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Productivity: 3 Books in 1

by Allan Davidson

Productivity Bundle: 3 Books In 1!

Save time and money and start learning how to get more things done with less with this Productivity Book Bundle. This 3 book volume contains:

Procrastination: Procrastination: Overcome Your Procrastination Habit Now and Do More with Less
Self-Control: Developing Amazing Willpower to Achieve Goals that Matter
Minimalism: Declutter and Organize to Simplify Your Life

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BOOK 1 : Procrastination: Overcome Your Procrastination Habit Now and Do More with Less

LEARN: Effective Procrastination-Solving Techniques That Can Change Your Life!

What this book will provide are strategies based on factual research on how to tap into your problem-solving abilities to solve your problem of procrastinating.

In this book you will find a systematic way to help you deal with your procrastination problem and live a successful, productive life.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between procrastination and indecision
  • How to achieve the mindset of productivity and positive growth
  • How to procrastinate on purpose using the strategy of deliberate delay – and still get more things done
  • Getting motivated successfully while facing the challenge of putting things off

BOOK 2: Self-Control: Developing Amazing Willpower to Achieve Goals that Matter

FIND OUT: How to Achieve Willpower & Gain Focus to Achieve your Most Important Goals!

According to a 2010 survey made by the American Psychological Association, willpower deficiency is the NUMBER ONE hurdle people face in accomplishing their worthwhile goals.

In this book, learn the strategies and techniques in order to gain effective willpower and self-control in getting the results you want and accomplish the goals that are of most value to you.

You will discover:

  • Why we easily give up with our important goals – and how to fix it
  • What willpower is and why it can determine life success or mediocrity
  • Why starting small can lead to finishing great
  • How to form successful habits that would drive you into getting results
  • Building effective willpower for efficiency, productivity and success
  • How to boost willpower in challenging situations to make the most out of your efforts
  • … and much more!

BOOK 3 : Minimalism: Declutter and Organize to Simplify Your Life

Learn how to apply the concept of Minimalism in areas of your life in order to maximize your time, money and resources so you can focus on the goals and other priorities that matters the most.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Importance of Simple Living
  • Achieving a Clutter-Free Home
  • How to Simplify your Daily Tasks both at Work and at Home
  • How to be a smart spender and save on money and expenses
  • Much, much more!

By implementing the strategies in the book, not only would it free up time, resources and distractions, but it would also give you the opportunity to focus on the goals and dreams that matter.

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King of Confidence, You Are Crowned TODAY!: Straight to The Point Confidence Tactics That Changes Lives, GUARANTEED

by Michael Hilton

Confidenceâ?¦ one is born with it!

You know it when you see it. Some people just ooze confidence. You want it, and now you canâ?¦..

What does confidence mean to your life?

It means:

Knowing what YOU want!









Have you ever noticed that everyone around you seems confident, except you? Wellâ?¦.they didn’t start that way from birth. Confidence is a mindset, a way of thinking. It is learnt behaviour

Maybe you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to take control of situations and appear confident?

Do you want to know how to sparkle in everyday situations?

Do you want to light up a room?

Do you want to challenge your current behaviour?

Do you want to feel great about yourself?

If that’s the case, you’re going to absolutely love this book!

And don’t take my word for it. I know how often you hear about turning your life around, but it never seems to work That’s why I’m sharing this information with you.

Because this book works!

  • You can do this
  • No one was born great
  • You can be whatever you want to be!
  • Do you want it?

I can show you how to do it!

Step by step process that anyone can follow

This book is your partner for a successful future. It’s the kick up the behind you need to get motivated.

Stop the feeling the fear of failure. Every confident, successful person has experienced failure. The confident people acknowledge the failure, then keeps moving forward with their goals in life.

Find out what the traits are of confident people. This book tells you ten things that confident people do. You can shortcut your way to confidence and success by copying what they do, then customising it to your life.

Confidence and success��do you want it? Are you prepared to take that leap of faith, face your fears and take action? Now is the time. I am giving you the key to your very own kingdom of confidence. This is your recipe for success.

Now is your time to roar!!!

Emotional Intelligence: The Top Secret to Using Emotional Intelligence to Get the Most Out of Your Life

by Naomi McCullough

“As human beings, we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear, and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” â?? Dalai Lama

“In my 35 years in business, I have always trusted my emotions. I have always believed that by touching emotion you get the best people to work with you, the best clients to inspire you, the best partners and most devoted customers.” -Kevin Roberts

“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.” – Tara Meyer Robson

Are you good at reading the intentions of others? Do you know how to manage your knee jerk reactions when someone insults you? Do you wish you could empathize more with the way others feel?

