Free science Kindle books for 12 Aug 17

The Theory For a Perfect Future: Revival Evolution and more

by Shir Itzhak huber

In This book, I Shir Itzhak Huber will tell you theories. Theories nobody thought possible. Theories of how humanity can use technology to become immortal by revival and revive the dead. even those that died 5000 years ago. And there is more. in this book, I will reveal a theory on how to record on video anything and everything that happened from the day the world was created until the present. I will reveal a theory on how to fix global warming and the ozone hole. And I will reveal a theory on how humans and animals may live as equals in a possible future. My facts and theories will be logically possible. and if enough people read this book we may be able to with their hard work one day make these theories a reality. In this book’s revival theory, I will show you several possible theories to achieving the desired goal. I believe that finding the right theory is much easier if you know all the possibilities. All of the theories in this book are possible but will require advanced technology. more advanced then what we have today. So, I hope you enjoy my book and together I believe we can make a perfect future.

Remarks On Existential Nihilism: Labelling, Narcissism and Existential Maturity

by Jack R Ernest

This set of remarks on the subject of Existential Nihilism discusses numerous topics. Labels, Narcissism and Conformity are all made reference to. It discusses both Existential Psychology and Philosophy. It also discuses methods to improve ones life and it serves as a guide to obtain Existential Maturity. The theory is based on the works of RD Laing and Rollo May. It is approximately a 150 pages long and is written in the form of easy to understand remarks.

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