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A Deeper Sense of Loyalty: An American Civil Rights Story (The Langdon Trilogy Book 1)

by C. James Gilbert

In 1860, James Langdon, a southern boy from Macon, Georgia, is all set to celebrate his eighteenth birthday after graduating from school in New York. He has been groomed to handle the business end of his father’s large cotton plantation. A deeply religious lad with an uncharacteristic aversion to slavery, James’s father raised him to believe that unlike other negroes, the workers on Langdon Plantation were sharecroppers and not slaves.

When James finds out that his father has deceived him, it sets up a conflict between the two men that takes a war to settle. When hostilities break out in 1861, he leaves home, ostensibly to serve the Southern cause. Instead, he embarks on his own mission to help slaves escape to Canada.

Now considered to be a traitor and an outlaw by the South, danger is his constant companion; certain death awaits him should he be caught. Although he is powerless to go against his conscience, he is equally ridden with guilt for turning his back on his heritage. James knows that when the war ends, there will still be one last confrontation left for him: facing his father.

The Civil War Cover-Up: Book One: The Stone/Lee Papers (The Civil War Cover-Up: The Stone/Lee Papers 1)

by Will Bevis

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About the Author:

Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial “Slice of life” stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, “The Killing of Train-Man Brown.” He has written over one hundred short stories including, “Then Her Wig Fell Off,” “Let the Dog Drive,” “Blackbird,” “Supply and Demand,” “Daddy’s Playing Dead,” and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books.

About “Boogie: A Life With The Devil.”

This full length novel grew out of the Five Star short story, “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time.”
It follows the little boy from that first meeting with the devil, all the way through his life… until the surprise end.
Meet “Bill the Blackbird” and “Boogie McCain” and a host of other interesting characters…
As the devil never gives up in trying to get Boogie to sign away his soul… in return for fame and fortune…
and a few other things as well!

One reviewer called “Blackbird…” A must-read treasure, December 24, 2012

By Henrietta Lala “herbalwiz” (St. Martinville, LA) – See all my reviews
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About this book, The Civil War Cover-Up: Book One: The Stone/Lee Papers.

Notes: This is Book One of a four part series. The Second Book is also available. Books Three and Four will be published after the November Presidential Elections.

There was an additional chapter added to the end of Book One in June 2012 . If you read Book One before June 2012 you may wish to order it and read it again before proceeding to Book Two.

“The Question I am most asked is this:
Is this True?
I have to tell you that it is Fiction.
Do You Understand?
You Will Find Out Why in This and the Next Book.”

Will Bevis

An Introduction by Dave Norman…

Originally titled “The Greatest Civil War Lie Ever Told,” read this book and decide for yourself whether it is fact or fiction. An alarming tale of deceit, danger and betrayal both during and after the Civil War, is it fact or fiction? What appears at first to be one lie expands into a far reaching expose of conpiracy, deception and threats on many levels.

Written by Will Bevis as the first of at least four books on the subject it will grab your attention from the first page and not only keep your attention but will pique your curiosity and raise questions in your mind as to whether or not the vast majority of Americans have yet heard the truth about the most tragic period in U.S. History and the consequences which affect us all even today.

Warning! Once you begin reading this book you will find it very hard to put down until you have consumed the whole text.

Dave Norman.
August 20, 2011

The Civil War Cover-Up Book Two: Threatened By The President.

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Kanji (Japanese Edition)

by Ryuri Fujinuma


An Vorderster Front (James Ogilvie 2) (German Edition)

by Philip McCutchan

Der junge Lieutenant Ogilvie bekommt einen schwierigen Auftrag.

Als Führer einer Patrouille soll er das Grenzgebiet zwischen Afghanistan und der britischen Kolonie Indien erkunden.

Höchst ungenaue Informationen besagen, der abgelegene Landstrich befinde sich in offenem Aufruhr.

Von den zahlenmä�ig weit überlegenen Eingeborenen angegriffen, sieht sich Ogilvies Trupp bald in einer aussichtslosen Lage.

An Vorderster Front ist der zweite Roman aus Philip McCutchanâ??s Ogilvie-Saga.

