Free horror Kindle books for 15 Aug 17

The Thin Wall (Corona Heights Book 1)

by E.M. Parker


Fiona Graves did not expect much from Corona Heights, just a quiet space to call home while she went about the business of rebuilding her life. On the surface, the setup was perfect: cheap rent, a great location, and complete anonymity. Beneath the surface, however, Corona Heights was something else entirely.

Cursed with paper thin walls, the building kept few of its tenants’ secrets. One secret, however, had remained safely buried for years, until Fiona’s strange encounter with her neighbor – a ten-year-old girl named Olivia – threatened to uncover it, and the unimaginable consequences inherent in its being.

As she wages a crusade to regain the trust of her estranged son, Fiona must also confront the ever-tightening grip of an addiction she has yet to overcome, a neighbor whose erratic behavior grows more dangerous by the hour, and a seemingly innocent little girl whose dark connection to Corona Heights threatens not only the child’s life, but the life that Fiona is trying so desperately to reclaim.

And it all begins with a foreboding message from the girl whose face Fiona cannot see, but whose voice is hauntingly clear.

“Don’t ignore the knocking…”

VOLUME II ‘The Good People’ will be available Fall 2017

Humanity’s Death: A Zombie Epic

by D.S. Black

THE NEW YORK TIMESâ??A virus is ravaging the country. People are falling over, reanimating, and eating the flesh off of anyone they see. There is speculation of a worldwide pandemic. Some experts are suggesting a superbug may have been spawned by the Ebola vaccination.

NEW YORK POSTâ??Hailed as a miracle cure, the vaccine promised to rid humanity of Ebolaâ?¦early reports suggest that the outbreak originated in Africa, where the vaccine was first used.

REUTERSâ??The situation is growing worse. Early estimates suggest that millions are already infected. The CDC suggests staying home, locking your doors, and watching your television for emergency channel updates.

THE YOUNG TURKSâ??If you have been infected or know someone who has been infected, please blow their fucking heads off.

INFOWARSâ??The elite create a virus that kills off 80 percent of the population.

THE GUARDIAN: The President is dead, mass sightings of paranormal activity reported.

There were no more headlines.

One Year Later

Chapter One: The Teach Family

Darkness surrounds Jack Teach while a bar of swampy moonlight drifts through an open window, streaking across his face. He lies in a semi-unconscious state. Slowly, his nervous system reminds him of the pain coursing through his body. The smell of infection is nauseating. Breathing causes him exhaustion, and his eyes barely stay open. How did this happen? he wonders, absorbed in pain and regret. What in God’s name was I thinking? Outside the world is dark, frogs are burping, and something is moving.
Where is she? It hurts so much.

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