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Médialité et interprétation contemporaine des premières guerres de Religion (Ateliers des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Paris) (French Edition)

This work is a compendium of papers presented in a workshop at the German Historical Institute in Paris in 2012 under the direction of Gabriele Haug-Mortiz and Lother Schilling. The essays focus on contemporary interpretations of the first French wars of religion prior to the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre and how these events were portrayed in the media, thereby opening up new research perspectives on a previously neglected field of study.

Arbeit im Nationalsozialismus (German Edition)

by Marc Buggeln

Work was a core concept in National Socialism. In pre-war concentration camps, it was a tool for converting prisoners into Volksgenossen, or members of the national community. And during the war, forced labor was crucial to armaments production. “Ability to work” meant life or death for Jews, POWs, and others. The essays in this volume explore the multiple meanings of work as a social, political, and cultural practice in National Socialism.

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