Free poetry Kindle books for 13 Aug 17

Sweat, Sawdust and the Millpond: A Collection of Poems by Josh Hatcher

by Josh Hatcher

Modern poetry In the vein of Carl Sandberg, and Walt Whitman, with hints of the Beat Poets like Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, Josh Hatcher’s book celebrates the blue collar life he knew as a youth. His poems celebrate his first adult job on a resurrected 1800’s sawmill. He explores spirituality, romance, and family. His introspective poems channel Sandberg’s “Honey and Salt” and Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”.

Girls Guitars Gatling Guns

by Jimmy Boom Semtex

A new collection by Jimmy Boom Semtex. This book contains varied work on many topics. From a spaceship shaped like a horse (Aerospace Grade Materials), what to do with a body (The Human Body), satire about human waste (Turd People), about the 4th Reich (She Asks), drug war stories (A Mother’s Tale) and much more.

Jimmy’s troubled teen years are covered here (No Teen Gal, Days of Thunder and You Did).

Fans of his work and explosive writing style won’t be disappointed.


Etched in Bombs
Post me a letter bomb to blow me up.
Reduce me to pieces for I’ve had enough.
The biggest bit of me, my thumb.
Look at it just sitting there, on the floor.
I’m like strawberry jam, all over the walls.
Best way to be in this selfish money grabbing world, dead.
Blown up like those stuck in Aleppo.
Blitzed by Putin’s bombs in the world’s weapon proving ground.

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