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by Maria Göth

I did not recognize myself; I went from being a sharp, witty girl in high heels and tight jeans to a grumpy frump with reduced brain power in trainers and oversized tunics in no time at all.

Just because I have passed 45, does that mean life as I knew it has to be over? It did not take long before I realized it was more than just middle age. It was of course menopause. That dreaded little word that no one seems to speak of.

Is it not funny how all women go through menopause, many with terrible symptoms, and yet so few of us talk about it and how it affects us? I suffered badly, and I was surprised at the lack of information and help. So, I thought instead of complaining I wrote the book I would have wanted; from one sister to another.

In a personal account I write about the overheating, the feelings of hopelessness, the not knowing what is what, the forgetfulness; am I hormonal or stressed out or just middle aged? Will I ever return to normal?

I also write about how I stumbled across an antidote when I changed my diet. All my symptoms disappeared almost overnight. What was it in the food that made the difference and what causes hot flashes, to begin with? I have spent months reading and collecting information and research on the topic of menopause and women in middle age. It turns out that our lifestyle may be behind our suffering and that we can actually do something about it without artificial hormones.

By understanding the reasons behind the symptoms, what happens in the body and changing the way I eat; I no longer have hot flashes, night sweats, or brain fog. I regained my life and more. Today at 50, I am happier, stronger and have more energy than ever.

It worked beautifully for me; perhaps it will for you as well?

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