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When Your Spouse Loses A Parent: What to Say & What to Do

by Irene Rodway JD

Your partner is grieving the loss of their mother or father. You want to be supportive, but you can’t figure out exactly how that grief support should look in practical terms. What’s worse is that your spouse doesn’t know what they want or need either. You want to comfort them, but you don’t want to say or do anything wrong or insensitive.

When Your Spouse Loses a Parent will answer these questions and more:
-How should we explain death to our children?
-Is it normal that my spouse is suddenly talking about making major life changes?
-How will my spouse’s grief affect sexual intimacy in our marriage?
-What are the warning signs that my spouse may need grief counseling, grief therapy, or a grief support group?
-What are the 5 stages of grief and how can I tell which stage my spouse is in?
-Why has this particular death in the family impacted our marriage so much?
-A list of other bereavement books and grief and loss resources are included.

Your partner may exhibit behaviors that seem out of place.
Understanding the grieving process will enable you to be truly helpful.

This can be a challenging time in your relationship, but by being prepared, the experience can strengthen your martial bond. Buy “When Your Spouse Loses a Parent: What to Say and What to Do” and learn the skills you need to support your partner during this difficult time.

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Choosing Home: 20 Mothers Celebrate Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World

Eloquent and inspiring, this book is a powerful collection of personal stories of mothers who chose to give up or forego their careers in order to be stay-at-home moms.

A Kiss from Mommy

by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock

If you’re a mom with a young daughter, get this eBook for her — you’ll both treasure it!

Told in flashback, this is an endearing, rhyming story of a young mother who recalls her own mommy’s loving kisses. We see the young mother as a little girl throughout the story. Then we return to the present. Now she has a little girl of her own, and promises to kiss her daughter as lovingly as her own mommy kissed her. Appropriate for ages 3-5.

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Baby Food: Essential Guide for Supermoms: Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Babies and Toddlers + 25 Easy Organic Baby Food Recipes Included! (Supermom Series)

by Christine J. Carter

Welcome to your Essential Guide to Baby Food!

Moving your child from a liquid diet of breastmilk or formula to progressively more solid foods is not always as simple as it may sound. However, with this easy-to-follow guide at your fingertips, you can teach your baby to eat with confidence and skill.

We’ll be covering the basics of how to safely introduce your little one to first foods, and how to avoid common roadblocks to baby food success.

We’ve even put together 25 Baby Food Recipes for easy reference when you want to pull together a nutritious and delicious meal for your growing baby. Baby food cookbook section includes homemade organic recipes of baby purees, porridges and soups with easy-to-follow instructions.

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