Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 13 Aug 17

e (Flash Fiction Book 1)

by Jan Hawkins

e came into their lives, stayed for a while and then became friends.
But does e really exist?

Food for thought. It was a simple thing, befriending someone in Facebook. A simple act that went weirdly wrong and yet very right.
A Sci-Fi Computer Fiction in the world of computers, avatars and a certain type of reality. The flight of the mind which books can take you on is precious to me and this is what I have tried to entice my reader with. What ifâ?¦ What if it were true? What if it were possible?
This little Flash Fiction, e â?¦ is a probability, even a possibility. What ifâ?¦? I do love those words. It is a Sci-fi fantasy, one that touches on the world of Facebook, grazing across our world from Cyber. A world we think we have created but What ifâ?¦? What if Cyber created Us in the end? Just how could such a thing be possible?

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