You may know your IQ, and if it is a very high number then you should be very proud of your intellectual ability, but what about your EQ? That’s right, do you know your Emotional Intelligence?

So, why is it important that we understand emotional intelligence? You’ve probably noticed that it’s not the smartest people that are the most successful or the most fulfilled in life; being clever, talented or skilled is not enough. In fact, Emotional Intelligence accounts for nearly 90% of the difference between average and highly successful people.
In life, we tend to live up to certain values and qualities in order to lead life rightfully and to the fullest. Little did we know some of these qualities are connected in enhancing our emotional intelligence?

This book will show you how.

Emotional intelligence can help you to gain control over your own emotions, rather than letting them take over you and making you react in a way that you are not proud of later on, as well as recognizing the emotions of others around you. We will take a look at how to observe and express your emotions, how to increase your self-awareness, and even how to apply your newfound emotional intelligence in the workplace and your relationships.
This book aims to help you develop this new skill set that will enable you to build your emotional intelligence and use your emotions to create positive experiences in your life.The goal is to enhance the way you think, bring success in your workplace, improve your relationships with others and deliver happiness. Reading this book will help you have a better understanding of the role of emotional intelligence in your personal self-development.
You may be physically strong, intellectually gifted, and financially stable, but you may have big and deep issues and concerns about handling your emotions

Here is a preview of what this book will offer:

  • Understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  • Observing and Expressing Your Emotions
  • How to Master Your Emotions
  • Increasing Your Self-Awareness
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • How to Apply Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace and Relationships
  • How to Uncover Negative Emotional Patterns
  • Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence
  • And Much, Much More!

Final Words:

Even if you think you know everything discussed here, give this book a shot. It’s a short, informative and entertaining read, and you may pick up some valuable tools and new ways of thinking you’ve never read or heard of before.

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Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth

by Tom Shapiro

If your business is stuck and you just cannot seem to grow beyond your current plateau, Rethink Your Marketing arms you with seven strategies for getting unstuck to fuel your revenue growth. Rethink Your Marketing helps you to identify the specific levers of your marketing that will lead to new growth, enabling you to cut through the noise to what truly moves the needle.

Rethink Your Marketing includes marketing wisdom from more than 50 companies. Want to know how Russell Weiner, President at Domino’s, created the fastest-growing restaurant in the U.S.? Want to know how Eloqua went from near bankruptcy to being acquired for $871 million? Want to know how Michelle Stern, SVP at Legendary Entertainment, is working with her applied analytics team to upend the way the entire movie industry markets films? Want to know how Jerome Hiquet, CMO at Tough Mudder, is plotting the brand’s future growth?

This book’s got you covered!

If your business has hit a plateau, rethink your brand’s marketing to unleash growth. Merely tweaking what you are doing, though, will most likely lead to stagnation. Merely copying what the competition is doing will result in frustration. Merely following what the media is hyping will lead to failure. Instead, Rethink Your Marketing teaches you to avoid tinkering, and instead to go big, go bold, and go all out in highly strategic ways.

From audience targeting and neuromarketing, to marketing mix and marketing metrics, after reading this book you’ll learn a variety of paths for unleashing revenue growth. From basketball-playing sumo wrestlers to innovative revenue models, you’ll uncover how dozens of highly successful brands are achieving marketing breakthroughs and accelerating their growth.

Read Rethink Your Marketing, and learn to transform your business.

Write. Get Paid. Repeat.: The Guide to Being a Successful Freelance Writer

by Jyssica Schwartz

Do you want to make the jump from writing as a side hustle to full-time freelancer?

Are you already a freelancer looking for ways to bring in new clients and revitalize your business?

This book is for you!

Follow the journey of author Jyssica Schwartz as she went from personal blogger to writing on the side to building a profitable business as a full-time freelance writer and editor. You will see exactly where she found clients, how she cold calls and direct messages companies, and read real examples of marketing strategies.

It was 90 days almost to the day of getting her first paying client to making enough to quit her sales and business development career to be a writer. She shares personal details of her struggle with anxiety and feeling isolated working from home to the mistakes and failures she has learned from – and hopes you can learn from, too!

