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Drawing: Faces with Realistic Pencil Sketches (5 Portrait Drawings in a Step by Step Process)

by Justin Dublin

Follow the artist/author of this book as he draws 5 beautiful portraits
The illustrator of this book will take you by the hand and show you exactly what he has done to create portraits that look like photographs. Have you had a desire to draw something that looks like a picture? Then this is the book for you! The artist has taking art classes in college and has been drawing his whole life. The steps in this book include:

Words and examples of shading.

How to use 2 different pencils to create contrast.

Facial features and subtle touches to make a portrait look more realistic.

Steps to completing a professional portrait within a time limit.

Plenty of images to back up the explanations

And much more!

So don’t wait any longer and pick up this book right now if you want to learn how to draw realistic faces!

La cronostoria delle apparizioni di Fatima (Italian Edition)

by Secondo i manoscritti di suor Lucia

«I peccati che portano più anime all’inferno sono i peccati della carne.

«Verranno mode che offenderanno molto Gesù.
«Le persone che servono Dio non devono seguire la moda.
La Chiesa non ha moda. Gesù è sempre lo stesso.
«I peccati del mondo sono molto grandi.
«Se gli uomini sapessero ciò che è l’Eternità, farebbero di tutto per cambiare vita.
«Gli uomini si perdono, perché non pensano alla morte di Gesù e non fanno penitenza.
«Molti matrimoni non sono buoni, non piacciono a Gesù, non sono di Dio» .



Collana spirituale :: Antologia Cattolica essenziale.


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How to Draw People: Sketching faces and figures

by Karen D. Reed

+ Free Bonus Book

Thank you for opening up this book and starting your artistic journey. This is the book all about learning how to draw. In this book you will learn how to draw photo realistic impressions of people’s faces. This is an area that a lot of people find to be the most difficult thing when drawing people. In this book we will explore all of the aspects that go into the drawing of a face. We will start with the basics such as the eyes, hair, nose and mouth. From there we will then work through ten different images step by step. This will educate and inform you on how to create your own individual drawings. You can take the tips and skills from this book forward and apply it to any project that you find yourself interested in working on. Before we get into any of the actual drawing we will go over how to start with your subject. As well as what you will need to embark on this project. Then before you dive in we will talk some important tips and tricks to take into the learning and drawing process with you. This book will not guarantee you a paid job as an artist, however it will definitely make you a better drawer and will greatly improve your artistic capabilities. This book will be an invaluable asset in your decision to pursue art as a career or just a hobby. Either way, for anyone with an interest in art, this book is essential and important. With that being said, its time for you to carry on to the next chapter and get another step closer to honing your skills and improving your abilities!

You will learn how to draw:

-How to Start Draw People
-Materials For Drawing
-Before You Begin To Draw People
-Basics For Sketching
-How to draw face’s elements (eyes, hair, nose and mouth)
-How to draw male and female faces

How to get your bonus you will find at the end of the book

Introduction to Flamenco Ukulele: Learn to play a Flamenco Malaguena

by Dave Brown

Introduction to Flamenco Ukulele
Learn to play a Flamenco Malagueña on your ukulele with a low G tuning
This Introduction to Flamenco Ukulele is part of a series designed to introduce the reader to Flamenco techniques and how they can be used in ukulele playing. Flamenco techniques use an economy of movement that will be an asset to further ukulele playing.
In this book you will learn:
-Why the Low G tuning is important
-Advice about which low G string to use
-How to read cifra (tabs)
-Important right hand techniques
-Index finger rasgueo
-Extra thumb positions for rasgueo
-A Flamenco Malagueña (written for ukulele) split into 3 lessons to introduce you to the rhythm, followed by a variation on the rhythm then into the full tune
Playing the ukulele is fun and learning to play a fingerpicking style is challenge not to be missed by any dedicated ukulele player. Flamenco music sounds great on the ukulele and is fun to play as well as being very impressive to your audience.
Flamenco music is a very community based musical style and fits in with the ukulele culture of having fun with friends.
A resource pack is available to download and it includes:
-Flamenco Ukulele Malagueña lesson 1 tabs
-Malagueña lesson 1 audio played at correct speed
-Malagueña lesson 1 audio played at half speed with a hand clap on the beat
-Flamenco Ukulele Malagueña lesson 2 tabs
-Malagueña lesson 2 audio played at correct speed
-Malagueña lesson 2 audio played at half speed with a hand clap on the beat
-Flamenco Ukulele Malagueña lesson 3 tabs
-Malagueña lesson 3 audio played at correct speed
-Malagueña lesson 3 audio played at half speed with a hand clap on the beat
-Special bonus Flamenco Ukulele Panaderos tabs
-Panaderos audio played at correct speed
-Panaderos audio played at half speed with a hand clap on the beat
This is the first in the Introduction to Flamenco Ukulele series, other books in the series will give advanced techniques and ukulele tabs for more advanced Flamenco rhythms and tunes.

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