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Cancer Moms and Chemo Babies

by Stephanie Partridge

The excitement and anticipation of holding the sweet, small baby, feeling those first kicks on the belly, and wanting the best for him or her all while fighting a war within that begets destruction.

In this nonfiction collection of stories written by thirteen pregnant women with cancer, they face two divine milestones: life and death. Labeled a miracle and a vision of hope and endurance of humanity, their stories have been shared in numerous social media articles and viral photographs, ten different news reports on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox news, the Today show, local magazines and news stations, a national ad campaign by the American Cancer Society, People magazine, Wall Street Journal, a New York Times article, an LBBC brochure, blogs, Amazon Bestseller awarded “Fighting For Our Lives; A memoir,” local newspapers, radio, and a Yahoo feature article.

Each of their voices are unique and in each chapter we see a glimpse into their journey with cancer and motherhood. “Our Story: Cancer Moms and Chemo Babies” digs deep into their fears, their hopes, their wisdom, and their unconventional friendship through motherhood and cancer.

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