Free humour Kindle books for 13 Aug 17

My Sweet Paige: The Hastings Brothers Series

by Mallory Funk

Paige moved into her childhood home. She never knew that move would change her life forever. Finding love and the family she never knew was missing she goes through a battle to keep her walls up from the one man who is determined to break them down.

Trevor knew thought he was the type to settle down. Then his brown eyed neighbour moved across the street and his life changed. One looking into her eyes and he couldn’t stay away. Will he be able to break down the walls she’s kept around her heart

Who Says You Can’t Herd Cats?

by Faye Hicks

If you’re a cat lover, if you’ve ever brought home a stray or opened your door to a wee ball of fur on a cold winter’s day, or if you just like a good belly laugh – then this book is for you! In these 22 short stories, you’ll meet the complete cornucopia of crazy cats who have adopted us and made the “Hicks Cat Ranch” their home over the past 20 years. Get to know Mrs. Hall (the music critic), Karl the Joker (he loves to scare Chihuahuas), Boris the Gladiator (try getting HIM to the vet!), Miss Winifred Harbottle (a dainty little thing – but oh, you do NOT want to meet her outdoors!), and Buddy the Little Whittler (ya – we used to have nice furniture…) and all the rest of our furry feline friends. There are flying cats, jumping cats, bouncy cats, balls of cats, scaredy-cats, and scary catsâ?¦ when you’ve lived with this many cats – you’ve pretty much seen it all! Laugh along with us as you read about their antics on the “Hicks Cat Ranch”. (Includes more than 70 candid, cute, color cat photos!)

Die Abenteuer des braven Soldaten Schwejk (Komplette Ausgabe): Antikriegsroman und der bekannteste Schelmenroman des 20. Jahrhunderts (German Edition)

by Jaroslav Hašek

Der brave Soldat Schwejk ist ein unvollendeter, antimilitaristischer und satirischer Schelmenroman. Schwejk ist ein typischer Prager Charakter, der sich mit List und Witz durchs Leben schlägt und sich als Soldat der österreichisch-ungarischen Armee im Ersten Weltkrieg mit Chuzpe vor dem Kriegseinsatz zu drücken versucht. HaÅ¡ek schilderte in seiner speziellen Sprache den Widersinn der Kriegshetze und Mobilisierung in der Donaumonarchie vor und nach dem Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs und die Stimmung der meisten “Untertanenvölker”, die keine groÃ?e Lust hatten, in die Schlacht für den “Herrn Kaiser und seine Familie” zu ziehen. Er zeichnet dabei kein idyllisches Bild von der “guten alten Zeit” in einer liebenswürdig-gemütlichen Donaumonarchie. Stattdessen nimmt er die Schattenseiten dieser oft in Filmen romantisierten Zeit und Gesellschaft aufs Korn: Bürokratismus, Denunziantentum, dumpfen Untertanengehorsam und stupide Befehlserfüllung. AuÃ?erdem die Zurücksetzung, teilweise auch brutale Unterdrückung der Tschechen durch die deutsch-österreichische Führungsschicht in Staat und Armee.

Jaroslav HaÅ¡ek (1883-1923) war ein tschechischer Schriftsteller, der vor allem durch seine literarische Figur des “braven Soldaten Schwejk” berühmt wurde.

Ain’t it Awful: A complainer’s guide to everything

by Stella Rheingold

“Stuff the right to remain silent; you have the right to complain!”

Comically charming and delightfully wry, “Ain’t it Awful” is a laugh out loud tour of all things unsatisfactory!! This lighthearted, tongue in cheek, look at everything that is wrong with the world is a must read for anyone who loves to laugh in the face of human foible!

Learn all about how & why we complain, how to complain successfully and how to deal with other people’s incessant whining. Find new and fun things to complain about, and discover the joys of having a good hard moan yourself. After all, Comedy truly is the whiner’s art form!!

A gem among comedy books, just love it – J T Witherow

I am a pretty serious person and not usually into comedy books, but this book made me laugh really hard. There is so much truth in it – Cathy Black

As a grumpy old bastard, my wife bought this for me as some kind of hint for my birthday, but we both ended up laughing at how ridiculous the world is, it has made her much more tolerant of my complaining. – Charles Ross

As funny books go I just love this, it’s not only hilariously funny, it’s wonderfully well observed -Michelle Jackson

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