Free horror Kindle books for 17 Aug 17

The Writer and his Monster: A Salesman on a Saturday

by Sophia Magdalene

To the creative mind there is no greater misery than boredom.
The writer had been too long without a distraction, too long without a muse to pull him from the roaring void of his own imagination.
When the colossal Mr. Breedlove, salesman extraordinaire, arrives at his doorstep with a devil’s smile and a briefcase full of magic, he is more than happy for the diversion.
While the salesman seduces his host with beautiful words and magic trinkets, something waits beneath them, counting down the seconds.
There is a horror tucked away in the deep and hidden corners of the house; an impatient, hungry, darkness.
And it has no time for parlor talk or the business of men. It has waited too long for satisfaction and it will wait no longer.

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