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A Brief History of Classical Music: A Tale of Time, Tonality and Timbre

by Arthur Wenk

Learn about music history in musical termsWhat distinguishes the major periods in music history: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern?  By focusing on twenty-four works by twenty-four composers–four for each historical period–I hope to create a picture that the reader can hold in mind all at once.
Time, tonality and timbre serve as points of comparison by which we can define both the style of an individual composer and the style associated with each musical period.

World War 2: Soldier Stories Part VII: The True Bloody Stories From the Pacific Theatre (World War 2 Soldier Stories Book 7)

by Ryan Jenkins

The Often Overlooked Story of the Pacific front in WWII

All too often, when we think of World War II we recall the great battles that raged on throughout the European continent rather than those that went on in the Pacific. While few will forget Pearl Harbour or the dropping of the atomic bombs, there tends to be some confusion as to what exactly went on over there. This book aims to clear up some of that confusion.

Embark on a journey through the often-brutal war that raged on over islands and inlets in the Pacific front of the war. Read more about some of the key battles that were waged and find out what really happened.

Learn about Sergeant Major Osborn who made a valiant ultimate sacrifice to protect his men, earning himself the highest military award in the British military.

Find out what happened with Brigadier General Lawson’s last stand and what happened to cause him to become the highest-ranking Canadian officer killed in WWII combat.

Read more about the heroism shown by members of the coast guard. In 224 years only one member of the coast guard has be awarded the Medal of Honor and his story is right here. Read how he and others risked their lives in order to save the lives of others.
Find out what happened on “Hara-kiri Valley” when the Japanese would rather die than surrender to the US troops. The truth will shock you but what one Marine did will prove that not all humanity was lost.

Comments From Other Readers

“When I was in school they really glossed over the Pacific campaign. I remember being horrified by the atrocities of the Nazi’s but little was said about what the Japanese did. I had a hard time understanding why we would drop an atomic bomb on them. This book really sheds some light on the major battles that were fought and just a few of the atrocities that occurred. It really opened my eyes and showed me the war in a whole new light.” – Kevin C (Illinois, US)

“The compilation in this book is excellent. I was looking for a book to help with a paper I needed to write for a history class on the Pacific side of World War II and this gave me just what I needed. The facts were clearly laid out but the books flows so that they are presented in an attention grabbing way. I learned more than I thought I would!” – Lynn A (Nebraska, US)

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