Philip McCutchan (1920-1996) wuchs in der von der Marine geprägten Atmosphäre des Portsmouth Dockyard auf und entwickelte eine lebenslange Leidenschaft für die See. Ein frühes Interesse galt au�erdem der Militärgeschichte, welche den Grundstoff für mehrere seiner fiktionalen Werke über die britische Armee und ihre Kampagnen der letzten 150 Jahre bildete

My Hero SEAL

by Hot Alpha Publishing

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– Mari Me
– The SEAL’s Undivorce
– Her. Pregnant
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WARNING: This book contains mature content with **BURNING HOT** scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Avant Pukhtu (French Edition)

by DOA

Le prologue de la saga Pukhtu ! Aux origines du phénomène polar signé DOA.
Téléchargement gratuit jusqu’au 30/09/2017 !

Le 24 mai 2005, assistés d’une compagnie de soldats irakiens, mille marines se lancent dans une opération, dite d’encerclement et fouille, aÌ? Haditha. Son objectif est de localiser et neutraliser les groupes terroristes qui contrôlent cette cité. Ce jour-làÌ?, ils ne sont pas les seuls Américains aÌ? grenouiller dans le coin. Un groupe de paramilitaires, embauché par une société de sécurité privée et mené par Voodoo, se lance aussi dans la chasse à l’hommeâ?¦

Nena Sahib oder Die Empörung in Indien: Historischer Roman: Die Eroberung von Kanpur (German Edition)

by John Retcliffe

Diese Ausgabe von “Nena Sahib oder Die Empörung in Indien” wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert.
Sir John Retcliffe, eigentlich Hermann Ottomar Friedrich Goedsche (1815 – 1878), war ein deutscher Schriftsteller. Er benutzte auch das Pseudonym Theodor Armin.
Aus dem Buch:
“Die Laternen vor den Spielhäusern waren bereits angezündet – aus den geöffneten Türen der langen Reihe von Gebäuden des groÃ?en Platzes strömten Helle und Glanz, tönte Musik und ein infernalischer Lärm in das Helldunkel der Sommernacht. Aus den Felsenschluchten der Aveninnen hat uns der Gang unserer Erzählung an den grünen Golf von Kalifornien versetzt, nach San Francisco – dem Smyrna der neuen Welt. Drei mächtige Anreizungen vereinen in dieser durch den Schlag des allmächtigen Zauberstabes entstandenen Stadt die bunteste Gesellschaft vielleicht der ganzen Welt: die ungezügeltste Freiheit und Ungebundenheit, frei von jeder Schranke des Gesetzes, der Sitte und des Herkommens, nur von der Macht des Stärkern gebändigt; – der Golddurst und Goldgewinn; – und die Romantik der wildesten Abenteuer.”

Hurricane Hill

by Chris Leicester

Focussing on the political unrest of the 21st century, Hurricane Hill is a fast-paced novel, which examines the bond between soldiers on the battlefield and the effects that going to war has on an individual’s mentality.

Hurricane Hill centres on the moral dilemma:
Which life is more valuable; that of a child or a brother-in-arms?

Out in Helmand, the Insurgents are using children as young as 7 as decoys in fire fights. Paul Glover, a young soldier, has to decide whether to follow his training and treat the children as normal soliders, and shoot to kill, or be killed. Having become a new father himself, Paul’s actions come back to haunt him and left asking himself whether he’s done the right thing. When Paul arrives at the isolated house of a famous recluse his past is finally faced.

Hurricane Hill shows us past lives, events and reasons for the extraordinary predicaments that the characters find themselves in. As the storm advances and threatens to destroy each of them, the young soldier’s question is examined, challenged and ultimately answered.

â??One of the best visiting productions we have had the pleasure to stage’
– The London Theatre

The â??Unholyâ? Warriors: Soldiers of the Crown

by Hamid Majid Abbasi

The “Unholy” Warrior is a tale of two friends, set up in Colonial India just before the outbreak of World War Second. Mirza Yaqoob, and Chandu, native of Muzaffarpur (Present Day India) had a stark difference, the religion but they end up as the closest and trusted friends, growing up in colonial India. The first half explores many aspects of young life at Muzaffarpur, and the life under the rule y the British. The circumstances, a drought that strikes the region, leaves them with no option but to offer their services to the Elite Panther formation of the Royal Indian Army, which will be leading the British third expedition to Burma for the conquest of all strategic Mandalay Airfield of the Japanese.
The rest, remains the fate that awaits them at the Burmese front, along with over 7000 men from the sub-continent which came face to face against the much feared Japanese “Shudan” force.

