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Make the Pitchâ?¦Get the Results: For Women Entrepreneurs Serious about Success

by Kimberly Menchion

Make the Pitchâ?¦Get the Results is a high impact fast read book designed to help women entrepreneurs who are serious about success to harness the power of persuasion to grow their business through pitching their ideas, products, and services. Make the Pitch is a must read for women determined to accomplish their dreams. Find out how to win contracts, gain strategic business partners, and obtain financial support and spotlight opportunities to grow your business and propel your big idea.

Looking for a transcript of what to say in every situation, this book is not for you. Life changes at a rapid pace. But if you are looking for strategies, techniques, and practical solutions that transcends time, this book is for you. This book is for full-time entrepreneurs, professionals, and those with side hustles who want to up-level your pitch to grow your business. If you only want the nuts and bolt of pitching, go to the second half of the book only. If you want the total package including inspiration and strategies, this book is a must read from beginning to end.

Kimberly C. Menchion, J.D. is an attorney with over 17 years of experience working in practice areas ranging from family law to billion-dollar business industries. Menchion’s ability to persuade judges and decision makers in favor of a client’s position, her entrepreneur experience of owning a law firm, and award winning innovative ideas for civic engagement have all come into play to help her learn the art of successfully pitching BIG IDEAS and getting BIG Results. She decided to lay out her experience regarding the art of the pitch to help women business owners pitch their big Ideas and get great results.

Readers will discover:
-The various approaches to pitching and how to set yourself apart from the pack.
-3 of the best all time strategies for persuading others and closing the deal.
-“Put it into Practice” sections which takes the newly imparted skills and empowers the reader to walk through their next steps on paper to achieve the reader’s goals, such as how to pitch the tough ask for money.

If you are a woman serious about success, growing your business, or up-leveling your pitch to get greater results, this book is for you.

The Google Ad Grants Playbook: The Definitive Guide To Breakthrough Nonprofit Growth… On Google’s Dime

by Josh Barsch

Google gives nonprofit organizations $10,000 per month in free advertising through its Google Ad Grants program. And unlike most grants, Google’s has an extremely quick application process and is very easy to get. So why do so few nonprofits participate in Google Ad Grants, and why do existing grantees struggle so much with maximizing its value to grow their organization? What’s the catch?

The catch is this: Google Ad Grants is very difficult to administer unless you have extensive knowledge of and expertise with the Google Adwords program. Having $10,000 to spend is easy; actually *spending* it is, in fact, very difficult. And because Google provides very little support or guidance on how to spend the money, the average nonprofit grantee is only able to use a few hundred dollars of their $10,000 allotment each month.

But not anymore. The Google Ad Grants Playbook changes all of that. Josh Barsch and Steve Isaacs of StraightForward Interactive have managed over 100 Google Ad Grants accounts over the past decade for charities worldwide and have cracked the code on how to extract the full value of Google Ad Grants for their clients. For the first time, they reveal their entire “playbook” — no holds barred, nothing left out — for helping their clients realize the full $10,000 of value from their Google Ad Grant, month after month after month.

The Google Ad Grants Playbook is exactly that: a playbook. A set of easy-to-follow, step-by-step marching orders that your nonprofit can use to maximize the grant’s impact and grow your nonprofit organization. Don’t know how to use Google Adwords? No problem: the playbook covers all of the basics you need to know about how to build and manage your own campaigns from the ground up. Unsure about what you can advertise with the Ad Grant? What works and what doesn’t work? No problem: it’s all covered in great detail in the playbook. It’s the only guide you’ll ever need to taking your nonprofit to the next level.

Mastering Real Estate Investing: How You Can Make a Killing from Flipping Houses

by Jonathan S. Walker

Take Your Real Estate Investments To A Whole New Level With These Killer Strategies

Are you searching for the best houses to flip for a huge profit? Do you want to understand the strategies behind a successful house flipping? Are you struggling at all to make any earnings from your real estate investments?

Introducing Real Estate Investing! Your One Source For Learning How To Make A Killing From Flipping Houses!

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Where To Locate the Best Houses To Flip

  • Strategies For House Flipping

  • The Things You Need To Flip A House Successfully

  • Mistakes To Avoid When Flipping Houses

  • And Much Much More.

Grab Your Copy of This Book Today! Don’t Miss out on your chance to make a Killing Off Flipping Houses For Profit. 

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Why You Should Love Banner Ads

by S.D. Kohl

This brief book examines how making money on the internet has evolved and explains why banner ads, the perceived surge of the net, were a better option than current website revenue streams. This book contains references backing up the author’s viewpoint so that reader can further learn why online marketing and online advertising have changed over the past few decades.

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