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Live Your Road Trip Dreams: Advice From A Seasoned Road Tripper

by M. A. Beal

From, Live Your Road Trip Dreams:

“I have had the good fortune in my life to travel more than a few Life List-worthy road trips. I have travelled coast to coast across my home country of Canada more than once, as well as up and down the east coast of the United States, right to the southern most tip of Florida in Key West, and from Vancouver, British Columbia down to Orange County, California on the American west coast, and coast to coast across the northern United States. I have road tripped the Alaskan Panhandle, in and out of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, and I have travelled up the rugged coast of North Queensland, Australia out of Cairns in a four-wheel drive Toyota that took us through ruts, rivers and washouts that would have swallowed my little car at home. I have lived most of my road trip dreams, and I’m still going. Every trip is exciting.

The vehicles I have driven, or ridden in, are as varied as the road trips themselves – A compact Honda Fit, a brand new fully loaded Subaru Outback, a 23′ 1988 Class C motorhome, a rusty fifteen-year-old Chev Suburban, a Toyota Prado SUV, a Mercedes B class car, a small Datsun pickup truck, a Ford Windstar minivan and an old Chrysler New Yorker, to name the more memorable ones.

I have stayed in a variety of accommodations on my many road trips. I’ve stayed in pleasant hotels and I’ve slummed it in cheap motels. I have travel camped in a tent trailer for 24 days, camped off the beaten path in a Swag in Australia, and in a small dome tent in Alaska. I have slept in a RV in Walmart parking lots and on the floor of a minivan on the edge of a field.

I have learned a lot over the years about packing and planning, and road tripping in general so I have lots of information to share on these topics and more. I have added some fun personal anecdotes and extra helpful tips to create a friendly book geared toward making sure your road tripping experience a great one.”

Also from, Live Your Road Trip Dreams:

“It’s one thing to teach a child geography but it’s a whole other thing to let them look out at a country in person – to encourage them to dip their feet in the water, to let them touch the mountains, to put their feet in the sand, to see a famous place in person. My sons’ lives have been shaped and changed by the road trips we have taken. Their knowledge of Canada, their country of birth, is intimate and personal.
The scenery I have had the pleasure to look out at on my travels is etched in my mind forever. I have taken thousands of photos on my travels but it’s the memories I hold in my mind that I revisit most often. I remember the strong wind in the prairies pushing wildly on my little car on the highway. I remember the thunderstorm the size of Alberta that hovered over us as we approached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I remember taking an impulsive side trip down to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, U.S.A. – and loving it! I remember the orca whales that swam alongside our ferry as we crossed over to Vancouver Island from mainland British Columbia. I will always remember the fresh lobster we cooked at my friend Sam’s house on Prince Edward Island – and the fresh muscles and scallops she cooked to perfection. I will always remember putting my feet in opposite oceans, knowing personally the country that lies in between.”

Whether you have already taken a few road trips, or you are dreaming of your first – you will love this book.

Please note this book is written by a Canadian author and contains Canadian spelling.

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