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Absolute Surrender – Updated Edition: The Blessedness of Forsaking All and Following Christ

by Andrew Murray

“My God, I am willing that You would make me willing.”

God waits to bless us in a way beyond what we expect. From the beginning, ear has not heard, neither has the eye seen, what God has prepared for those who wait for Him (Isaiah 64:4). God has prepared unheard of things, things you never can think of, blessings much more wonderful than you can imagine and mightier than you can conceive. They are divine blessings. Oh, come at once and say, “I give myself absolutely to God, to His will, to do only what God wants.” God will enable you to carry out the surrender necessary, if you come to Him with a sincere heart.

About the Author
Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a well-known South African writer, teacher, and pastor. More than two million copies of his books have been sold, and his name is mentioned among other great leaders of the past, such as Charles Spurgeon, T. Austin-Sparks, George Muller, D. L. Moody, and more.

Hopeful Heart

by Johanna Jenkins


At forty, Amanda Anderson is single by choice and works for a large hotel/resort chain in New York. Four and a half weeks before Christmas, she finds herself transferred to the Green Mountain Resort in Stowe, Vermont to replace the personal assistant to the manager, Robert Thomas. Meeting her charming new boss impacts her life in a way she could never have imagined. His hospitality and kindness appears to be more than just friendship or a business relationship.

As she finds herself drawn to him in a way that brings out emotions of hope and a desire for love, she wonders if she is imagining that he is interested in her. When Alicia Bensen arrives in Stowe, Amanda wonders if it is Alicia that has stolen Robert’s heart.

After an unforgettable weekend skiing at Mount Mansfield, Amanda returns to New York. But the memory of her time with Robert in Stowe haunts her constantly. Was she confused and mistaken about Robert’s feelings for her? And was it Alicia that Robert Thomas loved all along?â??

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger

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God’s Guide to the End Times: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Plain English

by william luke

Includes FREE giant [11 x 56 inch] full colour chart via download or Email. See on Youtube, “God’s Guide to the End Times Companion Chart”

This is the book of Revelation in plain English – All the metaphorical language is translated. All the informative interludes are clarified. And every who, what, where, when and why, is answered.

Read in plain English what God has revealed concerning the end of the world, including:
-The intense trial that is to come upon the world to clarify the faith of unfaithful Christians – and how we can avoid it.
-The terrible trouble that is to come upon the world to prove the defiance of unrepentant people – and why they will not escape it.
-The divine judgement that awaits every person to decide the destiny of all humanity – and exactly who will go where, when and why.

Christ says that this trial, trouble and judgement will come upon the world abruptly, all of a sudden, without warning. Be informed, so that you can be prepared.

Whether you are a church leader, a Bible believer, or a person yet in search of the Truth, God’s Guide To The End Times will once and for all resolve any ignorance, misunderstanding, or curiosity, that you may have concerning God’s plan for the end times.

Includes FREE giant 56 inch wide full colour companion chart, via download or email.

Empath: 2 in 1 A Comprehensive Guide for Emotional Healing, Self-Protection and Survival for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

by Marianne Gracie

A Comprehensive Guide for Emotional Healing and Energetic Survival for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

This book includes Empath Healing & Empath by Marianne Gracie – 2 in 1

Due to the inherent sensitivity of the Empaths nature, we are naturally wired up to feel stronger connections to the people in our lives and our environments. However, due to dysfunctional programmings and society at large, us empaths lose touch with our empathic gifts and instead go through life struggling and getting bogged down by the energy of others. Empaths unwilling take on negative energy which is dumped onto them that they don’t desire or need. This book will guide the reader on exactly how to combat this while learning how to protect ones energy. Much of our energy is also lost due to negative programmings which have been controlling us for many years. Therefore grasping the reality of who we are at our deepest core and healing our past hurts allows us to step into our power and harness all the magnificent gifts which come with our truth.

In this bundle the emphasis is on helping the empath to heal these hurts and learn how to traverse their terrain in a much more confident way.

Marianne Gracie is a life coach and spiritual healer. In this book she will teach you –

  • Proven secrets of Emotional and spiritual healing for Empaths
  • Quick techniques for shiedling and protecting your energy
  • How to stop absorbing strong negative energies
  • Dealing with Energy vampires
  • The ideal diet & supplements for sensitives and empaths
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Harnessing your unbelievable gifts
  • and much more….

We all want to live happy, loving and successful lives but as empaths we needs to learn how to work with our natural talents, then this can become a real possibility for us. The knowledge and tools in this book will guide you into live this fulfilling life.

