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Tango In A Teacup: Poetry of passion, grief, love and reclaiming your life

by Chris Foster

Tis â??bout relations laddy, â??bout man and wild, woman and glass, child and messâ?¦ Where ya goin’?

A relationship can be as fiery passionate as the tango, or as delicate as a porcelain teacup. Some are sensual and intimate (or so I’ve been told), others are cold and distant (confirmed through vigorous and repeated research). Quite often a relationship goes through many stages, morphing like a butterfly. That’s before you even say hello.
Our relationships aren’t just with people. Our pets, our world, our clothes, that pesky floor mat that deliberately tries to trip you each time you walk by, they are all relationships that affect our daily living. Relationships rich in storiesâ?¦and stubbed toes.

In this collection of poetry, you will find brutally honest survival stories, humorous retellings, mythical creatures, coasts, depressed liars, happily homeless writers, old swindlers, free donuts, some dark storm clouds and plenty of sunny days. There is loss, grief and the revival that comes with learning how to live again after all manner of divorce. Styles vary, but mostly this collection is free verse with the occasional rhyme.

Which leaves only one question for you, dearest reader;
Shall we tango?

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