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Minimalist Living: Complete Guide to Minimalism, How to Declutter Your Home, Simplify Your Life & Live a Meaningful Life.. (Travel, Transportation, Home, … Digital, Shopping, Less is More Book 1)

by Anas Malla

Your Complete Guide

Proven steps and strategies on minimalist living.

Why You Need To Be Minimalist?

Do you feel like your cluttered home makes you more stressful than comfortable? Do you think that you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to things that are important to you? Does it seem like things and unnecessary distractions are running your life instead of you?

I’ve had the exact same issues like you and I can assure you, becoming a minimalist is an excellent way of regaining control over your life. The great news is that there is no strict rule or a line of becoming a minimalist.

Minimalism is a philosophy of focusing on only the essential things. A minimalistic approach means that you are not cluttering your life with unnecessary things and that you have simplified it as much as possible. Each person is free to decide their own limits in adopting minimalism. One thing is certain – becoming a minimalist will make you feel better, happier and healthier in no time!

I’ve been living as a minimalist for years now and it feels great. That is why I’ve decided to share my experience and offer valuable insights and tips on how to adopt a minimalistic approach to life.

The book is anything but theory. I tried to focus on practical tips and benefits of minimalizing your life in different areas. We will cover various issues, such as:

  • How to declutter your home and get rid of all unneeded things easily

  • How to get rid of all extra clothes and how to shop for new ones like a minimalist

  • How to travel and move around to maximize enjoyment of every moment of life

  • How to use the technology the help you become a minimalist and unclutter your digital environment

And much more!

I’ve used my own and experience of other true minimalists to help you on your path to becoming a part of our group and start leading a stress-free and happy life!


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