Her Heart’s Desire

by Amie Rhodehamel

What do you do when you’re weeks away from marrying the man you love and your engagement falls apart before your eyes? How do you pick up your life after a devastating break up and begin to heal? Andrea Hatfield is a young woman who finds her world spinning when she opens the door one evening to a visitor who turns her world upside down. I
Seth Anderson is a new associate pastor settling into his role at Life Family Church. Intent on following God’s plan for his life, he finds himself caught between helping an old friend try to win back his fiancée or pursue her himself.
Can Andrea move beyond the loss of her dream and trust that God’s dream for her might be better? And when she gets a glimpse of His dream, can she let go of her past regrets and truly live a forgiven life? How will Seth reconcile his growing feelings for a hurting church member and give counsel to his old friend?
No matter how broken or impossible things seem, God is continually writing our love story and is always working to give us our true heart’s desires for our good and for His glory.

Third Eye: The Ultimate Guide to Self Awareness (April Stone – Spirituality Book 9)

by April Stone

Begin your journey of opening your Third Eye with this ultimate guide.

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An entire world is waiting for you to explore by embracing your Third Eye

The sixth sense has always been mentioned in fiction to entertain people’s fantasy of the non-tangible or unmeasurable abilities a person could have. Many of us will even know of people who seem to possess abilities that make no logical sense. The friend with incredible intuition, the friend who seems to understand other’s better than the person themselves and the friend who experiences deja vu too many times for it to be meaningless. We all know of these special individuals, and may wonder if these people are simply the chosen ones of mother nature.

What if I told you anyone can nurture and learn these special skills. Everyone has a Third Eye and it is only a question of whether your Third Eye is open or not. Some people are blessed to have grown up in an environment that nurtured their Third Eye to open up, but like most of us our upbringing has unintentionally closed our Third Eye. You can learn to awaken your Third Eye, through practices and conscious effort to nurture your sixth sense.

Awaken your Third Eye to:
– Enhance your intuition
– Enjoy better mental, emotional and physical health
– Achieve a sense of universal peace with yourself and your environment
– Unlock your abilities to perceive the non-explainable
– Open up the opportunities to practice astral projection and animal communication
– Begin tuning into the universe and the environment around you
– Begin to learn more about yourself and others
– Much much more.

Things you will learn from this book…
– The history of the Third Eye
– The cultural significance of the Third Eye
– The abilities a Third Eye can give you
– The methods to open your Third Eye
– Important precautions to take before awakening your Third Eye
– What to expect during your awakening process
– Deciding whether awakening your Third Eye is the right decision
– Clear steps to awaken your third eye
– Week by week instructions to third eye awakening
– Much much more.

Symphony of Danger

by Megan Fatheree

“The Incident” may have happened over a year ago, but it is still alive and living in Tegan’s mind. Torn between love and hate, she doesn’t know which way to turn or who to trust.

When her path crosses with a handsome private protection specialist, everything Tegan knows will be tested. Love and hate. Right and wrong. Good and bad.

Who can she trust to save her from a man intent on abducting her once more? Will Tegan realize her ideals about love and God are all wrong?

Mindfulness for everyday people: EVERYDAY MINDFULNESS IN PRACTICE: Simple and practical ways for everyday mindfulness

by Anna Fox

Do you want to learn simple and practical ways for everyday mindfulness?

The beautiful thing about mindfulness is that everything can become mindfulness practice, literally everything. Whatever you do mindfully, with presence and awareness of what you are doing, you are practicing mindfulness.

However, there are also some simple ways and techniques that you can apply in your life throughout the day that can help you with your mindfulness practice.

I am not a life coach or psychologist, I am not some special person with some secret knowledge. I am just a regular everyday person and I spent a lot of years of my life seeking the answers on how to be my best self and live my best life, a mindful life.

I read many books and took many courses to find those answers but most importantly I lived through a lot of experiences that made me who I am today and helped me grow, helped me become my best self. I struggled with depression, eating disorder, health problems, pain from losing my father at the age of 12, challenging and painful childhood and finding my purpose and meaning. I overcame a lot of pain, struggles, obstacles and setbacks and I can tell you from the experience that it can be done. Everything I share with you is my personal experience and practices that I tried and that worked for me.

We will cover several morning, day and evening mindful practices:

Mindful morning:
– Mindful breathing
– Mindful meditation
– Sun Salutation
Mindful day:
– Mindful work
– Mindful eating
– Mindful communication
Mindful evening:
– Mindful walking
– Gratitude
– Body scanning

Plus, I am offering a BONUS inside that you can download for FREE, that can help you with your mindfulness practice – “Gratitude Journal – 365 days of gratitude, inspiring quotes and photographs”.

If you like simple and concrete advice that actually works in practice you will like this book.

Download your copy today and start with your everyday mindfulness in practice!

Relax creatively – Fabric painting – Your fast & easy guide Number 2 – Fabric colouring in

by Margot Krekeler

Are you looking for new and effective ways to reduce stress and relax?


What is fabric colouring in?

Adult colouring-in books are very popular because many stressed-out people value colouring in as being an easy way to relax.