Weltkontrolle: MR PRESIDENT GREIFT AN (German Edition)

by Jürgen Walloch

Sehr geehrte Leserin! Sehr geehrter Leser! In einer Hamburger Hightechfirma explodiert ein wei�es Klavier, als bei einer Betriebsfeier die US-Hymne gespielt wird. Fast alle Spezialisten sterben. Nur zwei ahnungsvolle deutsche Mitarbeiter überleben den brutalen Anschlag. US-Killer jagen sie! Befahl der machtgeile US-President die Aktion, weil er die Welt beherrschen will? Erleben Sie echtes Buchstabenkino. Lesen lohnt sich.

l’ordine (Italian Edition)

by lucio mencatelli

Dalla finestra poteva osservare lo spaventoso manto di nubi, che, laggiù, premeva sull’orizzonte ormai sopraffatto. Presto sarebbe arrivata : niente e nessuno avrebbe fermato la tempesta.
Il lago, grigio e tremante, sarebbe stato tra non molto preda del vento gelido. Ne avrebbe percosso senza pietà la superficie. E onde spumeggianti si sarebbero infrante sulle rive. Gabbiani e corvi stavano gridando in cerca di un solido riparo.
La natura era in attesa di ciò che sarebbe stato inevitabile.
Ma, come sempre accadeva, alla tempesta, al disordine, sarebbe seguita la serenità. E l’ordine.

Osservò le prime tenui lacrime di pioggia scivolare a fatica lungo la vetrata aperta.
Scendevano lungo una fila quasi perfetta,come in una devota processione. Si riunivano. Poi si lasciavano. E quindi si riabbracciavano nuovamente.
Un magico ordine le guidava verso l’obiettivo comune.
Il suo indice si posò su una fila di gocce.
Quasi spaventate dall’intrusione, esse si separarono, per poi ritrovarsi , un po’ più avanti, come allegre compagne di viaggio.
All’ordine , imposto dalla natura e dalla fisica, lui aveva opposto la forza del suo disordine : aveva avuto il temporaneo potere di creare una nuova via per quelle gocce. Un nuovo equilibrio . Un nuovo mondo.
La sua vita era racchiusa in quell’immagine : disordine per un nuovo ordine. Migliore del precedente?
Così gli avevano insegnato.
Ma lui non ne era più tanto sicuro.

Target Locked

by Aman Karan

Marine Ryan Robinson continues to work on active duty even though he is challenged in life with incriminating charges from a federal agency. To make things worse, his love-relationship with his girlfriend is ruined in the ensuing mayhems. The story walks us through challenges in life of a serving solider of the United States Marine Forces as he lives through emotional agony when he throws himself in love but dies of a broken heart. At the same time the story strikingly points out war-related killings and people’s sufferings caused by hunting of materialistic objectives in this world.

Young men from conflicting sides get into a war for achieving nothing but for killing their opponents only. These young men, who could shape their career through myriads of creative works, are required to join military. What is costing us in recent time warsâ??which can certainly be avoidedâ??are young men’s life and sufferings of their family and children!

Scene 12:

â??Corporal, put me in the picture â?¦ (indistinctly),’ said someone on radio.

Ryan, via radio, replied to command-in-officer at the control room of one US military base. He was positioned airborne on Marine AH-1Z Viper helicopter. â??We got the picture â?¦ in the busy marketplace, at three-way intersection we see a bunker â?¦ covered under few fruit stalls â?¦ rats (insurgents) in disguise watch in all directions â?¦ have guns installed to cover ways and foil entry â?¦ waiting for orders â?¦ over.’

Ryan was on a rescue operation. Today morning, a bomb disposal squad of US military was deceived and kidnapped by a group of insurgent forces through a mocked planting of explosives in a US protected town, marked as an area of conflict. Perpetrators of this crime had presumptuously moved US military personnel somewhere in their town. They demanded a large sum of money, weapons, and other aids that should be delivered to a location near their town. They had also destroyed or abandoned communication devices, and other gadgets of US squad that could transmit locations of their captivity.

â??Go for ground searching and start cracking down â?¦ feasibly we can’t trace the possible hideout on screen,’ advised command-in-officer on radio. â??Be on time â?¦ we can’t take searching into the dusk â?¦ Sergeant â?¦ Sergeant Miller, report your progress â?¦ (spoke to Sergeant Miller also).’

