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FATAL BLOGGING MISTAKES: The 12 Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Destroy Your Blog And Your Income (The Easy Blogging Series)

by Suzy Fieldstone

The Easy Blogging Series:

Learn the 12 most common errors
that can lead to the destruction of
your blog and hard earned income.

Whether you blog for income or
any other reason, learn the secrets
to keeping your blog viable and active.

The tools are all inside to save your
blog from possible destruction.

Amazon Fire Tablet User Guide: A Complete User Instruction Guide to get you from Beginner to Expert in 2 Hours (Web Services such as Amazon Fire Tablet, … Amazon Speaker, Amazon Alexa Book 1)

by John Slavio

A Guide to the Amazon Fire Tablet

Got an Amazon Fire Tablet? That’s just the start of your journey

If you have bought a Fire Tablet and want to learn how to set it up, want to learn tips that will help you get the best out of it, or even if you are thinking about buying a tablet and want to learn if the Amazon’s Fire would be a good match, then purchasing this book is your smartest move.

This book is for everyone that possess, thinks about buying, or is simply curious about the way in which the Fire tablet performs. It is the ultimate step-by-step book that will guide you from the moment you unbox your tablet to the point when you will reach your full enjoyment. It contains tips, tricks and hacks that every Fire user should know.
This book is written with the purpose of increasing the satisfaction of those who get their hands on the Fire tablet.

Here’s what you will learn

  • Introduction to Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Amazon Fire vs Other Tablets
  • Getting Started
  • Battery Storage Options
  • Customizing Setting
  • Using Kindle to Read Books
  • Watching Videos
  • Dealing with Photos and Documents
  • Amazon Fire Apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Amazon Fire Tablet Accessories

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