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How to Procedures for Storing Breast Milk: Breast Milk Storage

by Tasha Burt

How to Procedures for Storing Breast Milk – Breast Milk Storage

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You’ve pumped and pumped and pumped. Now what do you do with the fruit (or milk) of your labor? Follow these simple how to procedures for storing breast milk.

Why to Store Breast Milk
Mothers store breast milk for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to supply caregivers with bottles while the mother is at work, on a trip, out to dinner, or finally sleeping through the night with Dad in charge of baby. Some mothers face an upcoming medical situation that would require they not nurse their babies for a time, so the baby receives bottles while the mother pumps and dumps. Some try to encourage greater milk production by temporarily increasing the demand on the breast, and then store the results of their efforts. Finally, many like the security of knowing that a little bit of Mama is in the freezer for baby, whenever the little tyke might need it.

Where to Store Breast Milk
Store all breast milk in sterile bags or sealed containers. Some sterile milk storage bags offer convenient zipper seals, such as Gerber’s Seal and Go. Dr. Brown’s sealable storage bags tout a doubled zipper seal and dual-layer thickness for extended freezer life. Companies like Avent and Medelah, among numerous others, provide storage systems to accompany their model of breast pump. Look for PBA-free storage products and bottles, now readily available from most breastfeeding supply companies. If you plan on freezing the breast milk, only use freezer safe storage containers that will not leach harmful toxins into your baby’s next meal.
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Our Mother’s Keepers

by Geri Sultenfuss

Our Mom suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The journey she and my family took down this arduous road may be beneficial to other families facing a similar challenge. The adjustments required at home to keep someone safe and happy, as well as the transition to skilled nursing care, are very stressful for the individual and entire family. However, the real impetus for writing Mom’s story came at the end-stage of the disease, when the nursing home initially refused the doctor’s order for palliative care. Our Mom presented uniquely, in some ways, compared with other residents on the dementia ward. When we were told the decision for “comfort care” was akin to committing assisted suicide, we were shocked to the core. If our Mom’s wishes had not been well-documented, especially the living will and health care proxy, we might have had a more difficult time advocating for her. My hope is to spread awareness of the importance of communicating our health care wishes to our loved ones and ensuring the proper legal documents are in place.

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