Share in her trials and tribulations on the journey to creating a profitable writing business in Write. Get Paid. Repeat.

Blockchain: Programming and Technology Guide 2 in 1

by Charles Jensen

A bundle of two books about blockchain.

Book 1: Blockchain is an often-misunderstood technology. It has been a hype, a thing in the past, and many people are talking about it. But what is it? How do you use it? What consequences does it have? All of these questions and more will be answered in this book. The expert/author wrote, among others:

How blockchain is different from bitcoin (and similar to it).

The domino effect blockchain causes on banks, institutions, corporations, and governments.

Contracts, apps, and financing strategies to utilize blockchain to your advantage.

Elaborate and controversial thoughts about the development and future of blockchain.

Legal implications and economical effects of blockchain.

Barriers and challenges, as well as simple ways to overcome those.

Book 2: The more sophisticated specifics of blockchain programming will be discussed in this book. You will read about things you might not have encountered yet and expand your knowledge about this popular way of using software and ethereum to achieve monetary and accuracy purposes. You will read, among others:

What ethereum is and how to use it.

Login systems that use ethereum.

Several ways of understanding how bitcoin is related to it all, and the concept behind it.

All about smart contracts and storing data.

Java coding that involves blockchain technology.

Facts and thoughts about the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

And much more!

Penny Stocks: All You Need To Know To Invest Intelligently in Penny Stocks

by Jonathan S. Walker

Learn and Master the Basics of Penny Stock Investing Today and Start Building Your Retirement Fund To Achieve Financial Freedom!

Are you unsure of where to begin when dealing with penny stocks and trading? Are you overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available to you that you have no idea what to focus on? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide for beginners to help you get a grasp of how to invest in stocks intelligently? Do you want to be able to learn the skills necessary to begin investing in penny stocks like a pro?

Introducing Penny Stocks: All You Need To Know to Invest Intelligently in Penny Stocks. Go from Novice To Pro In A Day!

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • What Penny Stocks Are

  • How To Pick The Right Trading Strategies

  • How To Get Started With Your First Trade

  • The Basics of Investing

  • The Different Investing Options at Your Disposal

  • Options Trading Strategies

  • The BEST Investment Strategies You Can Apply Right Now

  • And Much Much More…

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DevOps Handbook: Simple Step By Step Instructions to DevOps

by Christopher Weller

DevOps Handbook

If you are a tech, developer, part of product management team or IT operator, then this book is perfect for you in order to increase profitability, exceed productivity goals and elevate work culture through DevOps methodology. You are aware of the fact that more than ever the effective business management of technology is the most important and key towards successful business management as well as business competitiveness. Another fact is that major technology leaders have greatly struggled in order to balance fundamental concepts such as security, reliability, and agility and consequences of failure, in fact, have never been greater. So if you want to know what the basic principles of DevOps movement are and how to incorporate DevOps concept and practices into your own organization. This book will guide you through the world of the DevOps and through its main principles so you can greatly increase organizational potential and reduce a risk of failure. Learn why all major organizations are adopting the DevOps methodology and follow their success story with DevOps.

What you will discover in this book:

  • What are the benefits of DevOps
  • DevOps main goal and challenges
  • Explore guiding principles of DevOps
  • How to measure DevOps within your organization
  • How to incorporate DevOps into product management
  • Get to know what are continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment
  • What is role of quality assurance in DevOps concept
  • Explore what is successful quality assurance and how your team to accomplish it
  • Explore role of the DevOps in IT operations and information security
  • Learn how to integrate security with DevOps

Download this book today and learn more about DevOps!

Blockchain : A Complete Beginner’s Guide – Master The Game

by Luke Sutton


Bitcoins as a game changer have virtually set people’s imagination into flight. Bitcoins are based on the blockchain technology. Increased exploration of the further uses of blockchain technologies have showed that there is immense promise in blockchain technologies. No wonder, blockchain contracts are now beginning to be viewed with increased seriousness. Blockchain contracts are contracts which are entered into using the blockchain technology. Unlike the actual world contract, blockchain contracts are different inasmuch as they are executed using the code embedded in the blockchain.

As more and more users of blockchain technologies are beginning to emerge, the significance of the blockchain contract is beginning to dawn on the stakeholders. The blockchain contracts bring with them, their own share of legal issues and challenges. World over, cyber legal jurisprudence has not even begun examining the legal nuances concerning the blockchain contract and how Cyberlaw needs to view the blockchain contract.

