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Seven Days of Friday (Women of Greece Book 1)

by Alex A. King

Out now: Summer of the Red Hotel, Book 6 in the Women of Greece series!

Seven Days of Friday opens with Days of the Week underwear and closes with a forty-year-old secret that refuses to stay submerged.

Thirty-four-year-old Vivi Tyler is living her nightmare: gay husband, self-harming teenager, melodramatic mother. They’re picking apart her sanity, one stitch at a time. She’s crawling along rock bottom when the arrival of a mysterious package opens a new door to a new country.

A desperate Vivi dives headfirst into the quicksand that is Greece–her parents’ birthplace. But it’s a paradise far from perfect, and instead of the new beginning she covets, Vivi discovers trouble is determined to keep her in its pocket. Soon she’s fighting for her daughter’s life in a Greek hospital, clashing with her Greek relatives, and cobbling together an inadequate cage around her heart, lest she fall for an unavailable man.

Somewhere between Eat, Pray, Love and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, there’s the Women of Greece series.

Book One: Seven Days of Friday (FREE)
Book Two: One and Only Sunday
Book Three: Freedom the Impossible
Book Four: Light is the Shadow

Anne of Green Gables Collection: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of the Island, and More Anne Shirley Books

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Don’t Miss a Moment with Anne Shirley in this Anne of Green Gables Bundle
This bundle includes:
– Anne of Green Gables
– Anne of Avonlea
– Anne of the Island
– Anne’s House of Dreams
– Rainbow Valley
– Rilla of Ingleside
– Chronicles of Avonlea
– Further Chronicles of Avonlea

SHARE: An MMF menage (Double Delight Book 3)

by Gisele St. Claire

It’s so unfair.

My ex-roommates Kayla and Tiff have two men for themselves. I can’t even get one.

Also, I suck at sex. I suck at sucking. My last boyfriend told me so. It must be true right?

So when I land two hot roommates, I’m hoping one of them might be my ideal man. Until I find them in bed together.
I’m cursing my luck when Tiff explains that they like women too, and they’re looking for a female to join them.

Dare I tell them I’m willing to share?

If you like hot threesome action, revenge on an ex, and a sweet female lead read on…
18+ steamy contemporary romance

This is the third story in the Double Delight series – standalones based around three roommates.

Book One – Sold
Book Two – Submit

The King’s Bed

by Margaret Campbell Barnes

For seventeen-year-old Tansy Marsh, life centres upon her father’s inn, The White Boar, in Leicester.

Richard III sits upon the throne of England, and all seems well.

But the threat of the would-be usurper, Henry Tudor, looms like a gathering storm. And soon the eye of that storm is uncomfortably close to Tansy, disrupting her reassuringly ordinary life.

Once King Richard is defeated, that life becomes even less ordinary.

For Tansy has met Dickon Broome, the man who will change her existence forever.

And while life goes on under the Tudor, Dickon has particular reason to bear a grudge.

Meanwhile in Leicester, Tansy’s beloved father dies, and she is left at the mercy of her self-absorbed, self-interested stepmother.

Until her stepmother also dies, in a most horrible way, and Tansy finds herself terrifyingly close to the centre of that drama.

It soon becomes clear that there is nothing more for Tansy in her childhood home. She travels to London, to Dickon, and to a future that will be marked by some of the most noted events in England’s history.

For Dickon, Broome is not quite all that he seems, and the quality that sets him apart forces him to take some difficult decisions; decisions that affect Tansy as much as himself.

While the couple seems happy, Dickon’s secret has the power to destroy them. Will he allow that to happen, or will he come to terms with some of the nation’s most famous historic events, and live out a quiet and happy life with his beloved Tansy?

Only one man can decide.

Praise for Margaret Campbell Barnes

‘Margaret Campbell Barnes has added brilliant hues to a picture which never lacked in color.’ – Vancouver (BC) Daily Province

â??Immensely entertaining and absorbing.’ – Chicago Tribune

‘Turns a brilliant light on one of the lustiest and one of the most dramatic periods of English history.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

â??Barnes has a way with words and I love some of her descriptions of the time and place. ” – So Many Precious Books, So Little Time

â??Campbell Barnes’ writing and story telling shine.’ – The Literate Housewife

Margaret Campbell Barnes was one of the most popular historical novelists of her time. She wrote over a dozen novels and over two million copies of her books were sold. While little is known of her personal life, her books had a wide readership in her time and are experiencing a resurge of popularity today.

LIPS THAT GRIP: 10 Tales of Steamy Temptation

by Gina Youngston

What they do next will shock you!

Get ready for risky first-time frolics.
These 10 stories will bring you the ultimate in personal satisfaction.
Peek inside and let the pleasure begin…

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