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by Jodee Paxton

Can an old love really live in your heart or is it just the sweet memory of it? Will Kathy and Dick’s class reunion destroy a memory or resurrect their long ago high school romance?

Brides of Laramie: Mail Order Bride BOX SET

by Grace Weston

Join these five courageous brides on their journeys out West. Some are on the run, and some have no place to go, but all of them are looking for loveâ?¦

The Expectant Bride Heads West
Pregnant and recently widowed, Bernadette has no choice but to become a mail-order bride. She answers Mattathias’ ad for a bride but leaves out the part about her being pregnant. Will he still want to marry her when he finds out she’s with child?

The Big Beautiful Bride Heads West
Lizzie lost her husband and brother-in-law to the war, and now she’s losing her boarding house business too. Bernadette says she has the perfect man for Lizzie and talks her into coming out West as a mail-order bride. But on her arrival, Lizzie sees her groom to be isn’t exactly what Bernadette made him out to be. Will this young man be able to change Lizzie’s mind about leaving?

The Secretive Bride Heads West
Agatha has a shameful secret. Wanting to leave her past behind, she becomes a mail-order bride. Elijah is everything she could ever want in a man. But when someone from her past comes into town, Elijah can tell Agatha is hiding something. Will he still want to be with her when he finds out what it is?

The Privileged Bride Heads West
Victoria comes from a privileged life. After the death of her father, she decides she wants to live a simpler way of life. One where she can be useful around the house and be appreciated. She decides to become a mail-order bride and heads West to be with Jimmy. He and his farm seem perfect�until she meets his farmhand. He gives her a bad feeling, and her intuition is never wrong. Can she convince her new fiancé that this man is bad news? Or will the warning come too late?

The Scandalous Bride Heads West
Fiona decides to become a mail-order bride to get away from her outlaw father. She places an ad to be a mail-order bride, and Sam answers it. He is ecstatic when his bride arrives in Laramie. Soon after, he notices the sheriff keeping a close eye on her. Fiona and the sheriff are both being secretive about how they know each other. Will Fiona come clean with Sam about who her father is and what she did before she left Tennessee? Will the sheriff send her back before love gets a chance to bloom?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Download this heartwarming, western box set to start enjoying the Brides of Laramie. Several bonus stories included!

A Match for the Amish Seamstress (Amish Romance) (Landchester Amish Matchmakers Series Book 2)

by Esther Weaver

Life has been getting better for Matthew, bit by bit. Things are moving on and he’s growing up. He’s ready to be a man, and to start his life, even as he sees his mother finally begin truly living hers.

But just as the future is looking the most hopeful, an unexpected tragedy makes the future take a turn for the worst. In the wake of losing everything, Matthew has to learn what it really means to be grown, but the blessings that his grief bring him may end up being the sweetest of all.

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