FABRIC COLOURING IN – the new fabric-painting discipline – is also a very relaxing activity; however, compared with colouring-in books it is:

  • more creative, because we first have to develop a design idea, then create the design on the fabric, and finally colour in the design
  • more productive, because we end up with a product we can use; for example, we can wear the clothes we’ve painted or dry our dishes using the colourful tea towel we’ve painted.


  • interested in trying a new way to relax that’s easy, creative and productive
  • an ‘adult colouring-in book’ fan who wants to bring more creativity and productiveness to your colouring-in activities
  • a fabric-painting beginner who’s eager to access the craft of fabric painting quickly and easily
  • an experienced fabric painter who wants to enrich your expertise by adopting a more playful and experimental approach.

This book, Your fast & easy guide number 2, is the second in the new series of guide books about fabric painting. (*)

The book wants to help you relax and have fun while playing around and creating colourful designs on fabric – without having to have any detailed knowledge or special skills.

While working on the book’s several easy-to-do example projects, you’ll learn how to apply various fabric-painting techniques, simply by experimenting with and exploring the many possibilities of design creation and colouring in on fabric.

You’ll also be able to refer to a handy checklist, comprising both images and explanations of the supplies and preparations you need to organise before you can start any fabric-painting project.

By the end of the book, you’ll know for sure whether FABRIC COLOURING IN is YOUR NEW RELAXATION TECHNIQUE.

Have fun!

(*) If you’re looking for an overview of fabric-painting techniques and detailed information about the basic elements of fabric painting, you’ll find them in the first book in the series, Your fast & easy guide Number 1: The Basics.

And if you’d like to get deeper into the fabric-painting techniques, help is at hand in any or all of the three forthcoming books in the series: guide number 3, Stamping, guide number 4: Stencilling and guide number 5: Freehand painting.

Empath: 7 steps to Fine-Tuning Your Empathic Abilities Using Emotional Detox and Energetic Boundaries (Empath Series)

by Victoria Arfaoui

Discover the Empath’s 7 Step Process to Mastering Your Unique Abilities

Welcome, my Empath friends! What you have before your eyes is the book I have gone out of my way to put together for you. It is the one book I am the most proud of having written so far, containing everything you need to know to skyrocket your potential in whatever you choose to pursue as an Empath.

In my experience, a lot of Empaths have a hard time finding someone who is able to relate to their problems. As such, it is particularly important for this group of people that the information they come across through reading is accurate and helpful. The stuff has to work for you, not against you.

By Downloading This Book Today, You’ll Learn…

  • The 10 Empath Super Powers
  • The Best Way to Emotionally Detox
  • How to Establish Energetic Boundaries
  • The Secret to Healing Without Burning Out
  • Unconventional Yet Astonishingly Effective Methods to Find Success in Life as an Empath
  • …and much, much more!

Download your copy today!

No more taking generic life advice from people who have no clue who you are! Take action today and finally discover your own custom-made path to life mastery. Once you begin to apply the information provided within this book, you will find that the benefits of being an Empath will outweigh the costs tenfold.

See you on the other side!

/Victoria Arfaoui

Am I Christian?: Walking, Talking, and Praying (The Question Series Book 6)

by Adam Jorden Clark

This book seeks to help people walk out a Christ centered life by making the Bible easy to understand. Many times, the Bible has been made unclear and some of the teaching that goes along with the Bible has been confusing. Instead of using really big words and confusing statements, this book makes everything simple and easy to understand. All the important things needed to live a Christian life are placed into this book to help people grow in their relationship with God. There is no need for a five or ten step program because every day is a new step when you are walking with God.
I would like to point out that I wrote this book in a very different and special way. I have placed Bible verses at the beginning of each chapter. I did this because in one sense I am talking about those passages directly. However, in another sense, I am using them to contextualize each chapter. So, it follows that you must either be familiar with these Bible passages already or you will have to read the passages before reading the chapter. Basically, if you do not read the passages I have placed at the beginning of each chapter then you will have a hard time understanding what it is that I am talking about throughout this book.
This book is not a Bible study nor should it be viewed as such. Instead, this book is a guide to help people live out the Christian life. I wanted to lay out some of the basic teachings of the Christian faith, without going into doctrine or theology, so that people can have a clear understanding of what the Christian life is all about. At the end of the day, it does not matter how much a person knows about the Bible or even what they believe about the Bible. What matters is how they live their life and this book is entirely about living the Christian life. So, in many areas, there is practical advice given to show how the Bible can be applied to your life. In other areas, it is open ended because sometimes there are many different solutions to a problem. So, this book is practical, but it does not give practical examples of every life situation.

God’s Promises for Women: A Journey of Faith

by Debby Gautreaux

When our daily life brings unexpected situations that overwhelm us, where can we find peace and rest? This tool will help you to be encouraged in your prayer life. Share with your friends, church members or Women’s Prayer Group. Simple Prayers to enrich your daily walk with the Lord. Best Selling author Debby Gautreaux is an outreach minister with Fire House Ministries that brings hope and strength with these Pocket Prayers.

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