Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Aug 17

The Farm: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Survival

by Ross Lynch

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is given a second chance at life, but their devotion and sanity are tested when a stranger with a dark agenda comes into their lives.

After three long, painful years searching for survivors in a barren wasteland, the Jackson family eventually stumble across an old working farm, where there they find a young and handsome stranger. At first, everything appears to be going well, and the family believe their dreams have finally come true, but before longâ?¦ their lives begin to fall apart.

Follow this end of the world psychological thriller as a young family, struggling to hold onto reality, and each other, inevitably descend into a deep, dark pool of madness, depression and worst-of-allâ?¦ insanity.

THE FARM: A POST-APOCALYPTIC TALE OF SURVIVAL is an original take on the British survival fiction horror subgenre. If you are interested in science fiction stories, set post apocalypse, then this Kindle eBook with its unique twists and turns could be the one for you.

Still need convincing? No problemâ?¦ just use the â??look inside’ feature, read the first few pages and make up your own mind.

IMPORTANT: 18+ only. Has strong language & sexual themes scattered throughout. No zombies. Word count = 62,843.

Surge Protection (The Sheffield Chronicles Book 1)

by Nate Castle

Logan realized life as he knew it was over
Millions deadâ?¦
All from an alien attack on cell phone users.
Those who survived must march on
And find a way with few resources
To locate other survivors and
Live another day, alien free.

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