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Into the Heat (Burning Secrets #2)

by Tamara Lush

A veteran with PTSD gets a second chance at first love.

After a bomb nearly killed Leo Villeneuve in Afghanistan, he’s worked to hide his scars, both physical and emotional. Back on Palmira Island, he tries to live a quiet life, away from his troubled past.

Until he runs into Jessica Clarke.

She was his first love and his only love. She’s so beautiful that Leo knows he wants everything from her. But Jessica’s got secrets of her own.

Together, bared and vulnerable, Leo and Jess might just get to that hot, sweet place that reconciles the past with a fire that will burn forever.

This is a standalone in the Burning Secrets trilogy — the books don’t need to be read in order!

My People, the Amish: The True Story of an Amish Father and Son

by Joe Keim

In My People, the Amish, Joe Keim paints a detailed picture of life behind the bonnets and buggies. More than a biography, this is an honest look at the heart-warming traditions that mingle with the deep-rooted legalism of the Amish community in Ashland, Ohio.

Born, raised, and baptized in an Old Order Amish church, from childhood Joe Keim was taught that if he didn’t follow the twenty-two-page ordinance letter that governed his community, there was no way he could get to heaven. What started as a path of rebellion led Joe and his wife Esther to a caring group of Englisher Christians who would love them like family and show them how to live out their new found faith in Jesus Christ.

Nine months after their traditional Amish wedding, Joe and Esther left family and friends forever to live openly for Christ, and endured shunning and excommunication with bold faith. Since then, the Lord has brought many former Amish people to Joe and Esther for help. Because of their passion for the Amish people and with the support of fellow believers, they have brought biblical truth to thousands of Amish through the ministry they founded in 2000, Mission to Amish People (MAP).

About the Author
Joe Keim was born and raised in Ashland, Ohio. He married Esther Keim in 1986 and they left the Old Order Amish community in 1987. They have two grown children, Jonathan and Rachel. In 2001, Joe left his job as a tool and die maker for full-time ministry. The Keims travel all over the US, speaking in churches, as well as to hospital staff, to law enforcement, and at colleges, helping people understand how to communicate with the Amish.

Through personal witness, home Bible studies, home prayer meetings, the Bible Club, The Amish Voice, and the Audio Ministry, the Keims want to see every Amish person hear the clear message of salvation. MAP offers counseling and protection to those who are victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. The ministry also provides help with needs such as getting a GED, obtaining a birth certificate, and finding a job. Through the Bible Club alone, they have seen more than 2,500 Amish make commitments for Christ.

Marriage Material: A Novel (Red Creek Brothers Book 1)

by Barbara Samuel

Lance Forrest was the sexiest thing Tamara Flynn had ever laid eyes on. Once, he’d hightailed it out of Red Creek, Colorado, on his wild reputation, leaving behind a string of broken hearts and a son he never knew about. A son Tamara raised as her own.

When he walked back into her life five years later, Tamara knew she could no longer deny Lance the knowledge of his son, or the joy of his company. But the more time the three of them spent together, the more Lance started to feel like family. Tamara had always thought Lance and marriage didn’t mix… until now.

My Wife is Smokin’ Hot & How I Almost Forgot: Memoirs of An Addict

by Michael Wiest

Publishing my deepest, darkest secret was never my intent in this life. What you are about to read is something I was going to take to the grave with me. It seems fate had a different plan.

In learning more about addiction and the way it manipulates our body, our spirit, and most importantly – our minds, I’ve come to the conclusion that the term “addiction” has become far too general and arbitrary. What I mean is, the way we define certain things in our life, certain issues we live with everyday, dictates how we approach fixing these issues or how we sweep them under the rug. There are things that I do that are harmful to my soul. I feel a portion of good energy, or light, leave my body immediately after I indulge in these practices and bad energy, or darkness, fills the void. Some of these things have become so ingrained into my programming that I do them without even thinking. It is a habit. The moment I become aware of the harmfulness of these habits and try to quit them, but find myself incapable of quitting – this is what I call addiction.

I’ve thought a lot about the things I know aren’t good for me, but gravitate towards anyway. Things like eating too much sugar, spreading gossip, getting angry, and the need to always be right. Are these addictions? They aren’t good for me, but I feel good after I do them, at least for a while. I also find myself incapable of quitting these behaviors on my own. By that definition they are addictions. If this is the case, then maybe there is such a thing as a sugar addict, a gossip addict and an anger addict. If so, this book is for you, my fellow addict.

“My Wife is Smokin’ Hot & How I Almost Forgot: Memoirs of An Addict” is the true-life story of a Mormon boy growing up in the 80s and 90s with the stigma of pornography addiction and the struggles he experiences with his own recovery.

Married to the Bad Boy (Cravotta Crime Family Book 1)

by Vanessa Waltz

No one in their right mind marries a bad boy…

I’m a player. A heartbreaker. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I get around.

During the day I crack heads and extort businesses. At night I find girls. I live to hear them moan for me, but one night is all they get. No one ever made me want more.

Until her.


The moment her lips wrapped around me, I was done. All day I think about running my tongue all over those curves.

Too bad those curves are off limits. She’s running from a man who will kill me for touching her.

Well, she’s tired of running and needs my help.

She thinks I’m doing it for money.

I’m doing it to make her mine.

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