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First Winter (Nuclear Winter Book 1)

by Nathan Jones

The people of Aspen Hill have managed to survive every challenge that’s come their way since the US ran out of fuel practically overnight. Having fled their home, they’re now struggling to rebuild their town in a new location and make the preparations they need before the onset of nuclear winter.

Trev Smith has assumed command of the town’s defenders, and is struggling to be a good leader while trying to help his friend Deb Rutledge get over her traumatic past as a prisoner of Gold Bloc soldiers. His cousin Lewis Halsson believes he has preparations for the winter well in hand, and is now looking to the future for ways to bring prosperity for his family and hopefully the whole town. And their friend Matt Larson has taken over as Mayor, facing the daunting task of leading the town just as it faces its greatest challenge. On top of that Matt also worries for his wife Sam, who’ll soon be giving birth to their first child without the aid of modern medical equipment or doctors trained in obstetrics.

None of them can truly predict how bad their first nuclear winter will be, but they know how bad last winter was even though it was relatively mild. For a town cut off from outside aid and forced to provide everything for itself, conditions had been brutal. This winter would be unimaginably worse, not only much colder and with more snowfall but also lasting far longer. They’d have to work every moment to prepare, rely on friends and loved ones for support, look for help wherever they could find it, and hope for good fortune.

The Nuclear Winter series continues the story of the five book Best Laid Plans series, with First Winter beginning soon after the end of the fifth book, Determination.

Alone (#1 Flamestone Trilogy)

by Holly Hook

Elaine has spent her sixteen years proving that she’s nothing like her murderous fatherâ??but no one will let her forget her dark family history. So when her best friend Talia goes missing, Elaine takes the search and rescue into her own hands.
But on her quest, Elaine finds herself in a wilderness where teenagers are worked to death in mines by an evil organization known as the Flamestone Society. Elaine barely escapes, but her boyfriend doesn’t. Because of her, his life is now in danger right along with Talia’s.

Now Elaine’s alone in a vast wilderness with only her survival instincts on her side. There’s no Facebook. 911 is useless. As if that’s not bad enough, she failed summer camp and the Flamestone Society is closing in. Armed with only an axe, Elaine will have to embrace her dark family history in order to survive. Along the way, she’ll have to face some terrifying secrets about her own past.

From Midwest Book Review:

“Alone is Volume 1 of the Flamestone Trilogy and opens with a bang: a smartphone tags the protagonist’s best friend as â??MISSING’, sparking the angst and attention of Elaine, who is on a journey to both save her friend and deny the possible connections between herself and her murderous father.

There’s only one way of proving her different psyche, and that’s to embark on a journey to find her friend. Best friends tell each other everything – but Talia never mentioned possible abuse from her foster family. Best friends keep no secrets – but Elaine has harbored one which she cannot seem to share with anyone. And best friends don’t give up on one another – even when the situation seems hopeless, and even if the journey involves walking out of everything Elaine finds familiar.

Alone begins this quest and brings Elaine to a world with no smartphones, no technology support, and too many monsters. It’s a world in which her rejection of her family background might have been the wrong move: a world in which these murderous impulses may be the only things standing between life and death.

Elaine’s going to have to traverse strange lands and develop a skill set she never knew before – and readers are going to ride along for her heart-wrenching journey. It’s just that simple, because once Alone is begun, it’s hard to put down.

Feisty protagonists, excellent twists and turns of plot, and gripping moments of pursuit and life-or-death confrontations keep readers on the edges of their seats. Young adult to adult readers of fantasy, horror, and intrigue will find Alone is solidly cemented by protagonists who are not just believable, but absorbing. Their purposes, failings, and adventures become an intrinsic part of a saga that paints a stunning portrait of survival against all odds.

And yes, it’s Book One. Be forewarned: more adventures will continue the journey introduced here!”

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