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Sotello: Govenor Candidate, Private Detective, ex-FBI, ex-Secret Service (DeLeo’s Action Thriller Singles Book 1)

by Bernard Lee DeLeo

Jim Sotello, runs a detective agency out of Oakland, California with the help of his college age daughter and son. In the space of a few weeks time, the world he took for granted turns upside down. From an unexpectedly dangerous caseload, threatening his own family’s very existence, Sotello weaves his way into a run for the Governor’s Office of California on the Republican Party ticket. As he honestly professes his ultra-conservative views, Sotello shockingly enthralls the hearts and minds of the California voting public, making him into an overnight sensation.In Sotello’s campaign, he vows to form a steel wall against terrorist infiltration, and out of control illegal immigration across California’s porous borders and ports.

His soaring ascent, in the polls, brings his foes scurrying from their holes in an attempt to defeat Sotello, or remove him entirely. Between special interest groups, and foreign sponsored terrorists, Jim Sotello’s twelfth hour campaign becomes a roller coaster ride into danger.

Jim Sotello’s story continues in Novella Double Feature 2 with Sotello: Commander in Chief. Also included is a continuation of Bernard Lee DeLeo’s Sci Fi novel Casserine in Casserine: Vanguard. A bonus book is included in the Kindle edition – Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 1.

I am a professional writer with numerous best-sellers, and read quite a lot, but Bernard Lee DeLeo is one of the purest writing talents I have ever had the pleasure of reading – a brilliant writing talent that I can only envy. – James Byron Huggins

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in 1894, by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Be Still My Beading Heart: A Glass Bead Mini-Mystery

by Janice Peacock

It’s Valentine’s Day and Jax O’Connell’s red VW bug is missing. Did she forget where she parked the Ladybug as she rushed to deliver her handmade glass beads, or has the beloved car been stolen? Searching the streets of Seattle, Jax and her best friend, Tessa, face some unsavory characters. Jax regrets not having a date on the most romantic day of the year after spotting Ryan, Seattle’s newest–and hottest–cop and running into Zachary, the stern yet sexy detective. She must take matters into her own hands to find the Ladybug and salvage her love life, and do it before the day is over.

SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: Included with this short story are sample chapters from High Strung, Book 1 in the Glass Bead Mystery Series, and A Bead in the Hand, Book Two in the Glass Bead Mystery Series.

Isle of Souls (We Witches Three Book 4)

by Starla Silver

We Witches Three Book 4, Isle of Souls: Sometimes the dead don’t stay deadâ?¦
Anthony Jordan is missing. Along with a magical map he’s told no one about, including his partner and daughter, Eva, until it’s too late and she’s forced to call upon her enemies for help.

The Howard Witches get the call and rush to aid in the searchâ??it is their duty after all.

But can Eva be trusted? Or is this another trapâ??another move in her secret game?

Or is there an even more threatening force at work on The Demon Isle?

Please Note: There are two versions of this series. Same Storyâ??Choose Your Rating!

We Witches Three (The Demon Isle Clean Read Cut. Teen Friendlyâ??think TV14 type rating)
Wicked Good Witches (The Adult Cutâ??contains strong language and sexy stuff)

Please Read This Series in Orderâ?¦

Psychological Thriller A Novel: Crime Series Book 4 The Departed: (A Psychological Thriller Full of Suspense) (A gripping serial killer thriller)

by Harper W.

Two orphan boys raised together as brothers, go their separate ways after they are sent to different foster homes. But in a sadistic way, life pits them against each other as they meet as a mobster and a cop after several years. A story of brotherhood, friendship and loyalty in an atmosphere of blood and violence.

Book 1 : Thicker Than Blood
Ron and Sam were two orphans who grew up in one foster home before getting separated. Though not in blood, but these boys were nothing less than brothers. However, fate had different plans for them when they come to know that they will be living miles away in different foster homes.

Book 2 : A Reunion of Brothers
Ron and Sam chose different lives for them. Where Ron had the life of street thrusted upon him, Sam decides to be a cop to save the people around him. Living in their own worlds they both are content with what they have, and have almost forgotten about each other. However, this will change when they have a rendezvous set by fate.

