Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 Aug 17

Portia’s Inspirational Journey: Army Romance

by Mercy Levy

Portia lost her family when they were killed in an Indian raid years ago. When her guardian tells her she has to answer a mail-order-bride advertisement, she finds herself out west again, faced with marrying a man so handsome it’s sinful.

When Corbin arrived in Wildwood with his wife-to-be, he never imagined that she’d leave him for a cowboy and he’d be all alone on the land they’d picked out together. Now he wants a woman who will take care of his home and not be tempted by a faster lifestyle.

Portia’s sweet, shy nature convinces him to give her a chance, and he’s saddened by her belief that she’s ugly and ordinary. When his ex-fiancé comes back, worn out and abandoned, Portia quickly packs her things and leaves, certain that her husband would never choose a woman who looks like her, over the fair-skinned, blond beauty.

But when Corbin catches up to her and proves that she has not only earned his loyalty but holds his heart, Portia realizes that there is more than one kind of beauty, and her place is by the man who sees her as the most beautiful woman on the plains.

Scrolls of the Fallen

by Chris W. Lee

Adam and Eve destroyed paradise. The Creator drove them from the Garden of Eden where the Tree of Life grows. They must survive in a young world where few plants grow and only the first pairs of creatures roam. Angels scorn them and no longer obey their commands. Animals that they spoke with and ruled over in paradise are now wild and deaf to human words. Some creatures find their teeth suited to eating meat. The first two humans suffer hunger and starvation, injury and pain. Death teaches them fear and grief. They call on the God they walked and talked with in Eden Garden, but the Creator remains silent. Adam invents a way of scratching his words onto the wall of a cave. He hopes the Creator might consider his petitions. Later, Eve invents her own script.
This is their story.

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