Free science fiction Kindle books for 08 Aug 17

The Future of Sex

by Aubrey Parker

Love doesn’t matter. Romance doesn’t exist.

(Part 1 of 12 in The Future of Sex series)

In the year 2060, sex is a game of extremes. No desire is unexplored and even the unimaginable is possible.

Alexa Mathis, head of the monolithic O Corporation, has found a prodigy she believes will drive her sex empire to rapturous new limits: Chloe Shaw, a common girl with uncanny gifts that make her a powerful escort.

Chloe doesn’t believe in love. She believes in ecstasy, and her employer’s newest tool to usher “the future of sex”: an intelligent network known as The Beam.

And so it is until she meets Andrew â?¦ and the whole world changes.

The Future of Sex is a 12-part serial that is being published in installments. As such, episodes are short and sometimes end on cliffhangers.

Necropolis: Part One: A Zombie Outbreak Saga

by Max Kielsmeier

Part 1 of 3
For months now Jadyn has been living in a city– fallen to a terrible plague. A virus that harkens back to the Black Death, though being mixed with something more like rabies, has given rise the phenomenon of zombies. They say the quarantine has contained it, but that’s little comfort to the day to day lives of people living there.
She is a woman whose life is lived at the edge. So too are the lives of the bizarre, the evil and the rare good people she encounters.
The stakes are high, the death toll is high, the burning through lead and octane are at an all time maximum.
The epic that will line your stomach with steel. Dare to endure the dystopian adventure of the 21st century, dare to enter the so-called ‘city of the dead,’ the Necropolis .

Book Categories Section:
Dystopian Fiction
Science Fiction Adventure
Paranormal Books
Contemporary Adult

Blue in Red: Max Mackallister. Mars. Action. Terrorists

by Meni Harpaz

My specialty is science fiction and action. I wrote a trilogy -“The countdown days”. The first part Blue in Red, deals with Adventures on Mars. The second is About the Global hit. And the last one, in Islamic Terror in Europe. My books can be a Hit In Hollywood as a Series or successful thriller.


by J. J. Smith

This is a fictional work that was difficult for me to write, but I felt compelled to move on with it. Although begun in the 1980’s, the settings and the events that propel it are as current now as they were then. A cautionary word about this novella: it’s not the usual story about the end of the world and those who survive. It’s not about people surviving a nuclear blast, an EMP that wipes out everything electronic, or even a pandemic. It’s blunt about what happens and who allows it to happen. It starts by telling about the greed, intolerance and evil that begins the process. While I did not intend to be psychic about it, what ends up bringing this story into relevance for today’s world is the use of “planted” or “fake news” to promote false information that brings about the multiple crises depicted in the beginning of the story. It was not only hard for me to write, I suspect it may be just as hard for some of you to read. I do want you to think about what it offers. It offers a warning about our climate and our future on this planet. It offers the idea of just how little society and our country have changed in the last centuries, appearing time and again to attempt to continue the deplorable views of what should be a defeated ideal of the superiority of one race over another. It offers a warning of how science and technology can be subverted to serve those who want nothing else than to control everything and everybody no matter what the cost. It offers moments of feeling like all is lost. But most importantly, it offers a vision of a future that is full of hope. Because that is what I believe should be its message: Acceptance. Hope. A future we can all share in.

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