Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 09 Aug 17

50 themed parties and ideas

by Alexey Deineka

Let’s confess, a party without a good theme is not really a party.
50 themed parties and ideas for adults.
There’s something on this list for everyone!

Costa Blanca: Benidorm (150 images) (French Edition)


Vaste visite photographique à la ville méditerranéenne des gratte-ciels. Spectaculaire et unique.
[150 photos]

Discover the Fastest, Cheapest, and Easiest Way to Starting a Indie Record Label : Learn How To Start A Record Label The Easy Way ( Start and Run Your Own Record Label)

by James Taylor

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Starting a Indie Record Label Without Making Costly Mistakes.

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If you are budding musician who wishes to take his or her music passion a step further or an entrepreneur who wishes to try his or her luck in the music industry, but do not know where to begin and how to go about the whole process, this book is your friend and guide. It will help you know if this industry is the right domain for your venture by illustrating to you all the different facets of the business.
Before you decide to take the plunge, it is important for you to realize that starting a music label requires much more than having a keen interest in music. You must have the cash and the sense to visualize what music is capable of striking gold with your target audience. This book provides a step-by-step guide, with all the processes and procedures that you will need to ponder on, giving you a comprehensive beginners manual for starting a business in the music industry.

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