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Momo’s Journey In Japan Vol.1

by Momo

Momo is a female Shiba dog.

After the two-year journey to tour the World Heritage Sites on the globe (refer to the “Momo Meets the World Heritage Sites” series), she came back to Japan, her home country. Then, this time she had decided to visit the World Heritage Sites in Japan more thoroughly.

She started her new journey at the Ministry of the Environment and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, both of which were the governmental organizations choosing articles to be recommended for World Heritage Site. Memorably, the National Museum of Western Art had become a newly listed one just around the time when she visited it in 2016. At Ogasawara Islands, she could experience various interesting activities. In Nara, she even joined a fire drill. At Himeji Castle, she accidentally showed her strange expression. At Shirakami Sanchi and at Yakushima, she met good friends.

The actual maps and the related links are also included for your reference.

Momo’s new adventure has just started.

Driving North – On the Road to Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories: A Driving Journal

by Dale Olausen

The highways in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories give one the opportunity to drive pretty far north, without a lot of elaborate preparations and extreme expense. Starting from Edmonton, one can drive as far north as Yellowknife, NWT, without leaving the hardtop, so an average vehicle can do the trip. There are a reasonable number of fair sized towns along the way, so accommodations are not much of a problem, either. The same goes for food, gasoline and other essentials.

One can also link up with the Alaska Highway, and the Dempster Highway, and make it all the way to the Arctic Ocean. But that’s another story.

Trip number 1 involved driving north through Alberta, visiting several areas of interest along the way, then into the Northwest Territories, to Hay River on the southern shore of Great Slave Lake. The return trip featured a drive through the north-central foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Trip number 2 was a combined air and car trip. We went to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories by airplane, then rented a car to explore much of the area of the north shore of Great Slave Lake.

Trip number 3 was a return to Hay River, with a different travelling companion. This allowed one to retrace steps, compare and contrast, and focus on some areas that we had not had time to explore in depth on trip number 1.

Best of Berkeley (Visit Berkeley)

by MiSoon Burzlaff

This list was challenging for the Bravo Your City editors to curate, but we hope it gives newcomers to Berkeley a solid introduction to some of our favorite spots . We left out the usual suspects, like Chez Panisse, Saul’s, Cheese Board, and Peet’s to give newer businesses some sunlight. 

The order of the stories are random and more about design and style. There was a photo show at Highwire Coffee Roasters in West Berkeley in August 2017, where a corresponding grid of photos for this curated list hung on the wall. This “Best of Berkeley” Microguide was curated just for the Highwire Coffee Roasters photo show, but we thought visitors to Berkeley would enjoy perusing our list.

Eight Months in Lecce

by Carol Forster

‘Eight Months in Lecce’ is a blend of fact and fiction about the eight months ‘Lancaster Guardian’ columnist, Carol Forster, spent in Lecce, southern Italy. Humour, nostalgia, and pathos define the book, alongside a soul searching journey. The book is written as a diary.

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