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The Sugar Detox Head Start: The trusted guide on how to cut sugar forever with simple 7 day cycle and sustain a healthy sugar free lifestyle (Sugar Detox, … Diet, Zero Sugar Diet, Sugar Detox Plan)

by James McNeel

Get the most simple & effective guide on how to life a sugar free healthy lifestyle!

The effects on high levels of sugar are plain dangerous.
Apart frоm causing diаbеtеÑ?, initiаting lоw еnеrgÑ?, аnd dеÑ?rеÑ?Ñ?iоn, Ñ?ugаr аlÑ?о leads to оbеÑ?itÑ?, tiredness, аnd Ñ?аlеnеÑ?Ñ?. Whеn Ñ?еоÑ?lе consume Ñ?rоduсtÑ? that are sugary, thеir inÑ?ulin lеvеl inсrеаÑ?еÑ? and initiаtеÑ? a simultaneous increase in fat Ñ?tоrаgе. Eventual storage оf fat аdvаnсеÑ? and leading to severe obesity.

Therefore a sugar detox is simply essential to live a healthy lifestyle without suffering from any of the issues mentioned above. This book will teach you the basics & easy to implement principles on how to reduce sugar from your diet and enjoy the following benefits:

  • (Increased Energy)
  • (Weight Loss)
  • (Better Digestion)
  • (Decreased Allergies)
  • (Clearer Skin)
  • (And More!)

Value your health and get your copy today!

Actors and the Art of Performance: Under Exposure (Performance Philosophy)

by Susanne Granzer

Actors and the Art of Performance: Under Exposure combines the author’s two main biographical paths: her professional commitment to the fields of both theatre and philosophy. The art of acting on stage is analysed here not only from the theoretical perspective of a spectator, but also from the perspective of the actor. The author draws on her experience as both a theatre actor and a university professor whose teachings in the art of acting rely heavily on her own experience and also on her philosophical knowledge. The book is unique not only in terms of its content but also in terms of its style. Written in a multiplicity of voices, the text oscillates between philosophical reasoning and narrative forms of writing, including micro-narratives, fables, parables, and inter alia by Carroll, Hoffmann and Kleist. Hence the book claims that a trans-disciplinary dialogue between the art of acting and the art of philosophical thinking calls for an aesthetical research that questions and begins to seek alternatives to traditionally established and ingrained formats of philosophy.

Sex Positions: The Ultimate Guide for Exploding Coupleâ??s Sex Life with The Top Sex Positions ( Fully Illustrated Sex Book )

by Bambi Colt

DISCOVER: The Different Sex Positions You’ve Most Likely Never Tried Before.

Are you searching for the best sex position guide? Wondering what are the most fulfilling and satisfying sexual positions you can try on? You are not alone! In fact, everyone knows that having great sex is one of the major factors in having a successful and romantic relationship. You’re about to discover the top Sex Positions that will make your partner think that you are a Sex God.

What makes this book different from other Sex books?

  • A fully illustrated sex book
  • This book doesn’t include sex positions that are impossible to do like in other books
  • Suitable for both young and married couples
  • Include sex positions that you’ve most likely never tried before

INSIDE: The Ultimate Guide for Exploding Couple’s Sex Life with The Top Sex Positions

This book is written for average couples who want to have above-average sex. This book covers the topic of sex and how to increase the passion you feel for each other both inside and outside of the bedroom. It’s designed to help and teach you how you can have a mind-blowing sex life that provides maximum pleasure for both partners involved.

Just because you are not a gymnast couple doesn’t mean you can’t have mind blowing sex! This book will show you how to try out wild new positions that will add fire and passion to your bedroom life. There are many different positions available as well as a ton of tips to make your sex so juicy that you will wonder how you ever got in a rut in the first place. By the time you are done with this book, all you’ll want to do is grab your partner and get on the dirty deed!

This book is crafted specifically for couples, so it is created to be comfortable for both partners to read. While you can read it separately, it is designed to be read together. Designated Him and Her sections give both partners the down-low on exactly what they need to do to make each position work, so you won’t be left guessing on the mechanics of new positions. All you need to rekindle your sex life is your partner, your desire for fire, and this handy little guide that will walk you through the whole thing! With a little passion and desire, you can transform the face of your sex life for good. These tips, tricks, and positions will bring the passion back time and time again!

Inside “Sex Positions” you’ll discover:

  • Intimacy
  • Romance
  • Different Types of Positions
  • Sensual Positions
  • Spicy Positions
  • Beyond the Bedroom
  • And Much, Much More!

Just like trust, sex is also the foundation of every successful romantic relationship. If you do not enjoy a good sex life, you simply enjoy nothing in the relationship.

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Ginger, Turmeric, and Indian Arrowroot

by Roby Ciju

Ginger is tropical and subtropical in its growth habit. It is grown for its aromatic rhizomes which are used as a vegetable, a spice and as a traditional medicine. Ginger rhizomes are often called â??ginger root’ though it is not actually a root. As in case of all plants belonging to ginger family, turmeric also prefers tropical and subtropical moist climate for its growth. Turmeric plant is an herbaceous perennial crop mainly grown for its edible rhizomes which are used as an important spice, condiment and dye. Turmeric is also known as â??Indian saffron’. Indian arrowroot is cultivated as a root crop just like ginger and turmeric for extracting arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder is believed to have numerous medicinal properties.

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