Book 3 : My Best Enemy
Ron is ordered to set base in Sam’s small peaceful town. Sam and his colleagues at the local PD have no intention to let these strangers spoil the tranquility of their home. But when Ron’s new boss forces him to go further using extreme measures, things turn bloody.â??

Book 4 : The Departed
Ron goes to talk to Alfeo Fersko, thinking he would hear him out like his brother did, but gets snubbed instead. Alfeo makes Luca the head of operations, putting him directly over Ron. The first thing Luca does is to send Ron on a job as he plans something grim behind his back to hurt him.

Book 5 : Payback
After Sam’s death, Ron heads out to get revenge. Where Dave proves his unflinching loyalty towards him, he also questions Ron if he would do the same for him, had it was him instead of Sam. Losing Dave, Ron now goes after the killers of his friend and his gang, all by himself.

Book 6 : The Boy Who Cried Wolf
After Luca’s death Alfeo Fersko declares a million dollar bounty on Ron’s head. And with Dave not by his side anymore, Ron certainly cannot go face to face with the Big Boss. How will he get his ultimate revenge then? Well Ron has a plan.


by Harper W.

When Ed Turley first heard about the opportunity brought to him by his old girlfriend, he had no idea where it would lead. As a small-time hoodlum, he was not terribly bright, but he made up for it with fearless tenacity and a ruthlessness that made just about anything possible.

Isle of Truth (We Witches Three Book 9)

by Starla Silver

We Witches Three Book 9, Isle of Truth
The wickedest witch the Demon Isle never even knew existed put a curse on Grayson Moone and Lizzy Deaneâ??two lovers not only separated by time, but they believed, by death. Now, the past has caught up to them, throwing the present into supernatural chaos.

The curse must be broken before any more innocent lives are lost. The only problemâ?¦ no one has any idea how to break it, other than they believe it must be Lizzy who does. However, when tragedy strikes in a most unexpected manner, breaking the curse may no longer be possible.

Which means the cursed and bloodthirsty vampire, Grayson Moone, is stuck on The Demon Isle.

The Making of Herman Faust (The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series Book 4)

by Michele E. Gwynn

When the walls come tumbling downâ?¦

Herman Faust is the no-nonsense Director of the LandesKriminalamt (LKA), and long-time friend of Kommissar Joseph Heinz. His career spans thirty years, and he is now on the cusp of retirement. Although usually cool and in control, a man of dry wit, it wasn’t always so for Faust. With experience, came wisdom, hard won wisdom for which he paid a high price.

1988: For rookie officer Herman Faust, a routine, late night traffic stop turns into the apprehension of a high priority defector, one with ties to the Soviet bio-weapons program Obolensk. After bringing the woman and her brother in for questioning, the man disappears, and the woman is found inside her holding cellâ?¦dead. The American CIA intervenes, confiscating the woman’s corpse and demanding answers even as more bodies pile up around them. Faust has none to offer, but begins receiving anonymous calls threatening his family, and his own life. As clues come to light linking his superior, Captain Rolf Rheinhardt, to the woman, and to a Soviet plot to launch a biological weapon on the American Embassy, Faust knows he must risk all to stop the deadly pathogen from being released on innocent civilians. The stability of West Berlin is at risk, and if Faust fails to solve the case, it will be war! This is his story. This is the making of Herman Faust.

Review: “Where the Checkpoint Series All Began…”

“In this prequel to her (checkpoint), Berlin Detective Series, Michele E. Gwynn has spun a heart-pounding tale of Cold War intrigue…artfully recalling a darker age of Russian agents and secret plots that, until recently, we thought was gone forever with the fall of the Berlin Wall. I loved the suspense, the intrigue and the way Gwynn builds the relationships between Faust, his wife and the stalwart Joseph Heinz and I heartily recommend it to any fan of police stories and Cold War spy novels.” ~ Aurora Dawn

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