Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 10 Aug 17

Drawing for Beginners: Simple techniques to draw like a Pro!

by Marco T. Brand

+ Bonus Book

You like the pieces of art you see online. You’ve been wanted to learn, but everything you have found is either too advanced or has steps that have been skipped, leaving you confused as to what you need to draw next. You’ve purchased books, and watched online tutorials, but the books are too advanced and the tutorials online have to be paused just to keep up.

Your worries are over. This book is designed to walk you through all the basics necessary to get you on your way to drawing what you are interested in drawing. It walks you through every aspect of the drawing process and at a pace you can follow. So, if you are ready to finally learn the basic techniques of drawing without feeling lost, this is the book for you.

You will learn how to draw:

– Tools of the trade
– Shading and a Little Advice
– Shading exercises (cylinder, sphere, cube and pyramid)
– Still life (teapot, coffee cup and table, couch)
– Animals (bunny, pig, goat)
-Trees, plants and landscapes
– Faces (2 kinds of male and female)
– The Human Figure (2 kinds of male and female form)
– Final Words Tools of the trade

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