The unique nature of blockchain contracts and the distinctive role played by technology in enforcing blockchain contracts itself shows that complicated legal and policy issues pertaining to blockchain contracts need to be appropriately addressed as time passes by. This becomes more important, since blockchain technologies hold tremendous promise for the future.

This eBook examines the entire concept of blockchain contracts, their specialized features and parameters and connected legalities, more so in comparison with traditional contracts. There are large number of legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to blockchain contracts that are beginning to emerge on the horizon. This eBook encapsulates and covers some of the most significant legal and policy issues impacting blockchain contracts.

I hope this eBook would set the mind of its readers thinking as to what direction the law needs to take when it deals with complicated phenomenon like blockchain contracts.

60 Minute CFO: Bridging the Gap Between Business Owner, Banker, and CPA

by David A. Duryee

This book is a must read for any business owner who wants and needs to effectively communicate with his or her banker and CPA. It describes in easy to understand language the 14 key indicators bankers use to analyze financial statements, and provides valuable tips and insights on bank systems and procedures. Analysis and forecasting software included with the book does all the work and makes analysis, and forecasting a cinch.

In today’s fast changing business environment, it is more important than ever that the business owner, banker, and CPA are on the same page. This book makes it happen.

Credit Score: The Definitive Guide To Increase Your Credit Score

by Jade Hinley

Increase your credit score today!

Whether you are trying to lease a house or buy a car, credit score is a vital measure used that can mean you are getting the car of dreams now, or in a year.

Benefits of low credit:

-Lower interest rates
-Approved for loans
-Better insurance rates
-Avoid less security deposits
-Be more employable


The No. 1 Way to Prospect: Master the Art of Effortlessly Closing a Potential Client for Business or for Sales

by Jonathan S. Walker

Master The Art To Effortlessly Prospect And Close A Potential Client TODAY!

Are you weak on your prospecting skills? Do you have a fear of rejection from your potential prospects? Most Importantly, Do you want to have 100% Success in your Prospecting each and everytime?

What if I told you that by the end of this book, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to become a prospecting master, be able to drive sales effortlessly, and then some?

Introducing The No. 1 Way to Prospect: The Ultimate Mastery Guide To Prospecting Like A Pro.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • The Essence of what Prospecting Really Is

  • Secret Prospecting Techniques That You Should Have In Your Arsenal

  • Tips on How To Be Successful When Approaching A Potential Prospect

  • Debunking the Prospecting Myths That Are Holding You Back

  • Powerful Tools For You To Use At Your Disposal

  • And Much Much More.

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Judgement The difference between Behavioral Economy and Psychological Methods To Predict Consumption


This book concerns how to apply psychological and economic behavioral methods to predict customer
emotion. The first part concerns to how to apply psychological method to predict consumer emotion. The second part concerns to explain what behavioral economy means and how to apply behavioral economic method to predict consumer behavior.
I wrote this book for several reasons. I want to give my opinions to let businessmen to know how to apply psychological method or behavioral economic method to predict consumer behavior. Psychological method prediction is concentrated on consumer individual emotion, such as between salespeople and customers contact in one shop. Otherwise, behavioral economic method prediction is concentrated on serving consumers in public service industry, e.g. education, transportation, entertainment etc. public service businesses.

Business Psychology

In this book, it divides part one and part two. In part one, it shall indicate how the process of behaviour economic field develops, then I shall show what methods are used to measure behavioural economy. Next, I shall indicate what the main two categories of behavioural economy are as well as I shall explain what risky and uncertain outcomes of individual behavior economic theories are as well as what behavioral game theory is. Finally, I shall explain behavioral economic principles of policy makers or decision makers as well as I shall also analyze whether behavioral economy and psychology which has close relationship.

In part two, I shall indicate underground train and Disney entertainment theme park and University and unground train transportation and environmental protection businessmen etc. enterprises to explain how which can apply psychological methods to predict which client’s preferable behavioral choice to achieve economic benefits more easily. Thus, if company or individual businessman can predict labour psychology or client psychologic consumption behavior. Then, which can have more confidence to attract more clients or reduce labour turnover. This book is suitable to any economists or policy makers or individual consumption makers or students or businessmen who have interest to learn how to apply behavioural economy methods to judge to do the most reasonable or the most right economic activities to achieve economic benefit in everyday life.

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