Sgt Miller responded on radio for communicating his plans to others. â??The end of the thoroughfare coming to our end has one big rendezvous amidst residents â?¦ few eyes (people watching for invaders) are visible on buildings. Possibility of hostages cannot be denied here â?¦ ground searching requires reinforcementâ?¦.’

Sgt Miller, on radio, spoke to Cpl Robinson. â??Corporal â?¦ prepare to enter the town â?¦ we go from south after chopper do the necessary blitzâ?¦.’

â??Copy â?¦ preparing to enter town from our end â?¦ Viper with a crew is moving north, all targets of the marketplace will be locked so,’ said Ryan, via radio, and he talked about the strategies of his team.

Scene 15:

Arthur said, â??She (Camilla) is sad because you are looking the other way â?¦ she thinks you’re giving her the cold shoulder. I fear you are yet hiding the ring with you. She might be waiting to get it from you â?¦ perhaps at this moment! What I can suggest, you do display sincere obligations to her since it is your duty to watch out for her and care for her happiness â?¦ I can ask your mother to leave her seat so that you can sit beside your lady. Go on!’

Without a delay and without further ado, Ryan said, â??I’ll drink to that!

Arthur wanted everyone to be attentive. He asked, â??Everyone, please be quiet and pay attention to my boy!’

Ryan requested Camilla to allow him to hold her hands, and said, â??Dear, you are the lady, that I can say, I see in my dreams! Without a doubt, in my life, you’re the be-all and end all!’

Manshunikiyu nihongasikaketasaikinsensou (Japanese Edition)

by Ryuri Fujinuma

ã??æ?¯é?£äº?å¤?のã?なã?ã?ã?ã?«ã??ã?³æ?²å?µé??ç?¹é«?課é?·ã®å³¶ä¸?é??æ?²å?µå¤§å°?はé?¢æ±è»å?è¬?é?·ã®æ±æ¢è?±æ©?中å°?ã?ã??ã?ã?ã?«ã??ã?³é??å¤?の平æ?¿ã«ã§ãã?æ?°ã?ã?軍äº?æ?½è¨­ã«è¡?きã?ã??æ??æ??ã?ã¨å?¼ã°ã??ã??人ç?©ã?ã??å¯?å?½ã??å?ã?てくã??とæ??示ã??å?ã?ã??ã??詳ã?ã?äº?æ??ã??ç?¥ã??ã?ã??ぬままã?ç?¹å??æ©?é?¢ã®æ??å ±å°?æ ¡ã??ç?ã?ã¨è»äº?æ?½è¨­ã«å?ã?っã?島はã?ãã?ã?ç´°è?é?¨é??ï¼?å¾?のï¼?ï¼?ï¼?é?¨é??ï¼?のæ? ç?¹ã§ã?ã??ã?とã??ç?¥ã??ã?é©?æ??ã?ã??ã??
ã??ã??ã??ã?«ã?¿ã?ã¨å?¼ã°ã??ã??人ä½?å®?é¨?の材æ??ï¼?=健康ä½?のç?¯ç½ªè??ï¼?ã??調é?ã?ã??ã??ã?å¯?å?½ã??å?ã?ã?島はã?æ??æ??の横æ?´ãªæ?§æ ¼ã??å?½ä»¤å??容にå??å¿?反ç?ºã??è¦?ã?なã?ã??ã??ã?åæ?¥å??子などã??ç´°è?é?¨é??に移é?ã?ã??ä¾?給網ã??æ?´å??ã?å®?績ã??ä¸?ã?ã??ã??ç´°è?æ?¦ã??裏でæ??揮ã?てã?ã?のはã?æ±æ¢ã®å­é£¼ã?で島のé?¸è»å£«å®?学校å?æ??でã??ã?ã??ã?é?¸è»å?è¬?æ?¬é?¨ã®ç??äº?琢磨å°?佐だっã?ã??東條とç??äº?は正義æ??の強ã?島ã??ç´°è?é?¨é??にæ?¥è¿?ã?ã?ã??ã?とでã?äººæ ¼ç??にå?é¡?ã?ã?ã??æ??æ??ã??ç?½å?¶ã?ã?ã?ã?ã??æ??é?¤ã?ã??ã?とç?®è«?ã??でã?ã?ã??

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