgive any wrongdoing.

You may have done a lot of soul-searching and years of therapy, as well as spent hours in prayer, yet you’re still haunted by the echoes of abuse. Or you may just be starting to face what happened.

No matter what stage you are at, this book will help you make peace with the past and take ownership of your own happiness.

He Used A Stone

by Andrew Mullek

At the heart of one of the most well known (even clichéd) stories of all time lies a subtle and life changing truth. God used a stone in the hand of a boy. That God used a stone means He can use us too.

If we have to be honest we are losing to life. Sure, we pretend that things are fine, but we know there is more. The lack of life in so many churches confirms this unspoken truth. To make matters worse, we are in bound by the giants that surround us. While we sing songs of victory on Sunday, Monday brings bondage.

The story of David is the story of each of us. For too long church as we know it has created a structure that undermines our identity in God. We have abdicated who we are as priests of the living God and have often forfeited a victorious life. As we learn what made David different, we too will be made different. We’ll become a stone in the hand of a victorious God.

The Weight of Sin: Tackling Sin With Bible Verses and Examples

by Theresa Lawrence

Are You Battling With Sin? Are You Looking For A Way Out?


Are you weighed down by the weight of sin?


Sin weighs you down and robs you of your peace


The Weight Of Sin ; Tackling Sin With Bible Verses and Examples, Offers You Help


You will  discover

1. What can be lost as a result of sinning. For instance, how the reign of God-fearing leaders

was characterized by peace. However, whenever the Israelites disobeyed God they suffered


2. The book drives home the message that we cannot cleanse ourselves on our own, we need

to come as we are, surrendering all to Christ. It shows how to embrace the mercy of God and

renew our mind on a daily basis in order to overcome sins.

3. It contains the benefits that follow righteousness, amazing lessons to learn from all the

characters featured in the book and much more.




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