Free humour Kindle books for 15 Aug 17

The Heart of Darkness Club (The Asphalt Warrior Book 3)

by Gary Reilly

In the “The Heart of Darkness Club,” Murph encounters a mysterious nihilist who may or may not be leaving him cryptic handwritten notes on five-dollar bills. Come prowl the mean streets of Denver with Murph and ponder the meaning of the world and all sorts of deep questions, such as “Why would anyone want to DO anything?”

Caddy Attitudes: ‘Looping’ for the Rich and Famous in New York

by Mark Donaghy

25 years ago Mark, an Irish college student embarked on a few summers of carefree caddying. But to make things interesting he traveled across the Atlantic to the US and ended up at Shinnecock Hills, a prestigious golf club perched at the end of Long Island in the salubrious Hamptons. Follow him on a voyage of discovery as he takes his passion for golf to the site of the 2018 US Open.

Share Mark’s adventures, fall in love with some of the eccentric caddies and get a glimpse of the rich and famous members of this prestigious New York club. And find out what makes a good caddy other than just “show up, stay up and shut up!” The world of caddying is under the microscope in this book, both the bag carrier and the employer.

Mark is a great storyteller, his charm and wit oozes out of this journey of discovery book in an engaging and humorous style all his own. It’s the perfect treat for hackers and pros alike and even those who have never played the game.

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